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  1. Nope, mine does the same and I haven't figured out how to keep them on either. It would be nice if some of this stuff had more thought put into it for what we pay.
  2. It keeps me on the road. I can stop and grab a bite and eat a sandwich while still paying attention. It also helps, for me, to keep my arms and shoulders from getting stiff holding them in basically one position for 8 to 10 hours. Also, until you have been through stop and go with a good adaptive cruise, you really can't understand how much it lowers your stress level dealing with idiots in traffic. I have road rage, admittedly, and it all but takes that away because I just let the vehicle do most of the work.
  3. Feel free to not buy it. I have put 25k on my truck in 8 months and another 12k on the car before that since the beginning of the year. It makes 10 hour drives less miserable. Don't want it, don't buy it. Nobody is forcing you.
  4. I would have had no issues paying it until dealing with this frustrating truck. I have no problem paying 25 a month for this, but they should really have considered legacy vehicles too. Heck, if I could get my adaptive cruise engaged, I would pay for updates now that make the braking less hesitant and better lka.
  5. That article shows so many things wrong with the management at that company. Baffling. Thanks. I saw it was an actual decision at GM in another article, but I was hoping I could "add" it. Clearly that isn't the case.
  6. HD truck, actually. I just can't believe they put it in the driver side and apperently didn't do the passenger. This was a "feature", not a bug, according to car and driver in 2019. I thought it was a qc issue when it happened and I had just noticed it. Then upon searching, this was an actual decision within gm. Baffling to me. I have tinted windows two. I just despise being blinded from other vehicles. I only need one mirror, I just can't seem to find the part # to obtain the one for the passenger side to match the driver side.
  7. So I just found out that my truck apparently doesn't have a basic function of a passenger side auto-dimming side mirror. I'm a little baffled by the stupid decisions by gm. Anyway, is this something that can be purchased for the passenger side? I haven't driven at night much since owning my truck and this week we went to the fiancées family out of town and I realized when I got blinded this was excluded. I really question how a 30k subaru has some basic features a 70k gm product doesn't. Anyway, I do want to add this if possible. Anyone know of the part to add this if possible?
  8. My adaptive cruise went out and it took GM a month to send the part. The dealer outright refused to give me a loaner. Originally GM offered a months payment, then reneged on it and would only give me 200k points. Given I drive about 3k miles a month, I was pretty pissed about putting 3k miles on my truck without a core function I paid extra for. It will be significantly harder for me to consider another GM product due to how they handled this from beginning to end. That's the long of saying, be glad they gave you a loaner.
  9. I'd be kinda surprised if it were much, if any, more.
  10. I would probably upgrade for both. (proper usage?) for either? Agreed, I would much rather Ultra cruise. I'm sure that will be 5 years before they put it in a truck. It would be the only real reason I would see to upgrade from a supercruise truck.
  11. Most do. I prefer not to carry any more than I absolutely need to. I wouldn't be concerned about 16 or so hours a year on my truck from tailgating. That's just me, though. Exhaust is a concern, but as much as is blowing around tailgates anyway, I doubt it would really matter much. IMO. That being said, GM shuts us down at 15 minutes, so it won't work anyway. Basically the plug, in this case, IMO, is useless. There are a about 50 ways they could have tried to make it useful, but they didn't. Unfortunately.
  12. Was this at me? I would leave the truck running. But can't do that.
  13. Exactly. If they had used buttons, I would probably buy it even though I don't care for the new high country styling. But Supercruise with that, would have been worth the upgrade, IMO.
  14. I could care less about the Joneses, but I would upgrade for Supercruise if I didn't hate the console shifter that bad. I drive about 40k a year currently, and it mostly gets expensed. So I really don't care about the cost.
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