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  1. I'd be kinda surprised if it were much, if any, more.
  2. I would probably upgrade for both. (proper usage?) for either? Agreed, I would much rather Ultra cruise. I'm sure that will be 5 years before they put it in a truck. It would be the only real reason I would see to upgrade from a supercruise truck.
  3. Most do. I prefer not to carry any more than I absolutely need to. I wouldn't be concerned about 16 or so hours a year on my truck from tailgating. That's just me, though. Exhaust is a concern, but as much as is blowing around tailgates anyway, I doubt it would really matter much. IMO. That being said, GM shuts us down at 15 minutes, so it won't work anyway. Basically the plug, in this case, IMO, is useless. There are a about 50 ways they could have tried to make it useful, but they didn't. Unfortunately.
  4. Was this at me? I would leave the truck running. But can't do that.
  5. Exactly. If they had used buttons, I would probably buy it even though I don't care for the new high country styling. But Supercruise with that, would have been worth the upgrade, IMO.
  6. I could care less about the Joneses, but I would upgrade for Supercruise if I didn't hate the console shifter that bad. I drive about 40k a year currently, and it mostly gets expensed. So I really don't care about the cost.
  7. I'm fine with the power limitations, honestly. What I have an issue with is that it can only be run for short periods with the ignition. This goes back to GM forcing this 15 minute nonsense on us though. I was going to use it to tailgate, and 400W is plenty for a TV. But, GM won't let you leave the truck running.
  8. Why do you say this? Genuine question? It has been proven on dynos that almost all cars have *SOME* bump from cold air intakes/low restriction airlifters. To deny it is to lie and demonstrate you don't understand the physics behind what is happening. So what are you proving here? Is it enough to matter, probably not. Usually its between 1 and 5% in increases. So, in the case of the 6.2, between 4 and 20HP. Would I pay for that, no. But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  9. Got some pics of the black chrome? I'd like to see that.
  10. You can't. GM and their infinite wisdom thought it best to remove that feature. It's annoying AF. Same with idling the truck and park, it won't stay on for more than 15 minutes, I think.
  11. I like the new infotainment system, and I would have upgraded for supercruise. But the console shifter really turns me off. Plus, part of the main reasons I bought a truck was for extended range and a second gas tank. But haven't been able to make that work currently. I may keep my 2021 and try to retro-fit Openpilot to it from Comma.ai. The main thing I wanted was supercruise, but I don't love the new front. I'm very much on the fence. However, GM didn't earn much goodwill the last month from me while my truck was out of commission.
  12. It usually starts off high based baking in the sun. Once it's been driven for a while it should normalize to the actual surrounding temps.
  13. GM do things right the first time. That's comical. I've seen enough with my truck to know that is not something they are competent enough to pull off.
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