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  1. Probably a low tech solution, but have you looked at pillows that they could use behind them? I know it's not ideal, just trying to think outside the swap route.
  2. No, I didn't attempt the door handles, because I didn't really intend on doing a full blackout job. I just couldn't deal with the glare. You have enough of an edge that as long as you use a sharp enough knife, you can cut around the edges. I used a mini squeegee to get it laid down tight to the edge and then cut the excess. I'm by no means a professional and there are small chome gaps. But it's far more tolerable than getting blinded by the sun. Just make sure you buy a minimum of 4in wide vinyl or you will have to do a ton of stretching like me.
  3. I took a 2 inch wide strip of 3M vinyl and then used a sharp exacto knife to trim the excess.
  4. I had to vinyl wrap mine. It did it twice on the way home my first week of ownership and I remedied that this weekend.
  5. Thanks. Were these sold this morning? I swear I thought I saw they were still available. I appreciate the comments on install.
  6. Oh, the wifey is easy, a jump seat in the bed and an umbrella for if I rains. Haha.
  7. Could you get a small 6x8 enclosed trailer to carry everything? It's a butt load better than driving two vehicles.
  8. Holy crap. 18 lbs of weight per corner? I may dump the 22s if that's the case. I always assumed the rear bounce on my truck was due to the solid rear axle. It's the only reason I partially wish I had gone with the Tahoe.
  9. Mine is an unmodified high country with a tonneau cover. I haven't looked at the build date, but I assume fairly recent given the turnover at the dealer I bought from.
  10. Speedlimit ranges between 55-70. I am rarely below 65 unless a truck is slowing me down. I believe the 20 mpg pic I was averaging about 72 mph until I stopped for fuel. I always use cruise and never hypermile. The route is 77 to 81 to 276. It's ~580 miles one way and I do that round-trip a week. I'm not sure why anyone would expect a massive fullsize pickup to get 20mpg at 95 mph? There are quite a few sections of 81 where the speedlimit is 70 and I run 85. But I am far from a conservative driver. Also, based on the nationwide general average between 65-75 mph I assumed that was helpful information. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_limits_in_the_United_States_by_jurisdiction#:~:text=The%20standard%20speed%20limit%20is,mph%20for%20all%20other%20highways. Edit: average speed was 70ish for the 20.1 above southbound from Trenton to VA down 81. I left at 415 and stopped for gas at 1045. Hopefully that fully gives all the details. I'll allow whomever to determine the total altitude changes, since technically those are relevant too. I did stop at chickfila at some point during this trip so the average is a little skewed, but that should give a close enough picture.
  11. On the hwy at ~10-15 over the speed limit I average between 19.5 and 20 mpg in my 6.2. Lifetime right now is about 18.5 through 4500 miles.
  12. Until fast charging can deliver 400 miles of charge in 10 minutes, it's not ready for primetime if you travel. Honestly, more should be done in the hybrid arena. You can cover most peoples usage with a PHEV with 40 miles of range and still have the ability to travel long distances. All these ice bans are shortsighted and stupid. I'm not against EV's, I actually like them. I hate stupidity when it comes to lawmaking with respect to vehicles. I also don't understand why no OEM has come up with range extender technology. Like a portable tow behind generator that can deliver 300 or so watts a minute. There are so many solutions to the current problems and I have never seen any of the current OEMs attempt to tackle them. IMO there is no reason an EV should be carrying around a 100kw battery, it's excessive and wasteful. There is at minimum 300kg of extra weight that could be shaved with no more than a 50kw battery and hybrid range extender for use as needed.
  13. E85 does allow you to build more power due to its higher octane rating, but it loses out to gas in btus (~20% lower.) Just a minor correction.
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