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  1. It does for about 1000 miles and then it comes back. I would look for a 10 speed truck, haven't heard of the issue with them. Sorry I just cant imagine buying it knowing that the shake exists and waiting for it to reappear. Find someone that can tune it or I promise it will shake….and clunk.
  2. Tune is the only thing that will fix both….many have tried and failed. Sucks because they are awesome trucks but GM tuning is pathetic.
  3. I have had a 2014 bought back due to shakes and I’m in a 2017 now that has had the transmission tsb done 4 times, about 10 re-learns, aftermarket driveshaft, about 500 dollars worth of alignments, tried the spring clamps, rain danced and all kinds of other wastes. Finally I found http://www.dkgoodrich.com/contact.htm in KY. He did a dyno tune with HP tuners and so far the shake is 96 percent gone. So is the annoying downshift clunks that are embarrassing when driving passenger who thinks your u-joint just went flying. If your around KY you really need to give DK a call. Save yourself the agony
  4. I have no idea....Black02Silverado could probably answer the spec stuff better. What I do know is my 8 speed had been flushed 3 times with the “new” mobil 1 stuff and all of its bad manners returned after about 3 thousand miles each time.I finally found a dealer that was useful and they did a quick re learn and then I had the fluids swapped and it worked for me. Before doing this it was embarrassing to have passengers because it sounded like the transmission fell out every time I slowed down to a stop.
  5. Flush with Amsoil ATF, worked wonders for mine. Still get the clunk on the initial start and takeoff but it the clunks have been 90 percent eliminated.
  6. Ahh just a creative bump for a good cover.....have the X2 on my 17 for over 4 years now and its been a great cover good luck selling.
  7. Seriously? Never heard the Warrant Officer insignia being called a squash bug?
  8. The Amsoil ATF really helped mine alot. Had the tsb done 3 different times and finally pulled the trigger on Amsoil and did a complete flush. I also replace the tc and plan on doing both diffs in the future. My recommendation would be having the dealer do a quick learn as well.
  9. Are your rpms fluctuating while the truck vibrates? The flush fixes that but if your still getting a slight vibration and clunk you could try a flush with amsoil atf. Thats what I did with mine and it has worked wonders so far.
  10. Mine doesn't seem to do that. It does have a little float on the highway which I like, really makes for a smooth ride and then tightens up going around turns. Maybe thats what your experiencing? The magnetic ride isn't for everyone but I really like it. How many miles are on it? Check and make sure the shocks aren't leaking.
  11. I have had mine drained and replaced 4 times and the shudder always returns after about ten thousand miles. I am about to replace with AMSOIL and add 20 ounces of the shudderguard additive below. I will let everyone know if it helps. Mine only has a very slight shudder around 80 mph when cruising. Its seems that the shudder guard is added protection and I am more curious than anything. A dealer in KY did a quick relearn on my 8 speed and it really helped the 1-2 bang shift so if I can just get the shudder fixed I will be thrilled. GM-8-speed-shudder-flyer_all_sizes_2.pdf
  12. That 10 inch looks good. I thought about doing something similar but got scared off by the active noise canceling in the 6.2 and the factory bose sounds pretty decent.
  13. Same guy gave us all grief for trying to get the dealer to fix our clunky leafs and then makes a post asking about part numbers when he takes his to the dealer for...............you guessed it clunking leafs. As far as the 8 speeds, thats the first I have heard of complete failure like that, maybe you can get some help from GM since they know these trannys have alot of known issues.
  14. I have for sale a device that allows you to mirror your iphone and use video in motion (for offroad use only of course) in your 2017-19 Sierra. It should work in the Silverado as well, the device is from MVI inc and they are awesome to work with. I am looking for more functionality so I thought I would throw this one up on here. It works great for mirroring hulu, youtube, prime video and the only issue it has is with netflix. You have to download the content and then view it for netflix. It comes with all connections needed for any iPhone with lightning cables. I cannot verify anything with an
  15. Came across this, let guys that are smarter than me make recommendations. I have a 2005 Accord with 178,000 miles on it and used this stuff and it worked great haha. GM-8-speed-shudder-flyer_all_sizes_2.pdf
  16. No I don’t, took mine in for the coasting clunk and they told me there was an ECU update that they completed and it really helped.
  17. There is an ECU update that I had done to mine today that makes it run muuuucccchhhhh better. I had a hypertech tune on mine that I will not be reinstalling. They also did a fastlearn on my transmission that killed the coasting clunk too.
  18. Yeah I have the 6.2/ 8 speed. Mine clunks but not every time, I was more posting that article so everyone knew not just complaining about mine. I would like to find a place that could tune it but its great WOT and 90 percent of the time, just when slowing down the clunk has started for mine. I have 44,000 miles, also makes a loud clunk when I go from Drive to Reverse but again, thats just life with these trucks. Just thought I would share what I came across while doing research.
  19. You have the 8 speed? Last I heard nobody could tune an eight speed, well I know you can send off your ECM and have it swapped but I’m talking as is factory tuned.
  20. Crazy stuff....I have had the flush numerous times for the vibrations but the downshift from third to second is new. I just wanted to post so others knew, that was news to me. I am still under warranty but I am sorta exhausted with the process. Thanks for the input though.
  21. Guess my hopes of Amsol or a quick learn on the transmission may not fix my clunks afterall........ https://gm-techlink.com/?p=7962
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