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  1. No worries, I got new ones of my choice from dealer which were Husky at no cost they put it through warranty I'm assuming. Thanks for the reply
  2. Had the expense ones and replaced them with the front mat that didn't have the cut out for throttle. Didn't like that on a 70 grand truck
  3. Because I posted in the topic a month ago and no response, so I tried this incase someone might know
  4. Thanks lol. I found GM liners that replace the one with out throttle opening cut out part #84185471, had it confimed with VIN #
  5. Of topic I'm looking for floor liner without opening for throttle for 17 High Country Cocoa in color. Tried the page but got no response guessing it's an old topic. Is this the part #84185471?
  6. What is the part # for the ones that don't have the cut open around throttle?
  7. Does anyone know does GM make a liner that covers around the throttle pedal to fit 2017 and replace the crappy one like I have and a part #?
  8. Have one on my 17 since new, no oil leak on the cleanside, not sure what to say the issue would be. Perhaps someone else has this problem. Maybe replacing O ring would be a solution
  9. Dealer done mine the undercoating before it left lot, seems to holding up 3 years and rust free and I live in Nova Scotia a true test.
  10. I'll say it again all catch cans do one job gather crap, whether there expensive or not they all perform the same. Have an Elite and a friend has a much cheaper brand no difference.
  11. It amazes me as well dont knock unless you tried it the same as a catch can, which I been using for several year with great results and also Seafoam.Some just like being negative
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