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  1. My dealer is the best they replaced rotors and pads and even let me change all the fluids over to Amsoil on there dime. I simply asked for shocks of my choice no a problem service said
  2. No but dealer is going to put them on my 17 High Country 6.2L under warranty don't like the ride
  3. Change mine once a year 17 High Country 6.2L use Amsoil SS and filter since new and also dumped all other fluids and over to Amsoil all under warranty.
  4. I had lens replaced on my 17 High Country and it's still blurry they blamed it on condensation. The picture isnt certainly clear yet even on a good day. I'm not impressed will be taking it back to service to replace it with a camera that I can see while it's still under warranty. Does anyone else have a fix?
  5. I'm putting on Bilstein 4600s on my 17 High Country 6.2L and warranty will cover the four of them. I just never liked the way it rides. Realize it's a truck but hoping these will help.
  6. The dealer replaced mine on my 17 High Country 6.2L under warranty the 4 of them. I just complained truck was rough and I wanted Bilstein 4600 service didn't ask any questions.
  7. That's all I needed to hear the four of them are gone. I'm quite sure the dealer will replace them with the shocks of my choice under warranty as I'm going to say they ride rough and bottom out. Looking forward to a better ride all around never liked the OEM. Thanks for the response
  8. Like to pick your brain. I have a 17 High Country 6.2L want to replace all four front and rear and find the orginal just too stiff want a softer ride if that's possible with truck. Theres only 31,000 kms and there not leaking and not used off road. Will the 4600 series give me that in your opinion or a waste of money?
  9. Did you get the issue fixed? Myself have a 17 High Country 6.2L I went to dealership and they did a triple flush and I dumped the factory shit with Amsoil ATF and dumped all other fluids and switched to Amsoil. I've never had any issues but it only has 31,000 kms.
  10. Had my 17 High Country 6.2L flushed by dealer with 20,000 kms and replaced with Amsoil ATF had no issues and none with dealer doing it.
  11. I bought a Katech ported and polished throttle body for my 17 High Country 6.2L having no issues fits like stock and huge improvement.
  12. I just sprayed on flat black rust paint on spots on my 17 High Country 6.2L and it was undercoated new and has rust module.
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