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  1. Your not the only one that has this issue, I'm on my second set and ready for the third and theres only 35,000kms. I'm not hard on brakes but it seems GM cheaped out again. I could get another set under warranty but why bother if they only last for 10,000kms. Anyone have any suggestions on a good rotor that will last?
  2. Has anyone installed B&M transmission dipstick?
  3. I thought so, one dealer told me they do and another don't, so I just wanted to be sure. I have two sets from GM that dealer gave under warranty brand new and a front set to fit 2020 that cover under the gas pedal again dealer gave but dont fit. Guess I'll be selling 3 sets of mats lol. Thank you
  4. Does GM offer a mat that covers under the throttle not Weathertech or Husky and what's the part # if so? I can't find them checked every dealer and they said they don't make them but I'm sure I seen they do on here but can't find it. 2017 High Country
  5. Have a 17 High Country 6.2L, want a nice deep tone not loud can I get that with just a muffler or do I need fatback??
  6. As for cabin filter I bought a K&N no more tossing. All truck fluids were changed to Amsoil after driven off lot but the coolant and brake fluid, which will be done at 60,000kms
  7. Known or Fluid Film is a popular choice yes. As for what's under mine only the dealer knows lol
  8. My 17 High Country is rust free and 3 years old, lots of undercoating applied yearly by the dealer as part of the sale. We live in Nova Scotia where any vehicle is bathed in salt
  9. No it's a pleasure vehicle no towing etc.... thanks
  10. Would it be overkill to drain coolant/ flush on my 17 at 36,000kms and when would it be a good time? 5/ 150,000 kms seems like way too long.
  11. No worries, I got new ones of my choice from dealer which were Husky at no cost they put it through warranty I'm assuming. Thanks for the reply
  12. Had the expense ones and replaced them with the front mat that didn't have the cut out for throttle. Didn't like that on a 70 grand truck
  13. Because I posted in the topic a month ago and no response, so I tried this incase someone might know
  14. Thanks lol. I found GM liners that replace the one with out throttle opening cut out part #84185471, had it confimed with VIN #
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