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  1. And these things are supposed to crawl over rocks??? Enjoyed my T1 for the past ten months and it never leaked until yesterday, last mods were the GM lighted bowtie and GM brush bar.......looked great so naturally it was time for my kick in the a$$. Torrential rainstorm and looked to the back window.......no leaks.......even the wipers couldn't keep up and didn't see the speed bump with a portion of the roadway washed away and bottomed out smashing the bottom of the passenger side running board onto the pavement......a real good slam. Though not too much of it but when
  2. Doubt many owners on this 2019-2020 Silverado forum much give a crap about a monitor in a '15.....and I doubt anyone would give a crap about a true safety concern the vacuum operated windshield wipers in my '53 Bel-Air which would cut out whenever the vehicle accelerated......safety hazard no because it was the best available, most affordable and safest at the time........just like any resolution and brightness shortcomings in a '15 monitor. If you really don't need a backup camera simply unplug it and problem solved, or post on the K2 forum.
  3. So what? Is my '19 a safety hazard because I didn't opt for a more expensive Silverado with an electronic rearview mirror or overhead view in the monitor like my older '18 Traverse?....maybe I should write a letter to complain and give someone a good laugh. My '16 Z71 didn't have a HD screen and so I squinted or used mirrors or the "get out and guide me out hon" technique when available and then sprung for a '19 with a better video system which had not even been available in '16. And my 13 Avalanche didn't have a backup camera at all, nor the 30 or so other vehicles before that....were they sa
  4. Turns out Shopchevyparts was a great place to order. $573 total including ground shipping and a 5% first customer discount. Ordered on the 27 and it came today, early morning so enough time for the install. Instructions are included, but visual install on a '19-20 is best in thiks video using another brand. Pricey but one of the very few bars using a custom brackets for the '19+ that permit you to reinstall and access the existing tow hooks. Only points to make is there is no way a battery ratchet removed the factory tow hook bolts.....I used a 3/8" air rat
  5. Good luck with your complaints. Here's how my '19 RST with the Convenience II package with HD Camera and HD monitors works at night with IOS radio upgraded to IOT/Nav. Nothing wrong with the safety on mine! At night or with the Sun sensor covered the +/- dash panel buttons will dim the dash and screen, including camera screens to almost total blackout.....this is especially useful with the Nav to reduce glare levels to suit driver preference.......dims in all gears except Reverse. And this is likely a safety feature that GM will never change because it is operating as d
  6. NO....what would really save aggravation is not buying those in the first place! I had known better from the Weathertechs I had installed in my previous vehicles, but was in a rush and bought them anyway. Doesn't require ingenuity to install, just good instructions and the provided instructions were confusing because some of the edges are out-channel and taped to the outside of the pillars......try to install the whole deflector in-channel and you've got problems! Wasted my money buying those flimsy deflectors because the thicker plastic with machined edges more expensive ones, e.g. Weathert
  7. Here's my .02.....didn't ask for it but you got it. We are energy independent with enough hydrocarbon energy to supply out great great grandchildren and their children.....air is clean....water is drinkable.....so what's the beef with replacing gasoline. Instead of pi$$ing away money on battery research they should use the bucks to reduce cost of their existing vehicles. May be they failed at Physics, but matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed....only transformed from one state to another state. And the juice need to charge the batteries or capacitors co
  8. .02 Whatever you're happy with.......But.......Only another set on the rear? Each one is shaped that way for a reason.....they have to swap them and do it correctly fronts in front and rears in rear! The Silverados, and ditto the Sierras, come with a small flap on the forward rear wheel well which is designed to provide an aerodynamic flow around the wheel well and save a zillion dollars worth of gas......the larger rear flap in the front will interfere with the air flow......since fronts and rears are designed to work in tandem probably won't make a difference in gas mileage but may cause
  9. .02 After it meets the lemon law requirements and the procedure begins..........most lemon laws require that after formal notification, the manufacturer be given one final opportunity to repair the defect which could be at the dealer or a different facility. What kind of dealer keeps a vehicle for a month trying to repair a leak? I've had plenty of Avalanche leakers sealed with Silao snot that required resealing of the windshields and sunroofs. Here's how it works....call for appointment....dealer verifies leak and either fixes it or has to order new moldings and a tentative new a
  10. Sounds like the constant drone from my rich tightwad brother-in-law around in a 175K+ Envoy with the 4WD mode inoperative for the past 10 years ...always unwilling to drive on a trip because he's not sure the Envoy will make it.........told him he right: "Why waste money it's just barely broken in and good for at least another 10 years.....your money will be put to better use by your daughter who will be tooling around in a new red Ferrari less than 24 hours after you take your dirt nap" I have a '19 double cab, more rear room than my previous K2. Bought a double cab with standard
  11. Been installing the OEMs for the past 7 vehicles and the bowtie logo always faces the rear of the vehicle where it is most visible..
  12. Thanks again for the post.saved me at least $75.....just ordered from them and they offer an additional 5% for total order for new customers......ground shipping $39.00 + State tax came to $573.36 best from dealer was $715 and best from Chevy Truck Legends was $618 and I'd have to go to a praticpating dealer in PA to pick it up or I'd have to pay shipping charges.
  13. A lot of the leaking posts mention urethane sealant on the window frame. Examination of the excess squeezed out on mine which remains leak free for over a year appears to be flexible black silicone rubber.
  14. .02 all depends upon what you want and how it's used........22's ride better, but less performance. Had 17"s, 18"s, 20"s and 22"s on my '07, '11, '12 Avalanches and '16 and '19 Silverados. Granted suspensions differed from coils to leafs. In general the more aggressive the tread more noise, more slippage in turns on wet pavement, the larger the sidewall the smoother but more sloppy the ride especially in sharp hairpins and emergency maneuvers. Very little off roading and very few potholes and road hazards....even thh gravel and crush-and-run roads fairly well maintai
  15. Larggr on the front work well only if you travel faster and for greater distances in Reverse than Drive. Take back and have the dealer install them properly. OEM guards on the Silverados are moron proof, forward mounted rear stone guards come stock so there is only one side to install the mud guards. Reminds me of the time a neighbor came back from a "tire specialty shop" with his 2 new snow tires mounted on the rear wheels of his FWD Toronado.
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