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  1. They will never come back with anything to compare to my '77 Blazer. No frame, but no frame rusting either....have to touch up the snot undercoating on my Silvy every two months. Same stupid design as my '08 Trailblazer with the rear seats over the rear axle, rear passengers get a humping when the vehicle gets a bumping......should have a Dramamine dispenser as an option. At least me old Trailblazer was a native RWD truck with a frame and transfer case.....this is nothing more than a puffed up native FWD Equinox on a unit body. That being said, it ain't no gen2 Traverse either, and the gen2 Traverse ain't no Traverse either......Chevy just stuck an old nameplate on a completely redesigned vehicle which bears no resemblance to the gen1s other than they share round tires. Stretched version puts the rear seats in front of the rear axle ans has the features and ride of an Old vista cruiser. At 0-60 in 6 sec V6/ 9 spd.with ave. 26 mpg with the passenger and cargo capacity of a Suburban, a great grocery grabber alternative to the Silverado and it can carry 4'x 8' sheets of plywood/wall board flat, inboard with the hatch closed which is something my standard bed Silvy can't do with the gate up. Upscale models with active 2WD/AWD switching and dual clutch rear axles can give the traction performance of a transfer case 4WD. And the with variable ratio steering hydraulic front suspension and anti-dive multi link rear suspension gives the handling performance of a sports car.....actually fun to tear a$$ on back roads with hills and tight turns when the old lady isn't riding shotgun. Silvy rides and handles like a scow in comparison, but the Traverse can't fit a tall object or tow anything over 5K total including passengers. Truck or SUV? A matter of fitting the tool to the job.
  2. Holding in the trailer button on the end of the stalk turns off the first stage grade braking for the full key start cycle , shifts smoother and coasts longer. Second stage grade braking in Z71s is unaffected.
  3. Changed my oil today

    Can't believe they resurrected this POS again. I want a hermetically sealed crankcase with a torqued bolt rather than be at the mercy of some spring or lever staying in place. In for tires or brake service and what's this?........monkey pulls the lever and accidentally dumps your oil then plays stupid and you get a surprise later down the road. Now that we're an environmentally friendly touchy-feely society it's called a Fumutomo or something but is marketed differently....no nasty oil to touch one's dainty hands....the 60's version was the real thing, cable operated so you could operate from the dash......simple instructions, park over a sewer grate and pull the knob to dump the oil and voila!......worked great and no cleanup required! Almost as much fun as the self cleaning ash tray in my uncle's Caddy....great commercials on TV....ash tray full or burning crap or fire in the tray?.....worked like a magic trick............simply close the ash tray and a road draft tube sucks out the crap and throws it onto the roadway......it was amazing what stuff you could make disappear......an option for two model years before someone figured out it was actually littering.
  4. Or all windows down by holding the unlock button on the second click.
  5. wrong paint code?

    Coding is issued before the production starts......vehicle is scheduled for tri coat pearl or white application a multistep process like the tint coat colors, GM's reason to charge another $400 - $1000 for paint. Tri coat machinery screws up so the paint process defaults to the ever popular Henry Ford black......would be whatever GM black is used on that model year. Correct color will be listed on the top of the Maroney sticker.
  6. No changes to factory connector...only change is to the mirror itself. Exacto knife to peel back the black sheath on the mirror and expose the wires. Use knife to skin insulation off the red wire and solder a wire to the exposed conductor other end to a piggyback fuse tap... plug into the factory connector and plug the fuse tap to an ign on 12v positive like the heated steering wheel fuse.......no modification to factory wiring or connectors .
  7. Oil Change Question

    I always measure 8 qts out....8 qts. in on the 5.3l I thought I overfilled it when it was 1/2" above the mark on an overnight cold........Now I never check it after an overnight cold on level ground because it will always read high. Seems it "wicks" up the stick with surface tension or the tube during an overnight cold.....run it a minute and check again before it heats up and always A-OK on the full mark with an 8qt. fill.
  8. Yes but decided to live with it until just before the warranty expired....this way I got the newest software available for the truck which included the latest Nav upgrade so saved the cost of an updated map flash drive.
  9. Had the MyLink screen go blank twice in 30 months - both times removing and replacing the RDO fuse cured the problem. Dealer told me to bring it in to see if there were updates of the software to cure the problem......going by the numbers on the screen alone were not sufficient to determine if it had the latest version, it had to be hooked up to their computer to determine this. Turned out the HMI module had updates, but in order for it to work properly all the modules in the MyLink needed to be also updated to insure compatibility. Screen numbers were all updated to higher numbers, eg. the Nav's 23xxxx to 84xxxx. All covered under warranty and the later free update to the '18 version of the Nav stopped the problem screen, but also saved me spending $139 - $159 for the newest Nav update to include newer streets.
  10. It.s legit......real new GM part with correct part number..........bought and installed works fine. Tested by blocking photocell on the front of the mirror and shining a flashlight into the sensor...responds fairly quickly. One wire hookup to pin #2 red wire on the mirror, grounds through the OnStar module. Pin #1 can be connected to the backup light if you wish to have the mirror lighten when backing up....no need for it if you have a backup camera or a sliding rear window. Might be better to go with a harness if you are also hooking up an outside driver's dimming mirror. Easier and cheaper to go with a one wire hookup.....skin a little off the red wire and solder a length of wire and feed it to the drivers fuse box. Use a $6 fuse tap which provides space for the original fuse, add a 5 amp fuse for the mirror and that's it for a total of $40.99 plus a length of wire and a blob of solder.
  11. Want an autodimming rearview mirror? Still a few new OEM ones for '16-'18 left at $35 shipped on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/310771934015 Only one wire needed to get it running.....tap into the #2 red wire on the mirror and connect the other end to a 12v switched power source.....easiest is to feed unbder the headliner and down the "A" pillar to the driver side fuse block and tap into the heated steering wheel, ign or spare fuses using a plug in fuse tap. No change to the OEM wiring harness and maintains all OnStar functions.
  12. Simple fact is the dealer only has the gun, you give him the bullets whenever you install an aftermarket part or go to him with an aftermarket tune or some gizmo stuffed into the OBDII port. The outcome is a matter of whether the dealer is willing to pull the trigger - just like customers, some are dicks and some are not - but the one holding the gun is the one who determines what happens. That's why the dealer you buy from is just more important than the price you are willing to pay because you are the one looking down the barrel. I'd put one of those fits many different model Scam oil filters in a Plymouth V6 minivan and seems the end of filter/valve blocked the long stand tube on the filter adapter restricting oil flow and somehow starved the bearings. Service manager said they gave it a quick look but were too busy to evaluate properly so I would have to reschedule the appointment for the next day - and it better arrive sporting a correct Mopar oil filter. Next day it did! They pulled the pan and replaced journals and bearings with a free oil change under warranty. Some dealers are not dicks.
  13. Deleted - Pulled fuse solved my similar problem.
  14. More preferable to scare the $hit out of you than shake the $hit of you.......problem with the seat motors is they are still there and affect comfort even if you disconnect the power.
  15. Re: Vibrating seat ------too cheap to modify the existing dash to beep and project a multi LED "heads up" visual alert system on the windshield like in my new Traverse and Malibu instead of that uncomfortable vibrating seat......probably coming in the '19 trucks.

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