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  1. No subscriptions or contact with OnStar necessary for basic system.
  2. Stock Bridgestone Alenzas on factory 275/60R 22"s no lift, no nothing and after a road force balance and 1K break-in on the shocks and springs ride is nice and smooth.....only noisy on concrete roadways. Ride is at least as good on my former knobby 18"s on my former Z71 and the handling in turns with a normal tread road tire is far superior.
  3. Uh, oh the "A" word. Just like the truck, the GM Navigation system has come a long way in 10 years. As far as Avalanches, had an '07, '12 and a '13, and in '10 the Navigation system is the least of your worries. GM fixed the valve covers and PCV take off problems by then but it wasn't until 1/11 production that they came out with redesigned collapsible lifters and added the AFM discharge valve shroud in the oil sump. The shroud deflected all discharge oil directly downward into the sump blocking the 4 horizontal discharge ports which overloaded the non firing AFM cylinders with excess oil clogging the oil control rings turning them into oil burners by 60K+. Made a great market for AFM disablers. The Navigation systems in the '16 and '19 Silverados put the primitive Avalanches' Nav systems to shame.Even the previous gen My LInk Nav systems in my '16 Silvy and '18 Traverse make the Garmins and Tom Toms look like pi$$ and the '19 Infotainment 3 Nav system in the '19 Silvy likewise with the MyLinks.....the '19 Nav systems are completely integrated into the 8" DIC LCD screen and 4" Speedometer cluster LCD , vehicles' voice command systems and My Chevrolet app for sending directions from a computer or cell phone to the Nav system....and no stupid DVD reader based system either....solid state SD map card feeding into the USB bus......all without wires, voltage adapters, dash mounts or taking eyes off the road. Gone are the days of carrying 4'x8' sheeting in a converted 2 seat Avalanche with the rears collapsed and the front buckets so far forward with my chest one foot from the steering wheel. Dumped the '07 smoker for the '12 which had more leaks than a depth charged sub and then later getting screwed with the '13 glued together with snot and went through 3 CMHSL aquariums. Learned my lesson.......at least the sports bar look gives me back the only thing I ever liked about the Avalanches.........the sail and it is made out of metal that keeps its black color and not that crapo plastic that greys out in the Sun. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to an Infotainment 3 Nav system and the best part is that a Silverado/Sierra comes with it!
  4. In the past the design of some models used the low beam as the parking light but at greatly reduced power.....if this is the case switching from parking lamp to low beam should brighten the bulb to full output.
  5. Difference to install......easy-peasy!..... just get out your Scan Tool with a MDI, and (SPS-TIS2WEB) and EL-49642 SPS Programming Support Tool, somehow identify the unique access code for programming the SD card and follow the simple instructions for installation: Silverado Navigation.pdf Here's packaging for the $449. SD card installation kit, above instructions have to be printed off by the dealer..
  6. My RST dry as a bone for over a year and been through quite a few gully washers. For my .02 it is not age but some insult vehicle suffered after manufacture that caused the frame to crack or the sealant to lose it's bond. I never take to high pressure air car washes which could compromise a seal. Also turned off the auto defog in the DIC, the grid has no thermostat and if auto turned on on a hot Summer day in 10 mins. glass gets hot enough to soften the sealant or expand enough to crack the surrounding plastic frame.......latter was the #1 cause of cracked frames on Avalanche rear windows. Anyway here's a repost of the TSB Water Leak TSB.pdf
  7. Probably not soft shocks, just the opposite stiff leaf springs, so little travel from the shocks. If bought new give it at least 1K miles before evaluating harshness.....also if large tires like 22s might want to get a road force balance under warranty after about 500 miles. My RST with 22s jumped around like a jackrabbit especially starting out heavy throttle out of a turn and rough on concrete roadways when new. Road Force balance took out a lot of the "hop" and breaking in of the shocks and leaf springs did the rest. After the first 1-2K it behaves like a real cruiser.....'19s handling is more responsive and ride much smoother than my '16 Z71 with all terrain 18s.
  8. If the 2WD button is pressed and the DFIC graphic shows anything other than just the 2 rear wheels engaged it needs service. Also what messages does the dash info screen pop up? Hitting the AWD or 4WD button should give a message saying 4WD shift in progress and DIC shows 4 wheels engagges......then hit the 2DW button and see if the message says that a wheel shift is in progress and then only the 2 rear wheels are lit in the graphic. If after that it still engages the front axle/wheels it is time for service.
  9. If you have an E80 Eaton rear locker, it is locking up both rear wheels and what you are feeling is the clutching in the rear axle but if in 2WD the transfer case locks out the front axle driveshaft which should only rotate in 4WD and in AWD with the front wheels disengages. If front axle or wheels engages in 2WD it is time for service, especially if the graphic in the DIC shows the front axle engages. If you have a single speed transfer case with an "Off Road" button instead of a "4Lo" button a different matter. The Off Road button is a 4WD button simulating a 4Lo button but without the torque......meant for low speed only not spinning aropund a speeds in a slipperly lot.........if equipped with an E80 a good way to blow the rear locker if you hit a dry patch.
  10. All 4WD '19s have them also which locks out the front axle.....a 2WD button.
  11. One camera, uses software toi change angle of view. It's not a dummy.....it is an LED light and only illuminates when dark with the bed lighting when you use the dash switch......purpose is to light up the tailgate button release.
  12. Profile screen and Nav finding satellites will slow it down a bit.,maybe 10-15 sec.....30 secs. sounds excessive.
  13. Thomcat

    Scumbag GM

    Bull$hit...here's my .02, earned with 35 years living in NYC. Seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Had his dad Mario as Governor and got my family the hell outta Dodge after he overturned the results of our death penalty referendum and while I still had two nickels to rub together. Andy's simply following in his father's footsteps forged in the '92 Convention, now Andy's turn to cry for public attention to gain notoriety preceding the Democratic convention to rise as the Party savior to rescue them from their undesired candidates, confused Joe and Commie Burnie. It was his and NYC mayor and officials' mismanagement over the years that aggravated this problem. In early Feb. the City management health official clowns said there was no fear of the virus and were actually encouraging attendance at the Chinatown New Year's festival, to prance around in public parks, visit tourist attractions, and frequent crowded restaurants, museums, and theaters......if you've ever been to one it is a simple formula, jamb 20,000 people into 4 square blocks (maybe 10 acres of congested streets so narrow you can't fit two Silverados side by side), get coughed on and sneezed upon and set off fireworks to spread the bacterial, viral and sulfur contaminant soup all over the place. First Andy blames Trump and now we find out he's stockpiling ventilators in NJ while others go needy.....what's wrong with a: "you'll get them when you need them policy"? This is just another effort to get the Government to supply more free $hit so they can pi$$ away future tax dollars on one of their prize projects ....because when they previously had the chance to stockpile supplies when initially offered, they instead pi$$ed away NY'ers tax money on boondoggle projects. This is a State and City which is the prime target of terrorists and should have been ready for this and a lot more!....they didn't learn after the '93 WTC bombing (I was there).....at least after 911 they beefed up police and fire....seems they didn't follow through with stocking adequate hospital supplies........now they have the temerity to claim that they are receiving more patients than on 911.....of course they are because the majority of the victims of that tragedy and were vaporized in the collapse and never saw a hospital residing mostly in the rubble transported to the S.I. landfill. One clown even had the audacity to state that he was particularly offended of the "Chinese virus" moniker because of his ancestry should people fail to avail go out and avail themselves of NYC activities because of the non threatening virus. Simply no excuse other than mismanagment for a Sttte and City with such a huge population and staggering tax revenue to be so ill prepared. Plenty of blame to go around, and not with Trump either. If he didn't close the border when he did, and with the concurrent existing NY policy need 100,000 ventilators wouldn't be enough.
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