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  1. .02 Denali front grilles look more suited to a Ram than a GM truck. And guess us old timers revert when we get older and wiser at 70; I hate that stinking chrome. It's not like real triple plated chromed steel they used in the 50s and 60s anyway most is vacuum vapor plated aluminum dust on plastic covered with a thin layer of plastic. And these modern chrome plated bumpers on thin gauge steel are a joke, real ones could take multiple low speed hits without denting deforming or even scratching the chrome, the chromed steel grilles weighed as much as today's spare tires and Caddy/Buick bumpers weighed more than an aluminum block V8. I pulled every stinking remaining piece of fake chrome off my RST including emblems right down to the lug nuts and smoked the fogs to dull the fake chrome reflectors. Last to go as soon as it gets warm is red decals over the entry system handle buttons, gold bowties on the wheel hubs.....and replacing the chrome surround on the grill bowtie with the lighted OEM black one with a smoked translucent surround.
  2. Bumpers may vary truck to truck and with model, my RST exhaust is out the right side, not the bumper........Looks like you're going to need an extra inch of garage......by kissing the interior wall with my RST DC, running a tape measure underneath and dropping a plumb bob vertical off the rear bumper to the tape measure below gives 232-1/16". Only way to find out for sure is take one home for a test drive and stick it in your garage.
  3. Good design, rear of cover fits behind the tailgate and won't interfere with the motorized tailgate.
  4. GM had to do something with all the leftover stock of discontinued '18 Silverado assemblies and recover costs of changing over for the T1 line.....simple solution is to market all remaining '18 production as a special model , a '19 LD.....sort of like painting black stripes on a white horse and selling it as a zebra. Nothing new....they're also pulling the same crap with their discontinued '18 Impalas being marketed as '19s (and really no different from the '17s)....and the discontinued leftover old gen '16 Malibus sold alongside the "new" 16 Malibus..
  5. Everyone is so concerned about salt corrosion......maybe we should be more worried (or happy) about the new steel formulation. A primary source of the '19s 400 lb loss diet included a change to a thinner gauge higher strength steel in the frame. Anybody owning early late 70s era Japanese Hondas in Rust Belt States remembers how the frames and front fenders rotted out before the paint dulled. Seems in Japan they do not have road salt problems so they used thinner high strength steel to reduce weight for better mileage.....once imported and used on US Winter roads they outrusted 60s era US cars. Honda even had a recall and replaced the front fenders but frames soon began to disintegrate to the point of dropping transmissions when the mounts rotted out. Let's hope that GM is using the proper percentages of elements C, Ni, Mg, S in their iron formulation to not only increase strength, but inhibit rust. It can be done using a formulation gaining use on many modern highway unpainted steel overpasses. The formulation creates not only high strength but when exposed to the elements it forms a sacrificial protective layer of surface rust, something like the green patina on copper, may look like hell but prevents further corrosion. Guess we'll find out in a few years
  6. No ID, came OEM, just a chevy bowtie imprinted on the cover.
  7. You'd have to check the clearance between the chains and the wheel rotation sensors and routing of their wiring before using........and maybe allow additional clearance for ice and snow buildup on the chains along the sidewalls. Better yet follow the advice in the owners manual. "Tire Chains {Warning If the vehicle has LT265/70R17, LT275/65R18, 275/60R20, or 275/ 50R22 size tires, do not use tire chains. They can damage the vehicle because there is not enough clearance. Tire chains used on a vehicle without the proper amount of clearance can cause damage to the brakes, (Continued) Warning (Continued) suspension, or other vehicle parts. The area damaged by the tire chains could cause you to lose control of the vehicle and you or others may be injured in a crash. Use another type of traction device only if its manufacturer recommends it for use on the vehicle and tire size combination and road conditions. Follow that manufacturer's instructions. To help avoid damage to the vehicle, drive slowly, readjust, or remove the device if it is contacting the vehicle, and do not spin the vehicle's wheels. If you do find traction devices that will fit, install them on the rear tires."
  8. Most covers will make the '19s motorized tailgate inoperable if they touch the top cap of the gate, which most have to do to get a rainproof seal. Any pressure or resistance on top of the gate and it will not open with either the keyfob or dash button. OEM version with the appearance package has been modified to leave a 3/4" gap between the bottom edge of the tonneau cover and the top edge of the tailgate. A 3" curtain on the back of the tonneau seals against the back of the tailgate and any water forced in under pressure flows down the inside of the tailgate and out the bottom gap to the ground....and none gets onto the floor of the bed. The OEM cover, or equivalent type if you can find one, permits motorized gates to open and close just fine.
  9. Yes there is always the possibility that the SD card is fried and no longer recognized........ reaching into the console and accidentally hitting the edge of the card in the spring loaded mount and removing the card while it is being accessed could do it.
  10. All you can do now is try a radio reboot. Remove the RDO fuse for about 20 sec and reinstall, you'll may lose the presets but all you can do because it will not reinstall the software. My IOS radio came without the Nav and dealer upgraded with the software and SD map card kit. I previously had an 800 version of software, I forget the exact # and after the install it is running on ver 509.1 with the Nav system fully functional. I questioned the installation of an earlier version of the software with the Nav and the mechanic said when he registered the software with GM and gave them my VIN he was told that the older version was the most compatible with the Nav and all the other optional accessories and modules installed in my particular model and VIN. A check through the DIC confirmed I had the latest version. Not only does everything work 100% with the older version, but the Climate Off bug is now gone. No way I am going to manually update the system and turned the function off to make sure it doesn't try to update itself.
  11. Did they also eliminate the seat and right curtain airbags? Airbags can cause damage if triggered and the passenger is not belted.. And did they also eliminate the warning sticker on the passenger visor? Maybe more than just the lighted indicator is missing. My traverse has cooled seats and also has the airbag indicator lights.
  12. Here's how my '19 works. With vehicle on or off.....Double click on the keyfob, perimeter lights go on, bed drops and interior bed lights go on. Bed lights in spoiler remain off. With vehicle on or off.......Click on the bed light button in the cab, truck lights up like a Christmas tree.....perimeter lights on, interior bed lights on, bed lights in spoiler go on and tailgate mounted LED light on right side of push button goes on (and remains on after tailgate drops, lighting floor below).
  13. My '19 RST came with the Maroney sticker $2995 dealer installed 22" wheel option. Truck shipped from the factory with steel transport wheels and tires are to be mounted on the final 22" black alloys and road force balanced by the dealer during prep. Tires on the factory option should be Bridgestone Alenzas, not Goodyears. Mine had 4 miles and mine was the first test drive. Almost 6 months later and tires give a softer ride with no more rear axle hopping. Had the tires again road force balanced after 1000 miles break-in under warranty at 35 psi.. No real leakage in mine..... near 3000 miles and at the same sitting temperature all 4 still consistent at 34 psi. These decorative alloy wheels do not have a bead at the rim surface and subject to gradual leakage if not installed and sealed properly.
  14. It rides nice, gets my ass from points A to B, nothing has broken and everything works fine. That's why I bought it and that's what it does.....when it doesn't, I'll get another one. They're all a pile of plastic, rubber, metal and electronic crap......but sure beats taking the bus.
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