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  1. Checked mine today, same slight tilt. Ill try and get a pic up soon.
  2. RST here, dials back. On a side note: I just noticed the other day when first getting into the vehicle and the fan was on high, I got a call over bluetooth and it turned the fan down. Im assuming this is for better audio, just never had that happen or have heard of that before on any vehicle i've had.
  3. Just me or anyone think this was going to be a misplaced Jeep thread . Maybe because I use to have one, before I traded it for my 2020 RST
  4. Amazon around $35. I like how you don't see the "texture" unless you're right on it. Just enough contrast for me, and kinda matches the headlight carbon look.
  5. Is that custom or did you order those fog lamp covers?
  6. From Chevy Press page: Off-Road Focused Midnight Edition The Silverado Midnight Edition is offered on the LT Trail Boss and Custom Trail Boss trims, including a 2-inch factory suspension lift and the Z71 Off Road Package with Rancho® mono-tube off-road shocks, an automatic locking rear differential, skid plates, 18-inch black painted wheels and Goodyear Duratrac off-road tires. The Midnight Edition adds to Trail Boss’ look, but with an all-black approach: black Silverado badging, black grille, black Bowties, black bumpers, black exhaust tips and black off-road assist steps. The all-black appearance is accented by red recovery hooks. The Custom Trail Boss Midnight Edition is available with either a 5.3L V-8 engine with six-speed automatic transmission or 6.2L V-8 engine with 10-speed automatic transmission. The LT Trail Boss Midnight Edition comes exclusively with 6.2L V-8 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission with 420 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque. The LT Trail Boss Midnight Edition also gets unique High-Intensity LED headlamps with dark bezels and full-curtain signature daytime running lamps.
  7. Looks good. Maybe platidip the tail pipes and get some chevy inlays for the tailget.
  8. Just to let anyone who wants to change the license plate bulbs, its very doable in under 5 min. I sure as heck dont have long fingers and might be slightly on the sausage side but I was able to do it. I had some help with long needle nose and pliers to get them locked back in. Dont be afraid, you'll have to maneuver all sorts of ways to get you hands in the right position with dirt falling all over you face. Just a note, there is a bolt holding the assembly that may allow you to drop the whole lens assembly for easier access. Anyone try that?
  9. Theres probably a speed input that needs to be overridden. I have havent looked for any prints for this model year yet.
  10. What was your process for doing the Z71 badge? That exactly how I want mine to look. Thanks.
  11. Anyone have any luck with seals from Amazon? I've been using the bed a lot for landscape material (top soil, mulch, gravel) and it sucks getting all that stuck between the bed and gate. Thanks, pics appreciated.
  12. Yes, I'm doing this when I have the time. My wife is furious I want to "paint" a brand new truck, but I'm trying to get rid of the little chrome on my RST. I'll probably power coat the exhaust just for durability. I'd like to keep the red in the emblems if possible, Z71 & RST if possible. I'll post when its done.
  13. Looks good, thanks for the reply.
  14. I thought about waiting for the 21 f-150, but I finally thought Chevy got their sh*t together with exterior looks and the insane deals they had a few months ago. The interior is still a little behind the times IMO and saftey features should be standard.
  15. I work on aircraft, the whole nitrogen is BS. It would only matter if you car is going from 70 degrees to minus 60. My last Honda I bought the dealer added $125 for it, I would not pay a dime. I told him they can deflate each one and I'll fill them back up with my compressor, haha.
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