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  1. Sorry Philly, I never found out what brand or model these were.
  2. I have a 2020 with the auto climate control. Recently I have noticed with the AC set to 72, I can hear the fan speed change RPM's. It might just be my OCD, but I haven't noticed this before. Anyone else? Now im probably talking like 50 RPM or less (I have no idea what they really are). There is no noticeable difference in the output, only to my ears. Maybe like a 2 second cycle.. Ideas?
  3. I went with this: https://www.roughcountry.com/chevy-silverado-dual-cat-back-exhaust-96011c.html i like it, not too loud and cheap. There is some drone on the highway if you don't have a DFM disabler, but not too bad.
  4. I was able to get the dealer add ons taken off the price of my wifes car, totaled about $1100. There was nothing I could see, protection, nitrogen etc. I said I'm not paying anything for what I can't see.
  5. Yeah for whatever reason Range doesn't advertise it for stop/start. Probably because its 99% effective and not 100%. I'd like to make a OBD splitter and hookup my reader to see what the cylinders and other parameters are really doing with it plugged in and not plugged in. If I get a chance to do that i'll post the results.
  6. Yeah it does flash quick. I think the 8 flashes is the newest release. I have a 2020 5.3 with DFM. It doesn't change the light on the switch, but if you happen to drive when it's dark, you can see the LEDs change brightness when you come to a stop (I have the blue version). Same with me, I wasn't looking for any kind of gain. Just a solid sound and maybe preserving the lifters, and the auto stop disable was a plus that they don't advertise.
  7. I got mine because I got a aftermarket exhaust. I didn't want to hear the tone changes around town. As a plus it also disables the auto stop 99% of the time. As far as power, I don't have a lot of input. The shifts seems to be tighter when you are already rolling, maybe its because there is no delay in activating the other cylinders? I got mine for $175, for me its worth it. Luckfd, Do you know what version you have? Can tell by the number of flashes when you plug it in.
  8. Finally got around to installing the new exhaust. The hardest part was getting the old exhaust tips out. I used a pair of Knipex and a socket that fit in the rubber to get the hangers off. I tried pulling it in one piece, but ended up cutting it behind the muffler. I wasn't too worried about preserving it and was getting mad. Dropping the spare tire and heat shield made it super easy to install the new one. I just had to jack up the front right to get under my side steps to the flex tube. Thanks for the advice! The new exhaust is a Rough Country system. For $500 so worth the price. Sounds great.
  9. When I got my wife a Pilot last year they said they put on paint protection, leather protection, undercoat, nitrogen in the tires and tinted the windows for like $1100. I said im not buying anything I can't see, they took off everything but the tint. I told them to deflate the nitrogen and refill with shop air if need be (they wanted $100 for nitrogen!) I use to work on airplanes, they only need for nitrogen is if you are going from -60 to 100 degrees in minutes. Anyway find a reputable detailer and get paint coatings if you want.
  10. Yeah, I think its like 51.7% more than stock. Just reading and watching tons of stuff. I also like how there are more than one suction points (2 or 3 depending if you put a blanking plate on. The filter Is almost the size of a 5 gallon bucket.
  11. I have been researching this for a while. From what I found the S&B is probably one of the best and Rotofab a close second. Basically it will come down to which one you like as far as looks and availability.
  12. I just installed a Range this week in anticipation of putting a new exhaust on. Truck always has power and so far has not gone into auto stop mode (the light on the switch is on as always). As far as performance goes, expensive custom tune would be the way.
  13. I think those look pretty good. Sort of have the 2500 style to them. I'm glad to see aftermarket supplies jump on new opportunities.
  14. Besides the look I want, here is the point. Easily removable if I want. I never use the fogs anyway, always have to hit the switch every time I start the vehicle, I could use a diode but I choose to too. Will still pass 90% of light if I do decide to turn them on. Thanks.
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