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  1. Wondering if anyone knows if the wiring for the lighted/powered sun visors is there on all the trucks? I have the non powered basic sun visors on my ‘20 RST and looking to upgraded to the lighted ones.
  2. If you know someone that doesn’t live in commiefornia ship it to them and then have them ship it to you via ups. Paying double postage but you’ll get it there
  3. That’s probably from the DFM, mine does that now even without the intake. When the truck is running on 6 or 4 cylinders it drones terrible
  4. You guys convinced me, just pulled the trigger on an s&b. I also like the option of being able to close/open certain fresh air ports
  5. Roto fab does look nice but I’d be curios what filter they use, wonder if it’s an s&b? Lots of intakes use an s&b filter
  6. Have you found any numbers from the s&b? I like their design but haven’t seen any numbers front them.
  7. It does look like the S&B has the highest airflow design with those ports on the side that pull air from the fender area as well. I will admit tho that the Rotofab does look the cleanest. The GM intake looks like
  8. Another intake question Looking into getting an intake for my 2020 6.2l Silverado and I’ve narrowed it down to the S&B intake, the Roto-Fab, and the Cold Air Inductions intakes. All different prices and slightly different designs so I’m just curious to what most people are running and which one is “the best” thanks for the help. I know most ppl are probably running Rotofab and I’ve used their systems before but the other two intakes being lower priced and still looking good has me curious
  9. *1989 Silverado Stepside Reg cab: Great little pickup. Had the 5.7 and awesome power. I beat this truck and it help up great. The standard was a lot of fun too. *1992 Ford Bronco: Wasn't to please with this truck. The only thing i miss was the fact that it had a lift kit and could drive over stuff. Was hard to get stuck too. Thing was a dog and it felt so delicate i was afraid to shut the doors *2001 Silverado ext cab: Great truck thats really fast for a pickup (5.3). Havent had it for more than 2years now but havent had any problems. Takes pretty well to upgrades too.
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