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  1. I get a very slight rub on the front sway bar when the wheels are turned fully. You'd never know unless you looked at the sway bar though. The helper springs do make a difference when carrying a load or towing. Without any additional load, they add approximately 1" of lift to the rear.
  2. My truck has a 2" level with stock rear blocks and BDS helper springs. 275/60R20 tires which are 33". Not exactly the setup you mention though, but gives you an idea of what the helper springs look like.
  3. I had the same problem. It was the flapper.
  4. You should be fine with a 2" level with stock control arms. Ride will suffer some, but it's a truck Rather than replacing the rear block, you should consider adding an additional leaf to the rear springs. It will raise the rear about an inch, while making towing and heavier loads easier to handle.
  5. Keep the resonator and remove the muffler. It will sound better.
  6. How much do you want to raise the rear? If it's only around an inch, I'd skip the block and I'd go with the BDS add-a-leaf. It will raise the rear ~3/4 of an inch and it helps with any sag from heavy loads or when towing. The block won't help the truck handle additional weight. It's more work to install, but the benefits are worth it.
  7. Diablosport. For custom tune, look here. Blackbear is also a good option.
  8. A good place to start is to read the instructions for your code reader and obtain the code that the ECM has stored. It will start with "P" followed by four numbers. So something like: P0300 Clearing the code isn't going to fix the problem, especially since the error returns when you do it.
  9. Likely because of the oil that can collect at the top of the engine and cause the valves to become dirty.
  10. Any chance what you are experiencing is this issue? Also, have you confirmed that the donut gasket between the manifold and the Y-pipe is in good shape and that the connection is tight? I've read a few things about exhaust leaks due to that gasket. When I dropped my Y-pipe, I ended up bending the gasket upon reinstall and it caused a sound similar to what you describe. Replacing it fixed my self-inflicted issue.
  11. 275/60R20 is the safest option. You shouldn't have any issues with that size.
  12. Interesting thread. How difficult was the install?
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