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  1. $25 and I will ship it today before 3 PM.
  2. I bought this white grill emblem for my 2018 GMC Sierra with the intention of painting it to match my truck, but I never got around to doing it. It's a direct replacement for the OEM emblem and has the clips on the back (no adhesive needed). I sold the truck a few weeks ago and have been slowing selling the accessories I had for it. Asking Price: $30 shipped or best reasonable offer Payment Method: PayPal
  3. I originally bought this replace the factory muffler on my 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3L, but it was louder than I intended, so I took it off my truck within a few hundred miles. https://blackwidowexhaust.com/mufflers/Venom-250-3-offset-center-SKU-BW002-P-p57752197 Description: Venom 250 3" offset/center Part Number: SKU #BW002-P Asking Price: $80 shipped or best reasonable offer Payment Method: Paypal
  4. Towing capacity was not the concern, it's the payload capacity of the truck. In my case it was 1,505 lbs which I was going to surpass. That's going to be the limiting factor in a lot of situations. I don't know if the NHT package increases payload capacity though.
  5. Problem solved. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a Sierra 2500 with the features I wanted at a price I was willing to pay. 3/4 trucks are in high demand right now. I had at least 5 trucks sell before I could get to a dealer to drive them.
  6. Good deal! I will get it shipped out tomorrow via USPS priority mail and I will provide tracking info.
  7. Replied. Sale pending to @69 Post Sedan.
  8. I bought this from a member here and used it to tune my truck with a custom tune from Diablew (excellent results by the way). Prior to selling my truck, I restored the tune that was originally backed up, so this should be unlock/unmarried and ready for someone else to use. The 8245 is listed for 2000-2016 GM trucks, but it will work on 2017+ if you buy an additional license from Diablosport for $40. I used it on my 2018 to adjust tire size, disable AFM, throttle sensitivity and then the Diablew tune. Please verify this is compatible with your truck before making an offer/purchasing. Asking Price: $275 shipped or best offer Preferred Payment Method: PayPal All reasonable offers will be considered since I don't have a use for this anymore.
  9. I purchased this kit to install on my 2018 GMC Sierra, but I traded it in, so I no longer need these parts. They are brand new. The boxes have not be opened. I took them out of the original shipping box that everything came in to take pictures. The original box has the total weight as 111 lbs, so local pickup is preferred. If you want me to ship them, I can, but that will be at your expense. Please make sure this kit fits your truck before making an offer/purchasing. Description: Power Stop K6560-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit Condition: New Original Purchase Price: $440.50 Asking Price: $400 or best offer Preferred Payment Method: Cash Location: North of Pittsburgh, PA Local pickup unless buyer pays shipping fees. I am willing to meet part way, if needed.
  10. This paint pen was used to repair less than 5 small chips in the paint of my 2018 GMC Sierra. It has been kept in my basement, so it's in good shape. I traded my truck this morning, so I no longer need this. Please make sure this is the correct color for your truck before making an offer/purchasing. Paint Code: WA8624 Price Paid: $18 shipped Asking Price: $10 shipped Preferred Payment: PayPal
  11. I had this installed on my 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 with the 5.3L engine for about 7,500 miles. I traded the truck in this morning, so I no longer need this. I left the hoses and mounting bracket attached. I also have the extra mounting bolts/nuts and the extra rubber O-rings that came with it. Please confirm that this fits your truck before making an offer/purchasing. Purchased from: http://www.eliteengineeringusa.com/new-gm-truck-e2000-catch-can/ Part Number: E2000B-XL-QBB-QDV-3X30 Single or Dual Port: Single Port Mounting Location: Mount in the Spare Battery compartment? (2014-2018 Year Model Only) Price Paid: $295 + $10 for shipping Asking Price: $245 shipped or best offer Preferred Payment Method: Paypal
  12. I bought these for my 2018 GMC Sierra 1500, but I ended up trading it in, so these are no longer needed. They were never installed. I opened the package to make sure everything was accounted for. Please confirm that these will fit your truck before making an offer/purchasing. Part number: 84332438 Description: Wheel Lug Nut & Lock Kit, Black, 20 regular lug nuts, 4 locking lug nuts, 1 lock key Purchase Date: March 4th, 2021 Price Paid: $187.87 (included shipping) Asking Price: $160.00 (including shipping) or best offer Paypal is preferred.
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