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  1. I'm considering going with the Carven Progressive Series Dump Exit on my 2018 Sierra 5.3. Unfortunately, the only sound clips I can find are of the side exit. I know the dump exit will be louder with some additional drone, but I'm curious to know how much more. Does anyone have a sound clip of the dump exit from inside or outside of the truck (or both)? I like the clean look of not having an exhaust pipe visible and I like the price point, but I'm not sure how much different the sound will be. Thanks!
  2. Very interested in knowing what wires you tapped in to @2009GMCfor the signal and power on/off for the amp. Did you mount the amp behind the rear seat? Thanks!
  3. I didn't have my rocker panels done because of the texture. I doubt it will adhere correctly.
  4. I have XPEL on my Jaguar and it's fantastic, so I had the entire front of my truck done. Bumper, grill surround, the front 1/3 of the hood and fenders, the A-Pillars, and above the windshield up to the sun roof. I also had the door sills done. Kinda pricey, but it's pretty awesome.

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