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  1. Changing the geometry of the suspension can put additional stress on certain components, which can cause premature wear. The more aggressive the change, the more likely the premature wear will occur. My opinion is a mild level won't accelerate that process enough to make me spend money on UCAs immediately. If the ball joint needs to be replaced, I'd do it then. GM doesn't want you to make any changes to your truck, for a number of reasons.
  2. Replacing the UCAs is not needed for a level of 2" or less. Wait until the ball joints need to be replaced and consider replacing the UCAs at that time. If you want more than 2" of level and/or if you are very concerned about ball joint failure, do a proper lift. I've had the Motofab 2" level on my 2018 without any issues for 20K+. As mentioned above, it sometimes looks a bit nose high, especially when towing. To correct that, I added a leaf to the rear springs. Not only does that fix the nose high look, it also helps when towing or hauling. A 1.5" level is likely the sweet spot of looks and minimal impact/wear on factory suspension parts.
  3. As noted above, it's possible. Likely not straightforward though. Are you considering the 8L90 to replace a failed 6L80? Or are you considering it as an "upgrade" to a working 6L80? If the later, it's not worth it at all, in my opinion.
  4. You'd actually need to intentionally push the cables back through the holes. There is enough support behind them to keep them from falling. This time with grommets:
  5. Yeah, the grommets would be a good idea. I may try to find something to fit. Just need to make sure it doesn't restrict the movement of the cable.
  6. I was bored today, so I figured I'd spend some time to integrate the USB audio cables in to the center console for a cleaner look. One USB-C and one Apple Lightning, both 6 feet long. I had to cut a bit of the center console under the trim to allow the cables to move freely and I had to drill 3 holes that are just a bit bigger than the small end of the cable. My phone now can lay on it's side while plugged in while using Android Auto/charging and it doesn't take up space in the cup holder. Looks pretty good in my opinion.
  7. Adjustable Bilstein shocks in the front will give you enough room for 33" tires. It will also keep some rake. Add Bilstein shocks to the rear as well. This would probably be fine for some off road use as a daily driver, assuming you aren't talking about extreme use. Hard to say though as it's not clear how much off road use the truck would get. 2.25" level only is too much unless you replace the rear blocks with larger ones or add a leaf to the spring pack to give the back some lift to maintain some rake. I wouldn't replace control arms unless you observe rubbing with either setup. As mentioned, a full 4" lift would also work. Not sure that qualifies as too much tinkering though.
  8. Check their web site as they do local tuning events occasionally. That might be your best option or find someone local who can Dyno tune the ECM and TCM for you.
  9. Take it back to the body shop and explain what you experience to them. If it wasn't doing it before the repairs, something may not have been reassembled correctly.
  10. I did a 2" level kit to fit 33" tires and with some weight in the back (300 lbs.) or when towing, the front of my truck was higher than the rear. I installed a BDS add-a-leaf to the rear this weekend to keep the back from sagging. 2.5" level will likely always look front end high. 1.75" level would likely be perfect or buy the Bilstein 5100s. As mentioned above, no level and remove the rear blocks would achieve the same result. You will have clearance issues if you do bigger tires though.
  11. I would cut the pipe just after the weld (mid pipe side) and remove the Y pipe from the truck. With it off, you should be able to use a grinder to clean up the weld enough to get the new catback exhaust to seal.
  12. I would think that with the work you are doing, a tune for both the ECM and TCM would make a lot of sense. There are a couple options for tuning the 6L80, so you should be able to dial it in.
  13. Nice! If you add one 6 quart case to your cart it asks you to select a second at no cost. Shipping still applies unless you order something else to qualify for free shipping. Even without that, it's a great deal.
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