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  1. Rear U-bolt torque spec?

    Fairly confident it's 80 ft/lbs. That's what I tightened mine to after I determined they weren't tight from the factory.
  2. Rear Black GMC Emblem?

    I ordered my overlay decals from here: https://www.etsy.com/market/gmc_emblem They are good quality. Easier than trying to paint or remove/replace.
  3. The Bose system in my 2018 Sierra (SLT All Terrain Premium Plus Package) sounds pretty good with the auto volume setting on "high" when the truck is moving at higher speed/RPM. What I don't like is how quiet the system is at idle or at low speed/RPM. Does anyone know of a way to force or trick the system to be as loud while idle or low speed/RPM as it does when the truck is moving at higher speed/RPM? Thanks!
  4. I'm considering going with the Carven Progressive Series Dump Exit on my 2018 Sierra 5.3. Unfortunately, the only sound clips I can find are of the side exit. I know the dump exit will be louder with some additional drone, but I'm curious to know how much more. Does anyone have a sound clip of the dump exit from inside or outside of the truck (or both)? I like the clean look of not having an exhaust pipe visible and I like the price point, but I'm not sure how much different the sound will be. Thanks!
  5. Very interested in knowing what wires you tapped in to @2009GMCfor the signal and power on/off for the amp. Did you mount the amp behind the rear seat? Thanks!
  6. I didn't have my rocker panels done because of the texture. I doubt it will adhere correctly.
  7. I have XPEL on my Jaguar and it's fantastic, so I had the entire front of my truck done. Bumper, grill surround, the front 1/3 of the hood and fenders, the A-Pillars, and above the windshield up to the sun roof. I also had the door sills done. Kinda pricey, but it's pretty awesome.

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