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  1. Anyone else with a new 2014 Sierra having an issue with the frame rusting and paint/wax flaking off? I have 3000 kms and it looks horrible. I also own a 2011 Canyon service truck with 105kms and the frame looks like new. So irriating as my Sierra is a beautiful truck aside
  2. I have a 2014 Sierra with 95k for miles. A/c doesn’t hold a charge so I have it shut off. About two months back my wife noticed a gas smell around my truck. At first is seemed to be towards the area of the fuel tank. I have been watching and poked around a bit. I don’t see an leaking fuel as I don’t see anything dripping under the truck. I have also noticed that sometimes it is an oil smell. There is no difference in smell if I have just fueled up, near empty or anything in between. Says it has been getting colder out. I’m starting to smell the gas in the cab of the truck more frequently. I seem to also smell it more after I have backed up. If sitting for a while the smell is only faintly detectable outside around the vehicle, but not inside the vehicle. The odor isn’t constant but is becoming fairly regular now. I can’t smell it when on the highway but that might because of the speed I am traveling at. I had this issue? What does anybody have any idea what the problem might be? thank you
  3. Hello. Is anyone having issues with the "air bag service light"? At 140 miles the abs sensor and bearing in the front passenger side went bad and the dealer had to replace it. The next 3700 miles with this truck were awesome but now I've been dealing with this air bag service light for the last 400 miles. I've already had the dealer look at it 3 times and they can't seem to fix it. The dealer inspected the wiring harness under the driver's seat and removed extra grease, then they replaced wiring harnesses, now they did some reprogramming and it's still acting up. There is nothing that triggers it, it just comes on when it wants to. I could be driving to the corner store and it comes on, stays on for about 10 - 15 seconds then it turns off. A mile down the road it comes back on for another 10 - 15 seconds then it turns off. I am beyond frustrated with this to say the least. Any comments / suggestions / recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, I've been lurking on the forums for the past few months and decided to finally post some of my questions. I'm new to the truck world, always had a car/suv up until I bought my 2014 Sierra Denali last fall. I love the truck so far, zero complaints - BUT I want to add my own touches to it this summer. I've been looking into getting into some mods over the summer months and found a set of 22x14 wheels that I really like. My question for all the wheel/suspension guys here is 1) what would I need to modify on my truck in order to get these to fit? If I need a lift, what's the minimum I can get away with? 2) what would be the optimal tire size?
  5. I had to change the right side headlight. I removed the air filter box and changed the light. After I reassembled the unit, My truck was running very loudly. You can feel the air blowing under the hood now. I have disassembled and reassembled this three times now, and can't get it right. My check engine light is on now too. I had no issues with this until I changed the headlight. Any ideas???
  6. All: A couple weeks ago I had a code thrown that indicated an oil pressure sensor fault. My mechanic in analyzing the code noticed that my oil was burnt and filthy having been changed only a few hundred kilometres previous. He thought that maybe the oil change place put the wrong viscosity oil in and with the recent cold weather caused the fault and poor oil movement thus the burn and the sensor fault. We reset the code, change the oil to Mobil 1 0W-20 and off I went. Less than a week later and the check engine light is back on with I assume the same oil pressure sensor code attached to it. Has anyone else seen anything like this? Thanks in advance. 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 128,000 km m
  7. So I wish too debate which lift is better, since they very close in price. Who is running what tire setup with which lift and how they have use the setup as well. Also how they feel the ride is with the lift and tire an wheel set up you have. I am leaning toward the McGauphys due too I want to run it at 8"s with 35x12.50R20Lt's. POST PIC's OF YOU'R SET UP.
  8. I am planning to add fender flares to 2014 sierra. The truck is iridium and I want to match colors so I need to paint the flares. I have seen all kinds of estimates for the cost to have them painted iridium, also I have seen I can buy them already painted but those are expensive. I have seen online and in some shops spray type paint that they say will match the color. My questions on these are will they actually match the color and gloss (iridium seems like a tricky color)? And if it does match will it wear and look like s**t after a few months? Thanks a lot guys.
  9. I'd like to hear others opinions on the Factory OEM 22 wheels for the 14 SIerra and SIlverado. I'm thinking about buying a set and putting Nitto Trail grappler MTs on there. I told myself I'd never go to 22 inch wheels but there is a set that GM offers that's really sharp looking. I found a pic of them installed on a Sierra online. Suggestions, comments?
  10. I was wiping my leather seat down yesterday when i found a small tear at the front/bottom of the passenger seat? Then when i get too the rear I notice that the plastic seat pocket piece on the back of the seat is hanging on by one clip. Further investigation leads to a broken clip! Will the dealership cover this or what? Only had the truck for 10 days, NOT HAPPY!!!
  11. My 2014 Sierra Crew Cab, 2WD with the 5.3L has a pre-ignition issue (detonating, knocking & pinging, rattling, dieseling, etc. -- pick the term you want to use). Has anybody else had this problem? This occurs regularly (but not all of the time) at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle while accelerating. It's not something that happens all of the time so it is tough to pin down exact conditions to duplicate the issue. Of course my local GMC Service Department "can not duplicate" the problem. I understand that most people (and I suspect most of the mechanics at the dealership) have no idea what pre-ignition sounds like, and since it is not setting any trouble code, I can't get any traction on getting the problem fixed or even acknowledged. Since the problem seems to be intermittent I've gone so far as to document the dates and times of the issues and ask the dealership to pull the vehicle run history and see what was going on during those times. This has fallen on deaf ears as the service department is unwilling to take this information in an attempt to identify the problem. The ECM has been re-flashed several times without any improvement. On several occasions I have dropped the truck off at the dealership, given them a punch list of things to do/fix (including looking into the pre-ignition problem) and they always come back with "unable to duplicate". I have contacted GM Customer Service and have a Case Number, but that has gotten me nowhere as all they tell me to do is to take it to the dealership. I plea my case that my local dealership does not seem very interested in fixing the problem and I even stopped by the dealership when the problem was occurring to take a the service manager for a ride so he can hear the "knocking and pinging". The manager stated that he was unable to ride with me because he was the only service writer available at the time and I would need to come back. However, before he finished telling me to come back, another service writer showed up at the counter, but the manager would still not go on a drive with me to identify the problem. I'm not sure what the action plan would be if a service writer or technician ever "hears" the problem, but my past experience tells me they will still not acknowledge the issue, or state that the noise is from some other component that is working "as intended". An engine that spends its life with a pre-ignition problem is not a high mileage engine. I'm sure it will make it through the powertrain warranty period before it kills itself by way of detonation, and that concerns me. Does anybody have any suggestions on getting this moved up the ladder in GM Customer Service where I can actually get GM to look into the problem? Thanks.
  12. Has anyone else had any issues with the drivers side window not going down all the way? Yesterday I went to push the button and the window would only go about half way down and then it stops.
  13. So far I have read lots of great advice in the forums about upgrading the 2014 SLE. I really want to add fog lights to mine. I understand that this could be done, and shouldn't be too much trouble. I know that I will need to get a new dash switch, the bezel, lights and a wiring harness. I am having trouble finding out if that is all that I will need. Additionally, I was wondering if anyone has done this upgrade, I know people have tried installing the LED SLT headlights with little or no success. If you can provide any advice, technical information and part numbers, it would be greatly appreciated! Ive been having trouble finding all the info I need. Thanks in advance! -Bryan
  14. I am own a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab that I purchased brand new. My question is regarding the stereo system. Everything works normal with the exception of the Ipod. When I play my Ipod on the "Album" setting, it will add a 2-3 second gap between songs that are supposed to run together; example being side 2 of Abbey Road. And any other artist that has songs that flow into the next song without a natural gap. I also own a 2012 GMC Acadia and this does NOT happen, it flows naturally. The songs also flow naturally playing my Ipod thru my home stereo. I own a Ipod Classic.. I have checked with 3 other dealers and have got nowhere. Is this a software issue in my truck? My software is up to date in my Ipod. Thanks for the help!
  15. So I wish too debate which lift is better, since they very close in price. Who is running what tire setup with which lift and how they have use the setup as well. Also how they feel the ride is with the lift and tire an wheel set up you have. I am leaning toward the McGauphys due too I want to run it at 8"s with 35x12.50R20Lt's.
  16. NinjaFace


    From the album: 2014 sierra in progress

    Before and after of the lowering kit. Front 3.5" Back 7" These two pics also show how different the iridium metallic looks, depending on the light. It rides surprisingly good.
  17. After endless reading I figured I would reach out and just ask for help with what I'm looking for. I have a 2014 v6 sierra sle. I'm just looking for the off road look not planing on taking it off road or anything. I plan on going with 33 or 35 tires and 20inch rims here are my questions. I'm looking for an affordable lift kit. 1 Is it better for me to do RC 2.5 front 1 rear plus 1.5 zone body lift? VS 4 inch suspension kit? 2 in your opinion what's the best affordable suspension kit. 3 what makes it a full suspension kit vs a glorified leveling it? 4 Is RC 3.5 a real suspension kit? Thank you I'm new to trucks and the site. This is what mine looks like so far. Nothing fancy.
  18. I have a new, never used, never opened AVS Bugflector part # 23027. Make me an offer that includes shipping and we can deal. I'm looking for a light for under my hood. or something for my Sierra. Let me know what you want to trade.
  19. I have an issue with my 2014 Sierra Infotainment screen. There are two images displayed with one superimposed on top of the other. I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem, or knows of a fix?
  20. Hey guys! I'm new to the group. I Have my 2014 Sierra in the shop doing some color matching upgrades and was thinking this is a good time to swap out the grille. Has anyone upgraded the standard to honeycomb Denali? Not really liking the aftermarket ones available. If so is there any custom work needed or does it just swap out?? Thanks!
  21. Hello Everyone, I just purchased a 2014 GMC Sierra Denali. Color is Iridium Metallic and the interior is Cocoa Dune. I love the colors but the iridium metallic stays dirty, hard to keep clean. I have always had white trucks so it was time for a change.....not sure if it was a good decision yet. I removed the emblems except for the Denali. I want to remove the red GMC on the front grill but it doesn't look like that's possible. I've read about people using Plasti Dip to color their emblems opinions?? Has anyone tried to paint their grill GMC emblem iridium metallic? I looked at both Rhino and Line-X bedliners. In my opinion the Rhino tuff grip was by far the best one. It was softer and not as abrasive as the Line-X which is what i was looking for. 3M Crystalline is the tint I went with. It's on all the windows including 70 on the front windshield. I'm not able to tell that it's there during the day or night. I will say that this tint is amazing for uv and heat rejection. Definitely worth the extra money IMHO. I am replacing the speakers but keeping the factory head unit. The speakers are Hertz Mille, JL 2-10" stealth box. Amplifier and processing are Audison Voce AV5.1K with the bit10D. When its done ill post some pictures. This is the 1st time I've posted so suggestions, comments, criticisms...let me have it!!
  22. I'll keep an eye on this site for all the good info...
  23. I have a 2014 sierra with blue reverse lights and blue license plate LEDs just wondering if I could put blue LEDs for the brake lights and if it's legal to do or not
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