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  1. How much did the 4600s end up costing you? I've been able to find the 5100s off this website: http://www.bilsteincanada.com/index.php?cPath=306_774_16449_16450 For $510 CAD, plus shipping etc. I'm looking at upgrading the shitty Ranchos on my denali just waiting on a good price for them.
  2. Canadian OnStar Update

    That's what I figured as well, dealer will always be making money in the end. I love my 2014 it's been the perfect vehicle, however, I wouldn't mind upgrading to the 2015 for the 8 speed and the magnaride suspension. I'm not liking the new facelift coming up so it's either now or never. Skibum you're on beyond too aren't you? I recognize the username haha
  3. Canadian OnStar Update

    Just got it done last week, similar experience as everyone else. Still haven't used the WiFi, saving it from my trip to kelowna next weekend so I can stream some music on the drive. This is a bit off topic but has anyone else in Alberta gotten a letter from their dealer offering above market value for your trade in if you go from a 2014 to a 2015? Anyone follow through with it?
  4. Dangerdick were you in downtown Calgary today by any chance? I swear I saw a truck that looked identical to yours on my drive in to work today. Anyways another Canadian here from Calgary with a '14 Denali 6.2L. I wouldn't suggest trading up to a 2015, not going to be worth it. It's probably better to wait until the mid-cycle refresh if you really do want to change it up.
  5. Where are all the canadians finding the best price for these?
  6. That looks perfect! How wide are your 22s? What tire size are you running? Wheels offset?
  7. I'm a big fan of the Rockstar II wheels as well. This is the look I'd be leaning towards with those
  8. Awesome input from everyone so far! I'm glad I ended up posting here before I made a firm decision, so the wide wheels route is totally scrapped for now. I don't mind the street truck look with 24s and low pro tires, I had a similar set up on my cadillac but like it was mentioned before the ride does suffer. Maybe a happy medium would be 22s with decent sized rubber. 20s are a little small for my taste. 22 inch wheels with a level and AT/MT tires...thoughts? I know, I know I've been all over the place since this thread first started but I'd be stupid not to take advantage of all the knowledge on these boards while brainstorming ideas hahaha dylbeau1500 I'm looking forward to seeing how your set up turns out
  9. Thanks for all the input guys, lots of good information in this thread! Looks like I might have to revisit my approach to how I want the truck to look. Maybe go for a bigger 24" wheels and a leveling kit. I think if I go 24x10 I might get a bit of rubbing at full lock but nothing major. Thoughts?
  10. I don't have the exact offset number, but they are fairly aggressive and would be sticking out of the fenders. The more I think about it I'd rather get a different wheel/tire set up instead of having to do any cutting etc. Or lift it so much that it's no longer practical. What's the most aggressive (or biggest) wheel/tire set up you guys have heard of at stock height or just a leveling kit? Either in a 22" or 24" wheel.
  11. Thanks for the info KMGZ400 - that's what I figured. I'm hoping I can get away with a 4 inch lift and avoid cutting. Or I might have to think about going to 22x12 instead if that will make a difference. Unfortunately the wheels I am looking at don't some in 22x12 so I'll be back to square one with trying to decide which ones to go with.
  12. Hello everyone, I've been lurking on the forums for the past few months and decided to finally post some of my questions. I'm new to the truck world, always had a car/suv up until I bought my 2014 Sierra Denali last fall. I love the truck so far, zero complaints - BUT I want to add my own touches to it this summer. I've been looking into getting into some mods over the summer months and found a set of 22x14 wheels that I really like. My question for all the wheel/suspension guys here is 1) what would I need to modify on my truck in order to get these to fit? If I need a lift, what's the minimum I can get away with? 2) what would be the optimal tire size?

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