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  1. Looks like I was not able to avoid a shock and strut failure on my 20k mike truck. Looks to be passenger sides failed forsure which gives me the lean on the right side; luckily it’s on warranty until September. I can’t believe they just haven’t solved the problems with these things since 2007. Truck is a 2017 that was purchased September 2018.
  2. Hello. Anyone else roll into wot and have the truck fall on its face at either the 2-3 or 3-4 shift? My truck has been doing this. It’s like the ecu pulls all the power. Stock Sierra with 20000 miles.
  3. I am told that the clutch piston not being able to drain fast enough is the problem.
  4. I ran this by my tuner and he says only a hack would do what you mentioned above. My friend and tuner writes binary hex files, code the ecu and re write the files. He and another local guy here were part of the FJO program who designed and makes all the HOLLEY EFI that now runs serious drag cars. These same 2 guys I know have been to GM headquarters as part of the 5 best tuners in the world who did work on the shared gm ford agreements for ecu tcm stuff. FJO is from Winnipeg which is where we are from.
  5. Yes. Do you know how efi live people get the software to the point they can release it to the public? They get the ability from beta testers like the guy tuning my truck. Hes done hundreds of GMCs like mine.
  6. The results from this tune will be 18 whp peak, 32 whp mid range, 45 wtq peak. Intakes also are a waste of money and provide no gains while no air box provides no gains aswell. Headers and cat deletes also provide a loss in torque. This is why the only mod I did was a kn panel filter. The stock air box flows 700 hp on duramax before needing modification.
  7. I have a ticking from passenger door. I think it’s one of the lock or window switches
  8. My 2017 8 speed will be tuned next week. Pays to know the only guy in Canada who’s a beta tester for efi live.
  9. Yes. There is no way a 6.2 puts down 291 hp and loses 31%
  10. While slowing speed to 70 kph my truck went into limp mode and had horrible engine stumble. Towed to dealer in minus 40 degrees Celsius temps and its s bad throttle body with a 2 week wait time!!! Trucks got 8000 km on it.. anyone else have this?
  11. 2017 Denali Ultimate with 4000 Km. I can see my truck leaning to the pass side. Rear ground to wheel well opening on driver is 39.75 inches. Passenger is 39.25” front is 36.25 and 36.25” i put a smart level on truck bed and it’s 1.46%. Tail gate top is 1.37% and bumper is 1.27%, garage floor is 0.64% Going over speed bumps slowly is absolutely awful. Feels like blown shocks. At times, Coming to a stop has a clunk when the weight of the truck moves backwards at full stop. Bad magnetic ride or bad sensors in the shocks? thanks everyon
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