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  1. True, I’m sure dialing back the torque management in the tune helped quite a bit, but the (estimated) extra 35rwhp/45rwtq from the E85 part of it didn’t hurt lol.
  2. It was not tuned prior to the E85, but with just a base E85 map loaded, the base pull was only down 10rwhp, 12rwtq vs the final pull. Adjusting AFR and timing further on subsequent pulls didn’t gain anymore than the final numbers. Plus, even the stock 5.3 is factory rated what 30-35 hp/tq more on E85, with .5 less compression, 0.9L smaller displacement, smaller cam. So the gains for the 6.2 converting to E85 are not really surprising.
  3. So now after driving it around a few days the torque difference alone is worth it to convert in my opinion.
  4. I actually just bought a GM sensor, Russell female fuel line connectors and put it in line where the tank soft line connects to the hard line, then extended the sensor plug 18”. Only $70 worth of parts and no cutting fuel lines. The 8L90 is rated up to 738ft/lb of torque, which should be around 575 rwtq, so if you’re approaching that with the blower then it may be upgrade build time for the trans?
  5. My tuner said that the early 8-speeds are tunable, but the later ones you have to send the TCM off For tuning because they are locked. I didn’t dyno it before I did the FlexFuel conversion, but bone stock L86 dyno’s that I’ve found tend to be in the 330hp/365tq range. So the air intake, smoothed throttle body, and E85 tune got roughly 50rwhp/70rwtq. Which I’ve seen others gain 35-40rwhp/40-50rwtq off just Doing the E85 Swap and tune, so 20hp/tq off intake and throttle body is about right.
  6. Just got my 2015 6.2 Sierra dyno tuned after adding the ethanol sensor, also did 8-speed tuning. Only mods are Volant intake, home ported throttle body, and E85 conversion with dyno tune, also on heavy Nitto Ridge Grapplers. 380rwhp/435rwtq. Pretty happy with the numbers.
  7. I decided to do a catch can because I ended up cleaning the valves and intake manifold (which had oil pooled in the bottom of it). So this way the valves, intake, etc would stay clean and not get any worse.
  8. Since there’s a lot of threads about DI valve coking without a catch can, I figured I’d show my valves at 94k miles, stock except for Volant CAI, and exhaust cutout. I just did a manual valve cleaning, Elite catch can, plugs/wires, ported TB after these pics. E85 conversion and dyno tune coming next week. They weren’t as bad as I thought they would be based on some other pics I’d seen.
  9. Any update on the HMI 3.0 upgrade? I have a 2015 Denali, and was going to do 2.5 upgrade, but if 3.0 will be an option soon, I'd rather hold out for it. Thanks!
  10. DId you port the intake yourself? Any tips/suggestions on doing it, I think I'm going to tackle mine soon.
  11. I'm not looking for the maximum performance gains or the most gains that I can "feel", I'm looking to maximize the stock longblock's efficiency and power/torque. I've seen a lot of dyno graphs on the LT1 intake being ported on stock engines gaining a consistent 10-15hp/tq across the whole curve, and a couple hundred $ isn't too bad to gain this, especially since I plan on pulling the intake to clean it and the valves when I add a catch can anyway. 10-15hp/tq under the curve here, and another 10-15 there, etc add up. My plans for it are Volant CAI (already have), E85 conversion, stainless LT headers, ported intake, catch can, then dyno tune once all these are done. I don't have a problem going this route if anyone has done this and documented what needs to be ported out on these particular intakes. I know there is a ramp in/before the ports, and some material behind the throttle body that can be removed, but that is all I have found so far. Like I said I also don't mind spending $300-ish to port mine by someone with more experience and has done some flow testing, if I can gain 10-15 average under the curve on it.
  12. As a few others on here are doing as well, I am trying to maximize the bolt-on potential of my 6.2 L86. Street driving/daily and towing is my use, so low-mid-range hp/tq and efficiency gains are my goals, not peak hp, I have a highly modified TransAm for that. On my list is porting the L86 intake, however I haven't seen much online regarding it. I have found only 2 places so far online that do the porting, Pace and Gwatney, and was curious as if anyone on here has experience with having the L86 intake ported, and other possible porter options, price, results, etc.
  13. That is exactly what I figured would happen since the tables aren't currently setup for looking for E85.
  14. Won't running E85 in it without the sensor and FlexFuel enabled in the PCM cause a lean condition?
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