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  1. So I finally have an update. They said they pulled the pan and the fluid was black and burnt, even though I’ve never seen over 200* on the trans gauge, and it had the updated flush done last summer. I asked them what failed, and they said they didn’t tear the transmission apart, based on the fluid and small debris in the pan,, they are replacing the transmission. GM and the dealership is covering $1800 of the cost, I’m getting a new transmission from GM with 3yr/100k warranty. I still have to pay $3800, but I can live with that amount for a brand new trans and 100k warranty on it.
  2. They were supposed to put it on the rack Wed, I drove by Thurs morning and it wasn’t outside anymore, however I haven’t heard back yet. So hopefully on Monday.
  3. I hope so, I can’t find a lot of info I n complete failures on these 8L90’s either, especially on a basically stock engine. Talked to the dealership today, it’s going on their rack tomorrow, so I’ll find out the verdict then. ??
  4. That’s why I made this post, I’ve searched for posts with others who lost forward and reverse suddenly in their 8-speed with no overheating issues and didn’t find any. So I wanted to see if anyone else had encountered the same or similar issue and maybe not posted about it. Before I started getting the delayed engagement and hard 1-2 shift happening on the trans about a year and half ago, I had no issues with the 8-speed and it shifted great. That’s why I’m assuming this may be related?
  5. Isn’t that part of the purpose of car/truck forums, so that people can share their experiences and advice with others? ?
  6. I’m going to stay with the 8-speed, it was just a random thought. It goes to the dealership next week, so I’ll see what the diagnosis is then. If it is the torque converter is there an aftermarket option with similar stall speed as stock that is more reliable?
  7. I hope they give me a reduced price, especially since I had brought it in with transmission issues and a TSB when still in warranty and they gave me the “can’t reproduce” response ?.
  8. Ah ok, just a thought lol. So what is the average dealer price for swapping the whole trans, just to get a worse case scenario, in case it’s not just a bad converter or pump?
  9. Yes it’s 4WD, but putting it into Park does engage the parking lock in the trans, and if the transfer case was in neutral it would still roll. Side hypothetical question, if the 10-speed is that much better of a trans than the 8-speed, can the 10-speed be swapped out, if the worse case scenario happens where I need a whole new trans that is?
  10. It revs freely as if it were in neutral, even lets it go up to 5k freely.
  11. The warranty expired Nov 18, 2019 I believe. I took it in for the delayed cold engagement issue the last week it was under warranty, and of course they said they couldn’t reproduce it, even though it happens every time I first started it when cold out in the morning.
  12. Yeah, the gauge moves between all of the shifter positions correctly, and from what I could see of the shift cable it still appeared to be intact and connected. I was passing someone when it just went out.
  13. No noises, when I put it in gear it does nothing, sounds exactly like neutral.
  14. If you’re the transmission guy at a GM dealer, any suggestions or ideas as to what could have happened? I had always gotten a slight whine when I would accelerate hard too, other than the above issue of the delayed cold engagement. I just want to get an idea of what could have gone out and what I’m looking at for a repair? Thanks
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