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  1. Wood trim wrapping

    I didn't take the doors parts completely off as the rear screws are impossible to get at. pop the window control panel off and there you can see access to one or two of the screws but that is how I did it is on the vehicle itself without taking those parts off. The rear doors I just did directly on the panels without removing anything
  2. Thanks. It's rather nice little touch to unify the lighting feel inside. The film comes in tons of colors so it was easy to match it up. The film I got though is specific for laying over LED lights to minimize diffusion.
  3. No idea. I just fixed my rattles myself.
  4. Update if you look at my posts I did a run down on fixing the home link rattle as well. Or click here. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/213638-how-to-fix-homelinkoverhead-console-rattling/?tab=comments#comment-2134548
  5. Updated night shot of overhead DVD monitor showing the more accurate color.
  6. Updated night shot of door handle showing the more accurate color.
  7. Whoops. Forgot to put that in on it. 3M Scotchcal transparent for LEDs vinyl overlay on the LEDs (doors, dash and seats) and the EL strips (overhead DVD players. I can get it in many other colors as well. Once I find some disassembly instructions for the door handle cups I want to actually strip them down and swap the LEDs out.
  8. So in the Suburban I was extremely annoyed when I noticed the door handle LEDs, Footwell LEDS, and the overhead DVD consoles all had warm white LED lighting, while the rest of the Suburban had cool white or aqua color accent lighting. I have found a solution for now that will help boost the look a little bit while I get a final solution for beefing up the quality of the accent lighting. Here are some before and afters. The after interior door handle one is actually aqua color like the under seat and dash after photos. For some reason the lighting in my garage messed up that. The color is about as perfect a match to the OEM aqua accent lighting in the truck already. The sad part is my wifes 2016 Equinox comes factory with this color in the handles. I couldn't find an easy way to swap them but I am still working on it. The overhead DVD lighting accent is actually EL it appears so that was harder to show in a picture, but its a lot more mellow at night than the old warm white look. Still some finishing touches to do for the door handles but it is so much better at night now being a muted softer light there than the ugly warm white. I will get some night shots of this as well soon.
  9. If you have nothing else in that area you shouldn't have any issues. One of my brothers has an 1100 watt kicker amp in that compartment in his tahoe which is even smaller and he has not had any overheating issues. The nice thing about it is like I said there is a channel on each side and in between the seat backs and itself for running wires over to the factory amp for signal on the left side behind that vented panel you see in the picture. If you were really wanting to go hardcore you could probably take a router and route in some small venting for air release but it is not air tight so air is moving in and out of it already. What is the setup you are doing? Amp brand and size? Sub brand and size? Box set-up?
  10. What I mean by the lower cargo area is do you have this? lower cargo area picture
  11. There are a few of us who have done it. Do you have the lower deck cargo storage compartment? There is a channel that you can run wiring over to a converter depending on what version of Bose you have. Let us know if you have any questions. Three of us for sure have done it.
  12. 2017 Escalade Black Leather Seats

    My Dad's Escalde has massager rollers built into his front seats. It is an option on escalades.
  13. 2017 Escalade Black Leather Seats

    With massages inside or no?
  14. 6.2 2014 corsa sport muffler

    need pictures.
  15. Parts list is one post above yours. But I plastidip painted the center part to make it a black emblem.

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