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  1. Nothing changed. Easiest thing to do is to look at the OEM parts numbers for each at the dealer or on a GM parts website. Just for the factory exhaust part numbers. If they are the same then you are good to go. I look at parts for 2015-2017 Suburbans for my 2018 as nothing has changed enough. I have run the same 2014 Silverado Air intake tube upgrade from Airaid on a 2016 Silverado and now on my 2018 Suburban. Lots of parts crossover.
  2. Did you search at all? There is literally a bulb guide put together for you in this section a few posts down. The high beams are the same either format.
  3. did you find it now? I added new links and listed above how to find it.
  4. That is really weird. Click back to the main forums for: - 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 Chevrolet Suburban/Tahoe, GMC Yukon, & Cadillac Escalade Then scroll down and see about the 5th post down which is titled: - 2015-2018 Bulb Guide/Tutorials - Suburban/Tahoe/Yukon/Yukon XL
  5. Try again. I just re did it and clicked it and it worked.
  6. See our thread about this topic. Has guides and examples of HID vs LED. LuciasMaximus ran with Xenon Depot setup. See pictures on the above thread.
  7. Armor all. WD40, renew, there are tons of products that can help restore. Even just a polishing buff. Take it to a detailer and have them look at it. Also Take a picture and post it in this so we know how bad it is and what specifically and where the issue is.
  8. Yellow LED Fog light bulbs 2018 Suburban RST Premier with comparison to OEM Halogen fog. Future thought is to consider doing a dual LED Cube set-up to utilize white Fog or Yellow fog or both at same time. Have to do some digging on it. Yellow LED fog first fire Yellow LED Fog on white door Yellow LED fog only at dusk. Yellow LED fog with Ultinon 6K Hid D3S Low beam Comparison of fill and scatter of Ultinon 6K HID with OEM fog to w/Yellow LED fog
  9. My brother 2017 1500 had the shutters and he did a behind the grille light bar only to find out it is useless unless slow moving. Not sure if the HDs have them. Just thought if someone was seeing this who was considering doing this to a 1500 would double check. I am guessing too eventually all will have the shutters.
  10. Also better hope you don't have the shutters.
  11. I agree completely. Was so annoyed they did a mix of the silver and the faux wood. Well I finished it up tonight and the driver's door was a lot easier to do than the passenger front door due to the larger controls to access second screw in trim piece. Night shot tonight and I'll throw some daytime shots up tomorrow.
  12. Moderator I am wondering if my other thread on this topic should be moved here in this category. If so feel free to move it here. If not delete this post. Below is the link to the thread I started working on wrapping interior trim pieces to change the wood grain trim to silver to match the other. Wood Trim Wrapping to change color Again moderators feel free to move it between the two or whatever.
  13. Attaching couple more photos with the view of both doors and also passenger side fully complete. I will take better day time pics when it is all done. Looks much better than the wood and silver combo in my opinion. For $35 in vinyl and a few hours of my time I am satisfied with it.
  14. Got the rear passenger doors done tonight and finished the front passenger door too. Driver door hopefully tomorrow night. Couple of photos of the work in progress to show that on the doors I decided to not take the panels off and just did it on the door with panels on. Was a lot harder but I found that pre-cutting the vinyl to the general shape allowed for the heat molding process to go a little smoother.

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