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  1. The joys of corporate American selling a decent product with faults and ignoring the thousands of American people and their hard earned money only to look forward and forget the past problems they left among their American population. I wish I had spent more time investigating Ford over Chevy. Although stuck with a Chevy my next WILL NOT be a Chevy. Fool me once shame on you but I will not get fooled again
  2. Yes, I started with a Magnaflow muffler and left the resonator on with flapper. The flapper created the drone and I quickly clamped it open. The resonator left in place it sounded good as it was new to me but after a week or two it wasn't want I wanted to keep so I cut off the resonator and added some dual tips and that make the sound complete and what I was looking for. Don't hesitate to cut it off but also I like doing things in stages so I tried with it on first.
  3. Michelin Defenders did wonders for the vibrations to the point were i feel STRONGLY the issues arent as much suspension as the tire. Wish GM would stop using Bridgestone on these vehicles
  4. If i had to do it over again I would the AFM delete, cut off resonator first and clamp open the flapper. The if you still dont like change muffler. Eitherway keep the resonator. I ended up changing muffler first and kep resonator on but wasnt what i was looking for so I removed the resonator and love the current sound. I have a magnaflow muffler
  5. from Belltech support " Sorry I’m just responding I have been out of the office for the past 2 days. Yes, we offer 2 different coilovers for your Tahoe. Part number 15002 is height adjustable (1-3”) but comes with preset dampening. Part number 16002 is height adjustable (1-3”) and comes with rebound and compression adjustable dampening. Part number 15002 is priced at $629.10 Part number 16002 is priced at $919.99"
  6. what is the Viking option. Any better than Belltech or just an alternative to Belltech
  7. No problem, just keep me posted and if they sell before your trip down I will let you know.
  8. Well honestly I wouldn't mind that except I want it prior to traveling for safety reasons. I carry a angle grinder with a cut off when in case I need to trim the ball joint stud to fit the stock 17" spare. I have the drop spindle on the front so as is stock spare wont fit. If you check on shipping I still could be instrested but for $200/shipped I might get one online . Thank you though
  9. If you could check shipping to 45044 I would most likely take it as long as shipping too bad Funny I'm traveling to Orlando in Nov and would like it as a spare since my vehicle as the drop spindles and stock spare wont fit but want a 20" before I leave for FL in NOV
  10. Looking for a single 20" wheel with or without tire for a spare. Perfer non chrome but.... Any location near Cincinnati Ohio, willing to travel a little for pick up. Steve Text me @ 513-253-7238
  11. I had my Bridgestone tires fall out out of RF specs about 4-5 times. I then got new Michelin tires and right away my steering wheel vibrations were nearly eliminated (I will accept the rest of road condition vibrations) bumps are A LOT softer. I truly feel the Bridgestones are not meant for our vehicles or rims
  12. https://www.belltech.com/products/belltech/lowering/belltech-2014-2018-gm-suv-w-mag-auto-2wd-ride-2-3f-4-r-will-work-with-mag-ride-vehicles-1019.html
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