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  1. anyone in the Cincinnati, Ohio area I have a set of Bridgestones with about 6-7K miles on them. They haven't seen snow yet and have never been plugged $500 local pick up/ No shipping https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/pts/d/middletown-4-bridgestone-dueler-l/6971889240.html
  2. if it wasnt another $250 to reprogram the gauge cluster I would be all over it
  3. And let me guess the new drive shafts won't fit the k1 series vehicles
  4. It just so happen that I took my car in to get the wheel re balanced.....again. They gave me a Tahoe LT and i REALLY like the feeling. Thats were I am thinking of removing the MRC setup but should I use stock springs or use the non MRC springs
  5. has any GM dealership send off a driveshaft to get balanced/checked versus just replaced?
  6. Anyone know where to find the info about front suspension spring rate. I am thinking about removing the MRC suspension and I thought I read somewhere that the front spring was softer on a MRC option versus the non-mrc suspension. Trying to give the front end a more softer bouncy feel then the stiffer MRC feeling
  7. I tapped into the speaker lines near the amp and added a line out converter
  8. Looks clean. I was worried that the vibrations were going to be too much and effect the lines of cut
  9. Who was the driveshaft manufacture you purchased
  10. wasnt someone suppose to share their aftermarket driveshaft info?
  11. unless his issues are different then other peoples
  12. I am rethinking the mRC system just sucks, feels good at times but the other times drives me crazy
  13. I used https://tbssowners.com/store/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=609 and I did install myself. Wasnt hard at all. Just went slow on the front. Overall pleased. I was worried about being too low but I dont feel its near my "too low" status and I can clear everything so far and havent towed yet but dont see an issue since I felt with my utility trailer the angle was too high anyways. Again I trimmed the front air damn to avoid any curbs and parking bump stops
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