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  1. from Belltech support " Sorry I’m just responding I have been out of the office for the past 2 days. Yes, we offer 2 different coilovers for your Tahoe. Part number 15002 is height adjustable (1-3”) but comes with preset dampening. Part number 16002 is height adjustable (1-3”) and comes with rebound and compression adjustable dampening. Part number 15002 is priced at $629.10 Part number 16002 is priced at $919.99"
  2. what is the Viking option. Any better than Belltech or just an alternative to Belltech
  3. No problem, just keep me posted and if they sell before your trip down I will let you know.
  4. Well honestly I wouldn't mind that except I want it prior to traveling for safety reasons. I carry a angle grinder with a cut off when in case I need to trim the ball joint stud to fit the stock 17" spare. I have the drop spindle on the front so as is stock spare wont fit. If you check on shipping I still could be instrested but for $200/shipped I might get one online . Thank you though
  5. If you could check shipping to 45044 I would most likely take it as long as shipping too bad Funny I'm traveling to Orlando in Nov and would like it as a spare since my vehicle as the drop spindles and stock spare wont fit but want a 20" before I leave for FL in NOV
  6. Any pics of condition.?
  7. Looking for a single 20" wheel with or without tire for a spare. Perfer non chrome but.... Any location near Cincinnati Ohio, willing to travel a little for pick up. Steve Text me @ 513-253-7238
  8. I had my Bridgestone tires fall out out of RF specs about 4-5 times. I then got new Michelin tires and right away my steering wheel vibrations were nearly eliminated (I will accept the rest of road condition vibrations) bumps are A LOT softer. I truly feel the Bridgestones are not meant for our vehicles or rims
  9. https://www.belltech.com/products/belltech/lowering/belltech-2014-2018-gm-suv-w-mag-auto-2wd-ride-2-3f-4-r-will-work-with-mag-ride-vehicles-1019.html
  10. anyone in the Cincinnati, Ohio area I have a set of Bridgestones with about 6-7K miles on them. They haven't seen snow yet and have never been plugged $500 local pick up/ No shipping https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/pts/d/middletown-4-bridgestone-dueler-l/6971889240.html
  11. if it wasnt another $250 to reprogram the gauge cluster I would be all over it
  12. And let me guess the new drive shafts won't fit the k1 series vehicles
  13. It just so happen that I took my car in to get the wheel re balanced.....again. They gave me a Tahoe LT and i REALLY like the feeling. Thats were I am thinking of removing the MRC setup but should I use stock springs or use the non MRC springs
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