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  1. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Let's hope GM pays attention to this thread and see how their actions are turning people away from American cars and driving them to Asian vehicles. Nice ride Joe17, maybe Trump will kick GM in the ass and get them to take action on solving thier on this suspension. I wish Toyota would make the Sequoia in a full size capacity I would have purchased that versus my Suburban
  2. All my test drives we're with 20" wheels and last minute I picked the 22" (didn't want the 20" chrome) they had to offer. But.... I wouldn't think the extra 2 " would feel 10x worse
  3. Its comments like this that makes me feel like there is something wrong with my setup and I might have a chance to change something so I too can make comments like this. Cause I WANT to love this vehicle more than I do now
  4. So the test drive drove compared to my 8 yr old, 130k mile original suspension vehicle i traded in for a 2018 Suburban with MRC suspension. Now I have a couple thousand miles under my butt I hate the MRC ride quality. GM got it wring when they claim it to be " a much smoother ride". I can feel ever bump, crack, rock on the road. Has anyone removed the MRC and installed aftermarket suspension parts. If so what brand and level of smoothness did you achieve versus stock MRC setup
  5. I read in another forum of someone lowering the rear by an inch or two at the same time shortening the MRS sensor bar to match, he says having more weight on the springs allowed the suspension to travel up/dwn more providing a more stable/smoother ride while still allowing the MRS to function. This coincides with a decent amount of Silverado LTZ owners claiming to add weight to the bed of the truck provided a better ride which in the same concept would allow the shock/spring to bounce more and absorb the road better
  6. Just to update I have a 2018 suburban premier and I'm am starting to HATE my MR setup. Feels like you can feel every bump and one bump takes several bounces to recover
  7. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Thank you very much for this issue. I just started communication with GM assistance support as I am in fear that my issues cannot be corrected. After the past week or two of reviewing as much as I could in reference to all the issues people are reporting the issues I have concern about my not be the same as others (Silverado vs Suburban) and if they cannot modify my vehicle to perform the way I would expect a $70k SUV should then I would like to talk to GM Assistance about buy back as over the last two out of town trips I have the issue with vibration on highway speeds but I also am VERY unhappy with how still the suspension is acting. Something I dont think I really learned on the test drive versus having enough seat time to experience the full expectations of the ride quality. My Suburban feels like my friends F250 Super Duty. But I have to give the Service Dept a change to address my concerns first before stepping up my complaints. I do know I will demand any before and after data for verification that the tests have been done
  8. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I know, I am about to schedule another appointment and don't know if I should let them decide on the plan of action or try and persuade them down a specific route first versus another. Now the more I have read all the issues with shake/vibration it might be a multiple factor which some people may have some more factors than others. Should the plan of attack start with tires or other parts (driveshaft/axle) route.
  9. I jut had my 2018 with 3k miles on them balanced twice, one with road force and one without. The second time was with road force and the end result was 10,12,18,22 lbs of road force and GM says that was all within limits. I feel 18,22 is too high but according to GM that is within specs. Im going to measure my rear axle balance tonight and see what might come out to be before I send it back to the GM service dept Road force balance specs.pdf My vehicle has a vibration that seems to be constant despite the road condition (to a degree) or it feels like my suspension is always bouncing up/down like I'm driving on a cobblestone road/rocky road
  10. Shake or Vibration Issues

    GMCJOE17: please report back about your personal "feelings" about the vibrations, I hear too many times GM says they are fixed until the owner test drives and feels anything different.
  11. Shake or Vibration Issues

    New member,please keep us posted. I have talked a a couple that commented on that a change to after market axles solved their issues and wanted to find out who else had their axles inspected. I agree if they didnt document their results then it probably didn't happen. In the healthcare field "if it isn't documented, then it didn't happen"
  12. they were RF balanced at 12/14/18/22...all within spec from GM bulletin
  13. Shake or Vibration Issues

    How many people had their axles inspected?
  14. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I talked to Performance Drivelines today, good talk with Damon, seems knowledgeable about the GM issue and gave good advise on this take with the issue. I will keep in touch with him about updates.
  15. I have been anal about smooth rides, understanding that my Suburban with factory 22" was a gamble but I thought the vibrations were a bit much for just size of tire/rim. I then learned about all the "GM shakes" issues and read that most people mentioning these issues were Silverado owners so I questioned how many Suburban/Yukon/Tahoe owners have issues also. So far I am only two wheel balancing services into this adventure but wanted to find out if my issues are more unique to my vehicle versus joining the truck group for their common issue

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