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  1. does it matter were the resonator/adaptive value is located? Just replaced muffler on my 2018 Suburban and I think the level and tone is what I was looking for. The down side is I was not able to add the exhaust tip I wanted since the stock pipe/resonator after the muffler didnt allow me to add the 16" dual exit exhaust tip. So my thoughts were to find a resonator with shorted length and and have my exhaust guy incorporate the new smaller length resonator in between the muffler and exhaust tip or just redesign the placement of the valve/muffler/resonator more inline under the body of the vehicle so he has all the room to bend new pipe over the axle and place the new exhaust tips exactly were I would like them to be. Or jsut see if he can add a new resonator before the valve. So my question is there a rule of what order the parts need to be in? Can I place the resonator before the valve?
  2. please report your feedback after the tC swap please
  3. The "Catch Can" Explained

    i think the difference would be the clean side connection seems to be on the top side of the TB on some engines (known years) but on my 2018 the clean side was on the side of the intake plenum
  4. How did you diagnose the issue or explain it to the service tech. I think I might be in the same boat. I can just feel a lack of smoothness when it shifts and goes to V4 mode. It seems to shift a lot when traveling in the 0-45mph range. I feel tow made makes it smoother in between shifts.
  5. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Do you still get the shakes when you are in tow mode? I too fell smoother performance when weather is colder
  6. Interesting design they don't have anything listed for a Suburban
  7. I was curious what that J pipe was
  8. good advise.I asked to keep the valve and then I will ask to clamp on old over the axle/resonator combo to test sound before removing the old pipe/resonator and creating a new one without resonator
  9. Alright fellow board members. I want to start by saying I have been on this board to get info on GM vehicles and I know most of everyone has a truck but I have a Suburban....not too different so here is my question. Magnaflow 18" (11259) vs 22" (12589) Trying to base as much data off posts and video posts I would say that most of the exhaust sounds are great and honestly a fraction too loud for me as far a daily driver for my suburban. My goal is to gain deeper tone with about 20% more volume. Just enough so I can hear myself and know that I have a V8. I want to keep the adaptive valve in place and remove resonator but I am concerned that 18" without resonator still might be too loud and now leaning towards the 22" size muffler. Yes people question why keep adaptive valve in place but honestly when I manually keep the valve open I can hear a NOTICEABLE increase of ugly tone. *SORRY* I was going to delete this post but accidentally posted it. I placed the order for a 18" muffler and will see how it is
  10. Well after continuing my search for the small vibrations i feel in the steering wheel and everyone looking at the tires//suspension I put my 2018 Suburban into tow mode and felt a quick difference in the vibration issue. In Tow mode I felt a decrease in vibrations in the steering wheel and column and quickly went home to do my research until I found the TCC shutter also linked to the 6L80 transmissions. I saw this issue more linked to to the 8 speed trans but didnt find any bulletins linked to the 6 speeds. I guess I will be scheduling a service appointment to look into this along with my first oil change.
  11. anyone know the stock diameter piping on a 18 Suburban exhaust? 2.5" or 3"
  12. I just found the thread where people are mentioning the roof rack rails placements.
  13. its a shame that all the reviews I read before purchase I never found as much negative stuff till after my purchase now I feel I fell into a trap with my solution
  14. I do not have luggage bars on my vehicle
  15. keep us posted on stopping feedback. I dont think $2k is that bad for the extra stopping protection on a large vehicle (i have a suburban)

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