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  1. I left mine plugged in for 4 days and no hiccup when starting for the first time
  2. well after trailer for the first time with a 10x6' utility trailer I can say 2" is not enough. My buddy let me borrow his possibly 4" drop, instantly i could feel the difference just towing the trailer empty. I had about 1200# on the trailer with a 2" drop and it left wrong, vibration in the front suspension and rear. I loaded 2300# with a 4"drop and it felt like it should . I'm not a towing expert but I knew it was more balanced with a 4" drop
  3. Shake or Vibration Issues

    are you dealing with a 2wd vehicle?
  4. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Haha, i read Yukon, I was thinking GMC Yukon
  5. Shake or Vibration Issues

    what part # are you referring to?
  6. looks clean and unique
  7. sounds good and LOUD https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dNG9ZDvzgOxgocVtzFgc1urPi5kl-jKB I just installed some tips to complete my Magnaflow install. Tame enough for me and loud enough to be heard when you accelerate
  8. Well got my vehicle back and service manager did approve the Michelin's swap because they got the road force balance down to 9-12#........but lets see how long that lasts because my issue is that they fall out of spec at some point. I will post a pic of all the weights they have on this wheel to get it down to those numbers... Side note, one tire wouldnt fall within spec so I got another new tire. One is original and three new tires all within 8k miles on the vehicle
  9. I did a quick search and didnt find these specific tires so I wanted to ask if anyone used these tires. I live in southern Ohio and will be using them with minimal snow conditions, I tow rarely but will tow about 1500 miles annually with 5500# load. I am presented with a decent deal on these BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT and my other choice is Michelin Defender LTX. I am done with messing with the Bridgestone Dueler crap. I am on my 6th RF balance and and have had 3/4 tires replaced and only 8k miles on the vehicle. It seems every 2k miles I am taking the vehicle in for some sort of wheel correction, either tire match after RF balance check and it falls outside spec or just a new tire because they cannot get it within spec
  10. The kit comes with new rods to retain auto leveling. Besides new springs mag ride shocks work as the same since the shocks are relocated to keep same travel distance
  11. lots of reviews on another forum https://tbssowners.com/store/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=58 as soon as I refill my fun funds I will be going this route
  12. Cheap o exhaust mod.

    report back on the tip after some hot/cold cycles. I heard some tips "powder coating" failed after a short period of time
  13. The more I read the resonator helps frequencies that are more consistent versus the bulk sound reduction like a muffler
  14. Well I just got back from the shop and had my guy remove my resonator and install some tips and OMG, The Magnaflow 12259 with the resonator was nice over stock and provided a low tone sound but now without the resonator the sound is more throaty and minimal increase in db while at idle and honestly lower db at cruising speed. More db while accelerating but that is expected. I wish my cell phone would pick up the sound better.
  15. For me I had the tech rebalance the third set of tires and he said all we're 17lbs RF. At the same time he flushed my transmission with the new fluid. Shudder from transmission is gone and the vibration was near null for 2-3 weeks then it started to come back. I don't think it's transmission and feel it's the tires again. I'm going to talk to service manager and try to talk my way into getting Michelin defenders. The tech is coaching me into what I should say to promote this request. 7k miles and I have had 4 RFB, 3 new tires

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