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  1. I just performed the muffler/exhaust valve delete on my 2017 Sierra SLT with the 5.3 and 6900 miles. I used a 3" straight pipe cut to 33" long, and welded it on myself on my driveway. I left the 3rd cat and resonator alone. The tone is mellow and deeper. It sounds like a V8 now. My valve was very tight and had a hard time opening and closing. There was a slight low speed lag that has now disappeared. No doubt caused by the tight exhaust valve. The overall performance, which was already good, is even better now.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Unlocked-pre-owned-DiabloSport-inTune-I-1000/183256300752
  3. I owned a 2013 Sierra, and now a 2017. Neither has had a recall for anything, nor a trip back to the dealer whatsoever!
  4. A friend has a 2015 Silverado LT2. Absolutely zero issues in 60k miles. Even all original brakes. I have 6k on my '17. Zero issues thus ar. My 2013 had 30k when I traded it. Again, zero trips back to the dealer.
  5. Final price reduction... $150 each shipped in the lower 48 only with Paypal friends and family....
  6. $165 each firm shipped lower 48, $300 firm for the pair shipped lower 48.
  7. Both are unmarried from the trucks. You'll have to check if custom tunes are still available for this tuner.
  8. I used it on my 2013 to turn off the AFM, eliminate the speed limiter, and increase power with the Diablo high octane tune. I believe they would be comparable on a 2008 truck. Reason I am selling, is that it is not compatible on my 2017.
  9. I have two of these... Diablo Intune i1000 tuners, it has been unmarried (not vin locked) (License = 0/1). I also just updated the firmware with the Diablo software, so it is ready to go! Comes with tuner and OBD cable. NO BOX, GUIDE, OR INTERFACE CABLE INCLUDED. Works on Silverado and Sierra and several other brands of vehicles like Ford and Dodge from 1999 to 2014 which helps for resale purposes, see this link: http://old.diablosport.com/support/intune-application-chart.html It has canned tunes for regular or premium fuel, can turn off the AFM V4 mode, adjust shift firmness, speedometer calibrator, etc., depending on vehicle. $389 NEW... Sell for $175 (firm) each shipped LOWER 48 ONLY Pay by Paypal only....
  10. Ok, I have two of the I-1000 tuners, for all 1999-2014 1500 GM trucks, some other makes, and some early 2015's. Do your research....$170 each! No interface cables or boxes included, but totally unmarried and updated via the Diablosport site and their Ignition! program.
  11. Some of us like this "outdated" model, and absolutely detest the new for 2019 body style, even with it's "new and improved" features.
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