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  1. I noticed when I selected the Duramax Engine option it made model not eligible.
  2. If so what was your order date & do you have a build date yet? I ordered mine 8 weeks still waiting on a build date and wondering if other waiting just as long.
  3. Congrats on delivery of your new truck. It looks good especially with the roof lights. I am still waiting on a build date for my 2021 GMC Sierra 3500 I ordered 7 weeks ago.
  4. It looks like on 11/3/2020 the list of eligible vehicle for the Educator Discount was updated and no longer includes the HDs.
  5. Ok thanks. I hope my build will be about 3 weeks behind yours.
  6. edgexcsp When did you order yours and what build date were you given? I ordered mine on October 15th and still waiting on a build date. I ordered a Sierra 3500HD Crew Cab SLE with the X31 package.
  7. Combat1500 what was the process to reserve one? Was there a significant deposit required?
  8. 1000 Horsepower & 11,500 FT LBS of Torque. A truck doing 0-60 in 3 seconds. Wow!
  9. Thanks! I will be definitely be asking my dealership.
  10. Pate Services, Do you know if the GM Educator Discount can be used along with Costco Pricing?
  11. TrailBoss1 When did you orders your 2021 3500? I ordered a 2021 3500 but haven’t been given a build date yet. I am hoping it arrives while the incentive is still good.
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