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  1. Boost Auto Parts has a kit to make this happen and install is a breeze. Very happy with mine!
  2. They will absolutely be rare in that there were A LOT less 2020 models produced vs 2019 and what we assume 2021 will return to.
  3. Can this entire page 2 of this thread be deleted since it has nothing to do with the Duramax, and the thread is in the DURAMAX forum?
  4. I ran Rotella T4 in my 2014 and used it on the first oil change of my 2020. Just bought T6 for the 9K mile oil change - I'm sure T4 would have been fine, just seemed like I should use T6 in this expensive of a truck going forward!
  5. In Ohio, inventory is still pretty scarce, so I don't see a big price drop coming from what we have seen lately considering that production is being halted.
  6. I thought the same thing at first, but the usage seems to have normalized after like 6K miles. I don't think the gauge is very accurate and mine definitely was not full on delivery. After getting it topped off, usage and miles per fill up seem very similar to my 2014.
  7. You can definitely just put a switch in. Cut one wire, splice the switch in, and you are done.
  8. No problem going with 295/65; they are only 0.75" taller and 0.5" wider vs stock.
  9. You can go with 35x12.50 on a stock truck with stock wheels and have no rubbing. To answer the question a few posts up, your dealer is wrong. Wheels are 8x180 and have been since 2011.
  10. I think what often gets left out of these type of debates is resale. Yes, the diesel costs $10K more new...but have you looked at used diesel prices? They HOLD their value, so your used diesel is likely worth $8K+ more than the same gas truck, so the diesel cost you $2K net. I agree diesel is not the best for every application, but it is not as expensive as some gas-lovers would have you believe.
  11. I added them to my 2014 Duramax. On that truck, there was something like 14 different roof wiring harnesses for all of the various options. I am sure the wiring is not just there for you to plug into. I ordered a harness that had the roof marker light option, stripped just that section of the harness out, and ran it along side my existing roof harness. Drilling and caulking was another story, but I did not have any problems in the six years I had that truck. I do know the 2015-current lights are more difficult to drill and mount as they use square holes - the 2014 and prior was simple round holes I did with a drill bit. Good luck - it is not easy and will cost you a lot more than $55!
  12. That definitely seems odd. Mine will go 7-8,000 between oil changes per the DIC percentage.
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