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  1. Complete set of FOUR LT265/70R17 load range E Cooper Discoverer M&S tires with 3K miles, GM OEM 17” aluminum wheels, TPMS, GMC center caps, road force balanced and ready to bolt on for Winter. All 4 are Excellent shape! Will fit 2011-2020 GM HD trucks. Save your nice wheels from the salt and have amazing snow and ice traction by running these in the winter. $850 picked up in Wadsworth Ohio
  2. These are brand new in sealed box, I told the dealer not to install them on my new 2020 AT4 HD. $475 picked up in Wadsworth Ohio
  3. I know they have not been out long, but hoping to find a set of wheels with centercaps and the 2020 TPMS.
  4. I turned off the trailer theft feature yet the trailer lights still flash the same.
  5. Here you go. I then ended up getting a door emblem that I put on, so here is a pic of that too.
  6. ...so back on topic, no they do not rub at all. The height is only about .75” taller, the bigger difference is in width. I feel like the stock tires barely wraparound the face of the wheel where these are much more what I would expect being wider than the wheel.
  7. I got some general grabbers mounted up last night. Based on all of the questions here about what size tire will or will not fit on these trucks I thought I would post these pictures. I am super thrilled with the way that it looks, not sure if the pictures will do it justice. The truck is completely stock besides the tires and they fit fine, no rubbing at all.
  8. Yeah, that's dumb! LOL Not sure why it can't be "smart" like the Acadia and automatically turn the seats and wheel on and even adjust the setting down as you drive.
  9. I can get a pic of mine tomorrow, but they look like this:
  10. If you are interested I have the OEM standard boards in BLACK from my AT4. Still in the box, I told the dealer not to install them. In Ohio. blackout looks great!!
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