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  1. I added them to my 2014 Duramax. On that truck, there was something like 14 different roof wiring harnesses for all of the various options. I am sure the wiring is not just there for you to plug into. I ordered a harness that had the roof marker light option, stripped just that section of the harness out, and ran it along side my existing roof harness. Drilling and caulking was another story, but I did not have any problems in the six years I had that truck. I do know the 2015-current lights are more difficult to drill and mount as they use square holes - the 2014 and prior was simple round holes I did with a drill bit. Good luck - it is not easy and will cost you a lot more than $55!
  2. That definitely seems odd. Mine will go 7-8,000 between oil changes per the DIC percentage.
  3. It's a generic part, not made to "match our trucks". https://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/11/gm-keyless-entry-keypad-gets-new-design-for-2020-model-year/
  4. They should have installed it so that the right edge of the keypad matched the angle of the right edge of the door i.e. consistent measurement from door edge to both top and bottom of keypad. They just angled it too much.
  5. Depending on options, some truck have what is pictured above, while others have just a plastic cover that has to be removed to install a connector like pictured above. Again, depending on options, the wiring for the connector pictured may be tied up under the truck so it just needs run up and to the connector that you must purchase.
  6. Lots of good thoughts above! I'm not sure it got "crushed", and I think there are multiple reasons to still go with the GM truck that were not part of their testing. I did just see the follow up they did comparing the GM 2500HD to a Ram 3500 dually on that same pass and the two were tied in all respects.
  7. Uh, the right thing would have been being up front from the start, proactively keep you informed, etc. Now you are gonna take it back to them for another *free* oil change?
  8. I have an AT4, so it has it but I see no real purpose to it. The DMax has engine braking, then just use the truck brakes as necessary to slow down going down a hill. You'll be fine with what you ordered!
  9. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F124048781113
  10. The one with the largest discount of 12% (at Holman) is a former loaner vehicle per the dealership website. The one with the next largest 11% discount (at Courtesy) does not appear on their dealer website, but the trucks that do show there are discounted $1,501 from MSRP. There's always more to the story on these supposed super discounted vehicles...
  11. I'd have to see some paperwork to believe some of this. I know what Laura GMC advertises their HDs at and there is a reason that people travel across the country to buy there and make them the #1 GMC dealer in the US...
  12. Chains in the backcountry - I think you are fine and have clearance. I believe they say no chains to guard against someone using them at 70+ MPH down the highway!
  13. A year or so ago I found a used one for my then 2014 Duramax. It had the selectable switch with it which is an option, so I was able to switch it off for stock, then try the low and hi settings. I was not impressed and have not even considered getting it for my 2020. Driving improvements were minimal. Fuel mileage per the DIC did increase but did not get better per my hand calcs. I took it off after a few months as I just kept thinking I have this snake oil box from a no-name company potentially damaging my what $20K (?) engine for very minor seat of the pants improvement.
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