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  1. Anyone have issues with the trailrunners in the snow? Coming off our first snowfall in Western NY and I am extremely disappointed in the performance of the trailrunners in the snow. No grip from these tires and the truck slides around like crazy. These are the stock 275/60/20s on the GMC Elevation. I had a '19 trail boss with duratracs and traded it in for a '20 elevation with the trailrunners and it feels like I went from a tank to a prius. Others experiencing similar performance issues with the trailrunners? I like the gas mileage and noise levels of the Elevation as compared to the trail boss but would consider going back with how this thing slides around in the snow. Interested in what others have experienced.
  2. I've searched everywhere for info on moving up tire sizes from the stock 20" elevation Trailrunner tires and wheels and not getting that 10ply weight hit. Would you be able to share a few of those taller tires that stay in the 45lb range?
  3. Just got some good news from my dealer. Truck was fixed with rebuilt engine and new starter last week but I have been calling and emailing the GM and Corporate Director's at the dealership for a new truck based on everything that happened with my Trail Boss. They are going to get me into a new truck for the cost of a truck payment. GM is offering nothing in the deal. I'll take it after over a month of this BS.
  4. I'd be surprised if that was the case with mine...the start/stop is disabled at low temperatures so the start stop never even engaged for most of the 4,600 miles that I put on my truck before the line went.
  5. I was actually offered an extended 5mo/15Kmi warranty on my truck and I believe it was the GM rep in charge of my repair that made that offer. Not great but not nothing either...dealer is still working on buying me out of the truck.
  6. Mine had a similar issue...I think what happened is that it was stalling out from low oil, the oil pump was shot, and the service department just kept hitting the start button. They blew my starter and said there were some electrical issues as well. They were over-nighting the new starter Tuesday.
  7. I am not. Got a call today explaining that it also needs a new starter and wiring possibly, they're overnighting the parts. Everyone even at their shop is telling me that Chevy boned me with a rebuild bearings were all shot and scoring on the crank. This is insanity, just gonna keep having problems with the truck.
  8. I haven’t. Truck won’t hit lemon law. They estimate it’ll be done Tuesday. Didn’t even tell me they had made a decision to just go with the repair.
  9. GM rep thinks it’s respectable to add 5mo 15k mi to my warranty. I was so livid the general manager of the dealership hung up on me.
  10. Some pretty bad news on my end tonight. GM and the dealer has decided they only want to replace my oil pump and bearings, offering me a 5 month extended warranty or I can pay $3k out of pocket for a comparable new truck. Without a lot of engine knowledge on my part, I was told the dealership drove the truck and it was stalling out from low oil. If the engine was blown could they have driven the truck or would they have blown the engine by trying to pull it into the shop?
  11. I hear ya...just sucks when you bought the #1 truck on your hit list. Id want the exact same thing without all the BS in between
  12. I contacted Chevy Customer Care the Friday I found out. I have a Chevy rep that is only responsible for overseeing the repair. The rep has been essentially useless. I also contacted GM customer care and they've outlined to me that there's nothing else they can do other than assign me another advisement rep.
  13. I had an engine loss as well...potentially because my dealer drove the truck after it was towed in. Today is 22 days since it happened for me. Last I heard anything from them was Friday, engine was tore down but not out. They hadn't made a decision on rebuild or engine swap yet. I told them rebuild wasn't acceptable.
  14. I don't think anyone should feel like an opportunist when they spend big $$$ on a new truck and the engine blows in the first few months. If they want you to be a repeat customer they should be bending over backwards to keep your business and for having to deal with this.
  15. Mine was no sign at all. Just got a low oil pressure warning and that was game over.
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