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  1. ‘17 Denali w/ 18” Method 314’s & 285/75R18 ridge grapplers. Tire calc says these are 34.8 but Nittos site says 35.08. This is w/ a 2.25 magneride level. Had some decent rub at full lock but trimming and zip ties cured that.
  2. Thanks! Takes time man, but when it comes together it feels good. Done it all on my own so it’s been fun and learned things along the way. Good luck on your truck!
  3. Not all today but the last couple months. ‘17 Denali ultimate w/ 80k miles. Had the truck about 3 years now. Thanks for all the great info on this forum! Suspension Maxx 2.25 level Replaced front magneride shocks with aftermarket brand (YWEISPART 84176631) Breaks/rotors - Power Stop K6560-36 Z36 Exhaust - Borla muffler (40946 XR-1) w/ side exit dual tip Replaced fluids in front/rear diffs and transfer case - transmission is next Supreme suspension diff drop OPT7 60” tailgate light bar Wheels - Method MR314 18” Tires - Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/75R18 - I think this size is really under rated…it’s 34.8” and fills the wheel wells nicely. Some rub but easily remedied Diablo i3 Platinum - 93 canned tune w/ Some of the parameters changed. Will possibly go with Diablew in the future. Let me know of any questions. Maybe I should post a build thread with more pics and detail.
  4. Nice to see whoever manages this site reads the feedback from its users. Wait...never mind. I’d support the site if it included Tapatalk and no adds on the web version. From what I’ve read, that’s not the case.
  5. @txab - thanks for the info. Why can’t the owners of the site be more transparent about these issues though? Seems that’s what this sub-forum is for. Can’t they at least provide some updates on their progress or a high level issues list that they’re working on? Idk, being silent doesn’t help anything.
  6. @Zane what’s the issue here? Can someone at least communicate an update on the issue?
  7. Any update on this? We’ll be at a month since the site upgrade pretty soon...
  8. @Transient couldn’t agree more. Sad thing is that this section of the site is for this type of feedback and there’s been no update given. Only takes a moment to provide an update.
  9. I just installed the suspensionmax level kit made for magneride on my 17 Denali. It allows you to select the amount of lift you want. 1 to 2.5 inches. Also installed new magneride shocks at the same time...got the two fronts as a pair for $370 from Amazon. They are visually identical to the OEMs that I took out. Ride is great and no codes. Easy enough to do it yourself too as long as you have the tools.
  10. Doubt they get the same advertising kickbacks (if any) from Tapatalk forum users. That’s probably the reason it’s not a priority for them to fix this issue.
  11. It’s been 10 days since the site upgrade. Taking quite a long time.
  12. @Zane Any update on the Tapatalk interface with this forum? I know the site was upgraded on Sunday. We didn’t have this login error issue prior to the upgrade.
  13. Thanks for the range unit. Works like a charm! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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