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  1. Here’s the other thread. Couple members replied, one with pics, and both positive.
  2. I’ve only found the adc mobile one that you linked above. There’s a thread in the mod section that I revived earlier today to see if the guy ever bought/installed it. The before/after pics on the site are decent but I’d like to hear from someone that actually did it. Only other thread I found was a DIY option where they bought an eBay camera and modified the OEM bracket to fit it in. I think it required additional power/wiring though? Idk, wasn’t for me. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Looks OEM, great job. I’m not sure how many hours you’ve invested in the build but now that you’ve settled with version 3, have you thought of offering to members of the site? Depending on price, I’d purchase one if black letters were an option.
  4. Hey Troyce - looked through your posts but not seeing it. What screen upgrade are you running? Looks slick!
  5. Hi all - 2017 Denali 4wd w/ 6.2 and OEM 22s with the magride 2.5 suspension max level and additional 1 inch in rear. No other mods besides performance. Currently running stock tires (285/45)....running low on tread. I cannot find a single photo online of anyone running this KO2 tire. I’m not sure when BFG started offering this size, so maybe it’s relatively new. I’ve been contemplating 285 or 295 55r22 in a few different tire brands. I’ve loved the KO2 on prior vehicles though. Since I’ve decided to stick with my OEM 22s, this offer from BFG has me thinking. Specs on their site say the overall diameter is 34.5 so it’s similar to diameter of the 295/55r22 which comes to 34.8 per tire calc. Anyone run 35r22 size of the BFG KO2? https://www.bfgoodrichtires.com/tires/terrain/all-terrain-t-a-ko2.html
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