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  1. don't bother paying for onstar nonsense so i wouldn't know if its blocking anything on mine, but the truck shifts the same as before installation for me.
  2. its really abysmal, completely useless at night.
  3. i have the airlift ride control bags on my sierra, i didnt notice any change in ride, but they are the light duty 2k lbs ones.
  4. did you crawl under the truck to see of the wire dongle is there? your at least gonna need a new headlight switch with the fog option, not sure but prob gonna need a flash by the dealer to make that work. may be better to get those ebay lights and just use an aftermarket switch. edit: those lights come with a switch and aftermarket wiring so u should be gtg, just wont work with a stock fog switch if you go that route.
  5. Anyone replace their back up cam with a better one? My 17 sierra denali has a potato quality image for the back up cam. My 15 SLT was 1000 times clearer. I found this website, https://www.adcmobile.com/product/hd-re ... silverado/ which offers HD replacements, anyone use them or have another suggestion? JK
  6. anyone know if camera 84079952 will fit an 17 1500 denali? my camera is ******.
  7. anyone have battery issues leaving the Range plugged in, i drive my truck mostly on the weekends so it sits during the week, have a company vehicle to drive for work. I have a 17 Denali w the 6.2
  8. towed my jk unlimited rubi on 37s on a 3000lb trailer, total weight came in at 13k. no probs tow haul mode on cruise on at 65.
  9. i got a loaded 15 double cab SLT with 18k miles, 32k about 4 months ago.
  10. if ur not posting ur lifetime avg its bullshit...
  11. it shouldn't be illegal ! its window tint! roll ur window down when u get pulled over and cops can see inside, simple. Its just as stupid as lift laws.
  12. bunch of whiny bitches on here, been driving with tint for years, never got t boned, never t boned anyone, never ran anyone over, its like everything else, do what you want and be responsible. I hate the nanny state mentality of the majority of people commenting.
  13. i just bought a 15 slt loaded. No issues so far, i feel what people are talking about with the wierd shifts, it only seems to happen when babying the go peddle at slow speeds and its rare, i got a 100k bump to bump warranty. Im not concerned and i love my truck.
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