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  1. Awesome. I think I may take a drive to Arlington and get all of this!
  2. Im only seeing 0-20 on AMSOIL's for my truck, should I be okay with their lowest tier synthetic of that type? Its their OE series oil. I have never used AMSOIL before but I see great reviews
  3. Here ya go. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10154635-9999.pdf
  4. I hope so! Some places (Even the dealerships) dont know the TSB exists- The Chevy dealer down the street from me stated they had to pull the TSB to give me a quote because they had not heard of it yet. Giving the Info up front helped out with this one!
  5. I just got my tranny flushed and filled today following the TSB and it removed this issue completely- https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10154635-9999.pdf ^This will help if the shop doesnt know about it.
  6. Im having a grand time reading all of this xD Im happy to update, I got the tranny flush and filled and the tranny shop of course followed the TSB. I drove it to a far gas station to let her warm up and see how she handled. I have not noticed any shift which is fantastic!! Tranny sits at 153 Degrees and never climbed (Keep in mind im in texas as well and it was 100 Degrees outside when driving). @TXGREEK - What a coincidence. I am greek as well and in TX xD
  7. yeah, the only thing Ive noticed is trannie hard shifts- Going to get the fluid changed this weekend. Other than that shes a beast!
  8. Eek, you sound upset that I even bought the truck. Yeah I always have money saved for that.its not a concern in my eyes at the moment. Otherwise this thing has been fantastic. I dont regret it coming from what I had that's for sure. Also, looking at everything and how it's been taken care of i knew what I was looking at towards previous owner. It was a show pony for sure.
  9. Happy to be back in the GM Family! Good bye POS Ford Fusion xD
  10. I'm happy to report that it stays in v8 the whole time! Seems like a lot was done to this bad boy.
  11. Good to know. Thanks! Also, I apologize, Im sure this is like a broken record at this point in the forums.
  12. Thanks, Its sitting in 2wd at the moment-havent touched Auto except to make sure it works. Where would I see the v4 pop up? Im in the process of RTFM but is this prominently displayed in a certain area? I have not seen it yet.
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