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  1. I'd highly recommend a catch can, mine gets quite a bit of fluid by the time I go to get an oil change. I wouldn't say it's BS, its just preventative maintenance at that point. My truck has the following: CAI Cold air intake American Racing Longtube Headers MBRP Single out 4 inch exhaust UPR Catch Can Full system https://uprproducts.com/14-18-gm-chevrolet-gmc-trucks-6-2l-dual-valve-catch-can-css-plug-n-play/ It sounds mean, and it drives well. That catch can is crazy expensive though, glad all of this came with the truck!
  2. Just wanted to update everyone. We checked everything over. I blew the front right strut mount. Going to get it fixed Monday when part comes in. Wasnt noticeable until we propped up the left side which put all the weight on the right.
  3. Just jumping in here. I really said half foot as a point of how far down it goes. In all honesty, its most definitely not 6 inches, but it is a Dramatic drop compared to vehicles around me, whether car or truck. I feel like the new shocks should be able to handle dips in the road like that along with others, but if what people are saying here is correct I need to look at a different solution for the front. It seemed to get very sloppy over the past couple weeks which is why I set up this post.
  4. Makes sense- I will look into that. I need to be careful as to only level the truck with whatever I end up getting because I park in a parking garage for work and im already too close for comfort. The main reason I felt there could be an issue is because I did not have this problem up until about a week ago. Everything was nice and stiff and even over the larger dip I gave as an example, It did not drop the truck 6 inches. more like 2... I will check everything out and start looking at new coil overs. These Texas Highways suck where im at.
  5. They were installed already I will check the psi when I get home today. Im pretty sure they are at 0 again. I may consider moving to springs since I dont tow. Truck came used, I installed them myself. When installing I did a check over to make sure nothing was wrong (as it would have been a perfect time to fix it) Think I may prop it up this weekend and check everything out again including nuts and bolts. I had my mechanic (friend who is a mechanic) drive it last night and he noted it "recovers well" so the Shocks don't seem to be an issue but he believes something may need to be tightened or something came loose, as we hang out quite a bit and he has been in the truck since the change over obviously.
  6. Let's say..going 70 mph on 35, Hit a dip in the road, the truck drops a solid half foot and bounces up and down 3-4 times until leveling out in the front 1. Hurts like hell-the drop 2. Makes some people in my truck sick 3. Makes me feel like the truck needs more support in the front or something could be wrong? I'm not sure at this point. Side to side is really not a big issue,
  7. I've never experienced rubbing since I bought the truck and the tires were brand new when it was at the dealership!
  8. Yes Leveled Leveled with Bilsteins only No new UCA's, though, the left was changed and is brand new from dealer before I bought it. Yes Stock? I believe the ones in the pick are stock. I did not change them.
  9. Sure thing, Im not saying im not happy im just notating that it was great while breaking in because the rocking back and forth was completely gone. The bilsteins are great from what I feel so far (Considering what I had, which was nothing) but im not sure if I should have looked for heavier duty or tighter based shocks OR if I should be focused elsewhere like the sway bar. To give more info, I feel that the truck rocks back and forth ALOT more than other trucks around me while im driving. It is definitely noticeable. 2017 Sierra 6.2l Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac 275/60R20 33-35 psi bilstein 5100s all the way around-On highest ring to give a more level approach-No level kit air ride tow air bags in the rear Let me know if you need more
  10. Lol, Sorry for the Title. Im looking for some advice. I just replaced stock rancho shocks all the way around with bilstein 5100s. Now, When the shocks were still "breaking in" the ride was fantastic. Now, about 4,000 miles later, i'm rocking like a boat again in the front. Not nearly as bad considering how bad the OEM shocks were. Here is an example of what was on the truck when I bought it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u-To7Nn0bE Can anyone tell me what I can do to get a smoother ride? I will say its ALL highway miles-45 miles in Dallas daily (you can imagine what thats like) I was looking at hellwig sway bars but would that help? My sway bar and bushings look brand new!
  11. Grabbed a Mishimoto Transmission cooler from amazon. Kit went together very well. The only issue I had was fat fingers and Retention clips (That part took me 3 hours, no joke) Yes I know its slightly kilter-ed- No ones perfect. Using new Transmission Fluid via TSB Before: 1 Hour, 60mph highway 60°f Outside Temp = 180° - 190°f After: 1.5 Hour, 60mph highway 67°f Outside Temp = 118° - 130°f Noticeable change in shifting, as in... I feel Absolutely nothing now. Transmission does not freak out after I've put my foot to the floor. (It was scary at times) Overall, I'd buy again. Sad to say that only after doing the TSB Fluid change AND installing this, I feel much more confident in having this 8l90 Things to note if you want to do this: Works for 2014+ Works for 6 Speed Comes with a plunger to change the pump valve to full open Comes with 2014 Model year Temp sensor move bracket Make sure you have the new T.Fluid Make sure you have a magnetic catch device (For retention Clips) Remove your Air intake and housing Check the Fluid after installing & running the truck to the point that the transmission temp is reading 120+ Fill the Transmission if necessary<--ONLY DO THIS WHILE ITS RUNNING
  12. Mines a 2017 GMC with the blueish green. Im not picky though, as long as its not that god awful orange from toyota's.
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