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  1. How do I go about reducing the spring rate??these bags are on the axle fyi, not on the springs. Just want to make sure that part is known since they have kits for both
  2. Thanks for the info. I swapped out to continental AT's and the ride is insanely different. I do still have the larger than normal bump going on in the rear. I am wondering if this is just normal truck bumps or more like...something is loose/ needing replacement? the truck was a towing machine before I got it, I am wondering if leaf springs/ Ubolts need to be checked? OR, if like I said, this is normal.
  3. Sorry to keep this going. Figured you guys would want updates. I got the continentals today. It's like driving on clouds. Very nice. I have never had continentals, but, I will buy them all the time now for sure. These tires are a game changer Crappy pic- will get a better one tomorrow. https://imgur.com/a/fw5vTfw
  4. makes sense. I had an avalanche previously (My only other "truck") and I know it was based on the tahoe/suburban/whatever suv it was platform. This is where my thought came about.
  5. Maybe im thinking about this wrong....do the tow bags replace springs that were in place on the axle? Or, was there simply nothing but a bump stop there before? Now im wondering if this question even makes sense.
  6. Good to know. I'm not looking to do any crazy off roading soon for sure, but this is info I did not have.
  7. I beg to differ on this- these bags at 10psi with no load in the back going down the highway? rough stuff.
  8. Hey Guys! Quick question for those that have tow bags/ know about them. Do they increase/decrease performance? Meaning, If I DO NOT tow, and just leave the bags deflated/at the 3lbs the manufacturer states, would I see a noticeable (better) difference moving back to the spring setup? Would it be worse? I would love to hear some feedback. First time owning a truck that came with tow bags.
  9. Not going to lie, I stared at your truck pics waaaay too long. Could be this makers mark, or, could be the beauty. Thanks for the info. Going to try changing tires first, these goodyear duratracs are known to be absolute sheeit. Going to get some continental AT's and see what that does. Next stop would be the halo lifts/ Fox shocks (will do research)
  10. Do you have yours lifted to a raised level? If so, What tire/rim size do you have?
  11. The Blue/Violet Wiring listed in the link above went to the MAF as indicated and the Air/Fuel Mixture sensor. For my truck, having the setup/engine I have, I do not have the Flex fuel setup OEM. There is a plug that does not connect to anything and just sits on the corner support of the frame at the Front of the Fuel Tank. This Plug is capped, BUT, not tied down to anything. It has a lot more movement than it did from factory so, it started dangling off the corner support, causing the wires to rub against the sharp frame metal. This is what caused the Fuse to blow while driving.
  12. Thats the exact experience I am having. I am looking into better coilovers all together though. I like my leveled look and would prefer to not use adapters to add lift.
  13. you have the bilsteins AND a level on? I would take the level kit off. This looks like its pushing it imo. That and, bilstein specifically states to not use leveling kits with these. Just use the notches to level. The CV's will be much happier.
  14. My very first thought is Oil pan. Does your truck have an aftermarket oil pan? Just a first thought though...Normally, oil expands after being ran. The fact that yours is not showing up at all though? Very weird. I know sometimes dip sticks can end up being too short as well. It would be worth looking into checking with a neighbor/ someone else you know with same engine and truck just to be sure. (or just buy a new OEM if you are paranoid like me)
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