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  1. There should be absolutely no programming required. Go to one of the GM parts websites, enter your VIN and navigate to those tailgate parts. It'll drop right in. All you need to do is take the interior tailgate cover off, pull off the handle, and swap them out. That dealership sounds like they either 1) don't actually know what they're talking about or 2) are trying to take advantage of customers and rip them off.
  2. Thanks for that info. I've considered having some professionally installed, but all of the professional installers near me charge an arm and a leg for labor and require that you buy the covers from them for full retail price. I'm also a little surprised that they don't seem to offer a standard cab kit. It seems like you have to buy a full crew cab or double cab kit and toss the rear seat parts. So wasteful. Haha.
  3. Hey! As the title mentions, I'd like to buy leather seat covers for my 2014 Silverado. My truck is a standard cab, so I only need the front seat components. I do have the center jump seat. OEM, Katzkin, Roadwire… I'd be happy with any of them. I'd prefer black or gray, but may be open to other color options. Let me know if you have anything! Thank you!
  4. No, you'd have to convert to the 2015+ HD front end to add the HD hood. It doesn't line up with the 14-15 1500 grille or headlight trim.
  5. As the title states, I'm interested in purchasing a front bumper cap (top plastic piece) that fits a 14-15 Silverado in blue topaz metallic. I want to replace the black one that came on my 2WT. Thanks for looking and let me know!
  6. Also, I should note that I am in central Arkansas! Sorry, forgot to add that to my first post.
  7. Yes, it's very possible. I thought that myself, but the box doesn't explicitly state "Eagle Eyes" on them. It does reference the OE part numbers for the 2015 High Country lights, and they are indeed an exact match to those visually.
  8. Hey guys. One of the LT trucks was traded in for a 2018 a couple weeks ago. As such, these *replica* projector lights I purchased for it are no longer needed. I bought them as an upgrade for an LT truck but did not get around to installing before the truck was traded in. The headlights have never been put on a truck. They are replicas, but seem to be OE quality. Compared them side by side a buddy's High Country and there is no noticeable difference. Even the dust caps look the same, minus the GM stamp of course. See the photos for yourself! Please note, they have a protective plastic wrap on in the photos. Pretty much flawless underneath the wrap. Unlike cheap replicas or other cheap projector housings, THESE USE FACTORY H11 LOW BEAM BULBS AND 9005 HIGH BEAM BULBS. Direct swap for any 2014 or 2015 Silverado. Thank you for your interest. Would prefer local pick up but would consider shipping. Big boxes. Asking $300 obo plus shipping if we go that route. The lights are currently at my parents' residence and would be available for shipment Monday June 2.
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