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  1. SOLD to CJ. Thanks for your interest guys!
  2. Also, I should note that I am in central Arkansas! Sorry, forgot to add that to my first post.
  3. Yes, it's very possible. I thought that myself, but the box doesn't explicitly state "Eagle Eyes" on them. It does reference the OE part numbers for the 2015 High Country lights, and they are indeed an exact match to those visually.
  4. Hey guys. One of the LT trucks was traded in for a 2018 a couple weeks ago. As such, these *replica* projector lights I purchased for it are no longer needed. I bought them as an upgrade for an LT truck but did not get around to installing before the truck was traded in. The headlights have never been put on a truck. They are replicas, but seem to be OE quality. Compared them side by side a buddy's High Country and there is no noticeable difference. Even the dust caps look the same, minus the GM stamp of course. See the photos for yourself! Please note, they have a protective plastic wrap on in the photos. Pretty much flawless underneath the wrap. Unlike cheap replicas or other cheap projector housings, THESE USE FACTORY H11 LOW BEAM BULBS AND 9005 HIGH BEAM BULBS. Direct swap for any 2014 or 2015 Silverado. Thank you for your interest. Would prefer local pick up but would consider shipping. Big boxes. Asking $300 obo plus shipping if we go that route. The lights are currently at my parents' residence and would be available for shipment Monday June 2.
  5. I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if you (or any of the other guys) had an update as to the status of your leaf spring noise. Still no clunking or creaking with the new springs?
  6. I wish it was just the front row for a standard cab. Haha.
  7. What would be the selling price of just the trim?
  8. Doug Thorley Headers

    Are there any bolts, gaskets, it hardware included? Not sure what these normally come with when new.
  9. 2014 stock take offs

    Did you confirm if the Diablo license is available or not?
  10. 2017 HD Hood Conversion

    I am fairly certain that the hoods are completely different. You'd probably be better off grabbing another stock Yukon hood and do custom work on that to add the vent (whether the OE HD truck vent or an aftermarket).
  11. Reverse Camera **UPDATE**

    To summarize, I ran the harness through the rubber grommet under the driver's side floorboard. I ended up not using any T-taps (for some reason MVI did not include them even though I was under the impression they would. That's okay though as I am not a huge fan of the scotch lock-type connectors). I hard-wired the power connections to both pin 5 on the BCM green plug and pin 26 on the BCM brown plug. For the ground connection, I left the terminal connector installed but did not drill a new hole (I'm anti hole drilling as much as possible with my vehicles). There was a large 13 mm bolt with a washer attaching a major piece of the dashboard's underlying metal frame. This bolt was located up and to the left of the parking brake pedal on the driver's side lower pillar. I basically stuck the ground terminal under that large bolt/washer combo and re-tightened the bolt. Worked like a charm, was near the BCM so that I didn't have to modify the MVI harness, and didn't require any drilling! From there, I used a piece of stout copper wire to route the RCA video cable through the bottom front of the dashboard and keep it out of sight. The HMI connection was pretty simple since that piece was a truly plug-n-play T harness that provided an RCA connector for the video feed. I then ran the harness all the way back, following the large OEM wire loom and keeping the harness fairly out of sight. I went up and over the frame at the back. At this point, I had around 4 feet of extra harness I didn't need. MVI makes the harnesses long enough to work with any truck configuration, so it is theoretically long enough for a crew cab long wheelbase (I think). I had to wrap a decent amount of the cable up with a zip tie and I place it inside the frame rail out of sight and secured it with zip ties as I did with the harness the entire way back. The harness was run above the rear secondary BCM and I routed the plug to be very near the junction block where the camera would typically plug in. Boom. It works like a charm. My only "complaint" is that I feel as though the video quality is slightly degraded. My father's 2015 crew cab came with a back-up camera and I06 stereo from the factory. His back up camera image appears to be a little more clear. We have identical cameras, as I used the part number from his camera to order mine originally. I think any degradation in video signal is from unshielded cables being run alongside various other electrical cables. In my case, I'm afraid that being near my amplifier power line (See above pic of harness near pedals. That's where my 4 ga. amplifier power is run through the firewall) may be the cause of the problem. However, the difference is relatively minimal and it is still very usable. I am quite happy overall! Side note, the picture showing the camera's image has vertical lines appearing on it. The screen does not actually look that way. The vertical lines appear when I took photos of it because of the LED backlighting of the truck's display. Successful upgrade. I now have a 100% functioning 2017 HMI with Android Auto, Apple Carplay, and OEM back-up camera. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! I am sure Jorge (Nitro) is willing to assist as well.

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