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  1. Located in Sacramento, CA The wheels come with TP Sensors and lugs. Tires have less than 800 miles. Firm $1500
  2. Sorry about that. My last edit removed the info. I'm located in Sacramento, CA and asking $1000.
  3. I'll only keep them if I don't get what I want for them. But I agree, They do drive really nice.
  4. $60 Wiring Harnesses 21371557 & 21371559

  5. I'm located in Sacramento, CA and can meet nearby if need be. Asking $1000
  6. dl3 chrome mirrors

    Here locally they only go for about $180. I don't think they are as desirable as before. A lot of people are running tow mirrors with the new conversation p&p.
  7. $60 Wiring Harnesses 21371557 & 21371559

    PM sent.
  8. $60 Wiring Harnesses 21371557 & 21371559

    I'll pm you my PayPal and then I ship. That's what I've been doing.

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