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  1. I just wanted to add, you will need power mirrors as well. It sounds like you may have manual mirrors, but not sure for certain.
  2. Sorry for the late response. They came off of a truck that had power mirrors. I'm assuming it will be up to your truck connects from the side of the dash. Being that I do not know 100% I can't guarantee it. Sorry
  3. I'm definitely leaning towards the pro charger side, but my new road block is who is going to install it. I have some shady shops around and they are talking about each other. lol I'm thinking a buddy and me can knock it out as oppose to paying $1500 to $2k for the install. That is just crazy. smh
  4. The more I read, it might be nice to not always have all the HP and torque at first step. I'm starting to like the idea of needing to rev up the motor to get the boost to kick in like the pro charger does. An the fact the it allows the engine to run cooler is a plus, cause I do drive my truck long distances with 33x12.5 MTs.
  5. What's crazy, is that the tuner i'm using right now (hypertech) has really woken up my 5.3l and trans. but I still need more low end torque. I can probably go back to the drawing board but I hear alot of good things for the whipple.
  6. Correction: pro charger has a slant of power as oppose to the whimpple has a flat line begining around 2800 rpms. Is what they explained. I would think that I need all of that in the begining stages of towing as oppose to when you already build momentum with the load.
  7. Maybe its the sites I have visited, but I did verify this with Procharger.com. They said it themselves that power under their pro charger isn't instant like the whimpple, something to do with the power needing to be produced or something. I need something for towing, being that I plan on pulling a boat and trailer hopefully by early next year. Of coarse not at the same time either. lol Good power to me would between 450+ RWHP with higher torque.
  8. Help me decide which super charger to go with. I know you all are going to say "it depends on your life style and what you want to do with it". So my answer to that is: I use this truck as my daily driver and plan on purchasing a boat and camping trailer if not this year, by definitely next. I am really leaning towards the Whimpple, but I keep hearing how they run hotter than the Procharger and for towing that is a big concern to me. The only reason I'm not really picking the Procharger is you don't get the boost till you get on it and I'm all about instant gratification. lol I appreciate everyone who participates.
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