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  1. Not sure how valuable and/or desirable these parts are, but I did a knuckle lift on my truck and wanted to know if anyone needed these parts for a fair price? These parts came off my truck of 45K miles: Driver and Passenger side knuckles Front Rancho Struts complete with springs Rear Rancho Shocks Rear OEM leafspring blocks
  2. just curious as to why you are selling them? I'm thinking of getting a set.
  3. Where is the chevy windshield shade?
  4. Yes, but someone just paid me for it. Sorry guys
  5. I ran it on a k&n air filter intake. I think it's just engine specific.
  6. I wouldn't say any, but it came off of a 2015 Chevy 5.3L.
  7. This came off my 2015 Silverado 5.3l. Only had it on for about 4 months. $40 shipped
  8. The Max Energy 2.0 Power Programmer delivers more power-per-dollar than any other bolt-on on the market today. Plus, it installs in less than 15 minutes without using tools or getting your hands dirty. Our award-winning Power Tuning adds maximum horsepower, torque, and performance for any kind of driving for vehicles using regular, premium, E85, as well as diesel fuel. The Max Energy 2.0 also has a larger backlit LCD screen for quick and easy setup and user-friendly navigation for simple installation, tuning, and feature options. Specs: The Max Energy 2.0 Power Programmer comes with a USB cable and a CD containing software to enable quick updates over the internet. Hypertech's Max Energy 2.0 downloads and saves the stock tuning program, then uploads your customized Power Tuning program Hypertech offers an emissions certified version of the Max Energy 2.0 that is legal in all 50 states, including California. Optimized Engine Tuning For Maximum Power & Performance The Most Powerful Tuning Available For Towing Speedometer Calibrator Automatic Transmission Adjustments RPM "Rev" Limiter
  9. I just wanted to add, you will need power mirrors as well. It sounds like you may have manual mirrors, but not sure for certain.
  10. Sorry for the late response. They came off of a truck that had power mirrors. I'm assuming it will be up to your truck connects from the side of the dash. Being that I do not know 100% I can't guarantee it. Sorry
  11. I'm definitely leaning towards the pro charger side, but my new road block is who is going to install it. I have some shady shops around and they are talking about each other. lol I'm thinking a buddy and me can knock it out as oppose to paying $1500 to $2k for the install. That is just crazy. smh
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