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  1. Twice since i have had the range plugged in onstar said i had something plugged into the obd port.
  2. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    I put the AFM disabler on my truck with 16 miles on my truck. Trans shifts perfect and never hunts for a gear. 18 sierra 6.2 8 speed trans. The only time i ever felt something funny was the day i hit the disabler with my knee and accidently unplugged it. I think AFM is 90% of the problems with the trans. Once i am out of warranty and if i decide to keep this truck i will have it tuned and replace all the AFM lifters.
  3. The one good thing about greasing them it will keep than from rusting.
  4. Wish i could help you but the Black would look killer on the silver.
  5. I will have to check mine when it gets warmer here. But a month ago when i was towing a trailer of gravel around 2500 lbs my temp only went as high as 185 degrees. It was probably 60 degrees that day. I have a 6.2 8 speed dbl cab.
  6. Fixed my poor MPG?

    If it was that rich something else is wrong. You should clean your valves most likely the problem since these DI engines are known for this problem.
  7. Window tinting

    I am jealous i live in New York and you won't pass inspection with any tint on you windows. Truck would look so much better with front windows tinted.
  8. That is bullsh*t since that is a serious safety issue.
  9. Service Rear Camera System

    How do you make it if it burns to the ground? Did you buy the truck from a dealer? If so there should be a 90 day warranty for used car. If you bought it from a private Party you are SOL.
  10. WOT

    Those LS motors just run forever. Hopefully the LT motors will be the same.
  11. Ford also lets you get any of there motors in the lower trims and reg cab.
  12. Why does ford have no problem doing it?
  13. Can you get the 6.2 in a regular cab?
  14. Are you sure because you can get a ford f150 2wd with a 10 speed. I would think GM would have one also.

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