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  1. PLEASE NOTE: The new 2017+ GM Applications are currently NOT covered under this pricing. Good news and bad news. The bad news is that GM has upped their security measures which creates extra steps. All 2017+ GM vehicles must be dropped off for the first tune. 2017+ Automatic Transmission Tunes are now separate from our packaged Engine and Trans Tuning and will require the TCM to be sent out. The nutshell is that engine and transmission tunes cost a good deal more now for 2017+, the good news is that we can still tune them. Here is what CSP says about the new 2017 plus GM cars and trucks
  2. He just got back to me and he says he can't tune the 8 speed it is untunable according to Diablew.
  3. I am pretty sure Diablew Tune tuning withe diablo tuner can tune the 2018 6.2 and 8 speed. I just sent him an email to confirm. I will let you know what i find out.
  4. Does anyone know if this can be done on a 2018 6.2 since i heard the tuning is harder to crack into than the 14-17"s?
  5. Weird reading on average MPG

    That is what chevy says and ford going by there MPG for the same vehicles one year with out auto stop and one year with auto stop.
  6. Weird reading on average MPG

    It saves 1 MPG . With all the starters you will be replacing it will probably cost more to have auto shut off. Wait until you are in traffic and you go to take off and the truck won't restart. That will be fun times.
  7. First 15 miles floored truck to how that 6.2 goes. I never take it easy on new vehicles. Never had a problem. An engine builder told me once beat on it like you stole if it is going to break right away it was going to break regardless.
  8. Muffler isn't a bolt on, it is part of the pipe from the cat to the tailpipe about 7 feet long. Not sure if SLP makes a catback for these trucks but there muffler is basically a straight pipe.
  9. Here is a pic of the wheels on my truck. Not the greatest pic. i will get better ones this weekend when it stops raining.
  10. No i will get some in the next day or two. Here is a pic of wheels and tires.
  11. I don't understand why chevy doesn't take the 4.8 v8 and put turbos on that. Everyone and there mother are taking them out of the junkyard and slapping turbo's on them. You will have the v8 sound with insane torque and power and still can get decent gas mileage.
  12. I never priced the black chrome but i got the 18in stock rims powder coated black with duratrac tires shipped to my house mounted and balanced with sensors for $1900.
  13. The new rims have new sensors so it works on both.
  14. That is a similar one mine was green but same model #.

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