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  1. https://diyrepairmanuals.com/product/1992-chevrolet-silverado-c-k-pickup-truck-owners-manual/
  2. So not true. I was looking for a regular cab short bed last year from 1999-2013 and as soon as one came on the market it was sold with in a few days unless it was in bad shape. I even looked at 2014-2018 rcsb and as soon as one came up it was gone. Ford sells a bunch of them. The might not be as popular as the crew cabs but they would sell good especially with 6.2. I guarantee if the made the rcsb with the 6.2 they would sell quick.
  3. The Ford Godzilla beat the Chevy 6.6 by 3 minutes up the Gauntlet. The Ford has the 10 speed and it sounded like he said 4:30 gear which ford has an option. I think if the chevy had same trans and gears It would have been a very even race. Funny ford offers a 4:30 gear with the 10 speed and GM's only option withe the 6 speed besides the 3:73 is the 3:42. Laughable!!!
  4. Everything i have seen the grills are the same just the hood is different.
  5. My 2018 gmc gets real cold and i am always hot. Sometimes i have to close the vent close to the drivers door because my hand gets cold.
  6. It is amazing how they always get rid of a great color. They can't say it doesn't sell cause i see that color all the time.
  7. Get a 6.0 everything will swap from your 5.3. Put a small cam in it and your truck will feel like a whole new truck.
  8. If i ever need to replace my fuel lines i will convert to plastic. I used them on my 1992 silverado and it was simple and easy and they will never rust.
  9. Is there debris in your tank? Could be clogging the sock and making the pump strain and die quicker. Also make sure none of the fuel lines are kinked or clogged.
  10. Here is the back side of your center cap. Should pop out if you want put is probably safer after you remove the wheel.
  11. you run the hose down to the fill plug. Pull plug and put house into the pan.
  12. With Hptuners E85 programming is easy. The hard part is installing the sensor but isn't that hard, The wiring is there but for my double cab and the way i did the fuel line(I didn't want to cut the fuel line) it wouldn't reach so i had extend the wiring. E85 is 1.69 where i am now. Plus it smells nice.
  13. I converted my 6.2 to E85. All I can say it is impressive. I have hptuners so I changed the timing some. I raced a new Subaru WRX from 60 to 100 and I was even till 85 and I started to slowly gain. I know they run 13.4 in the1/4. I also have a cai and a flowmaster cat back. For people that have converted to E85 how much timing do you run. This truck is impressive and I also can’t believe how good it handles for a 5500 lbs truck. E85 is a $1.69 where I am right now averaging 16 mpg. I also turned off afm when the truck had 40 miles on clock.
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