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  1. Here is a pic but it is kind of dark. I have a short video but this site won’t let it upload because it is to big even though it’s only 27 seconds
  2. Well it wasn’t so bad. Removed fuel pump fuse and the truck kept running. So I also pulled the fuse for FPMP and fuel pump relay(probably didn’t have to do that). Still ran for a while but finally shut down. I was surprised how long it ran with the fuel pump off. Disconnected fuel line by tank and some gas came out but it didn’t spray. I couldn’t do what the guy with the reg cab did for the fuel sensor it would’ve hit the driveshaft. I have a SURR fuel kit I used for my 1992 silverado LS swap do used an elbow and looped it around above the tank. Now I am waiting for a plug to connect to fuel sensor since I don’t want to cut my harness. On my dbl cab the plug for the fuel sensor only has about 8in of slack from the harness. Now I have go to hptuners forum and figure out what I need to program.
  3. I will be disconnecting plastic line to metal line by tank. I know there will still be gas in the line I figured the pressure would be gone. On my swapped LS in my 1992 pickup I just pull fuse and start it and pressure is gone. I guess I gas shower is in my future.
  4. I am going to install a fuel sensor on my 2018 Sierra and I was wondering the best way to release the fuel pressure to disconnect the fuel line?There are a few fuses for fuel pump. I figured I would pull the fuses and start truck to release pressure . Just wanted to make sure this is the best way to do this. Thanks
  5. Where did you get the harness extension?
  6. The plug is near the frame rail drivers side about where the back door on the dbl cab. It is plugged into a dummy connector to keep water out of connector.
  7. I just seen on the news yesterday the GMC Sierra 1500 is #5 on the most stolen car list. Just saying!!!
  8. Flow master catback is from 3rd cat back. The flapper is behind the stock muffler so that and resonator are gone. I have had the range on since 40 miles and my 8 speed shifts like butter.
  9. I wish that was true but GM will never do it because it makes to much sense. They wouldn't even make the 2000's SS trucks with the 6.0 in a regular cab. My buddy just bought a 2019 F150 reg cab 5.0 10 speed 3:73 gears and that thing rips.
  10. The flowmaster catback with the super 50 has a nice deep tone and i have no drone. 6.2 dbl cab. I had a corsa on my 05 GTO and it did sound nice but a little raspy for my taste. The Borla ATAK is louder than my Flowmaster with a similar deep tone.
  11. On the V6 how many lifters are AFM? Just curious
  12. That sounds awful fishy to me. Make sure you keep an eye on it before your warranty is up.
  13. You need the conversion kit with 3:23 gears. I talked to East coast gears about my truck 6.2 with 3:23 gears. 3:42 and higher you don't need the conversion kit. I bet you have 3:23 gears.
  14. If i was going to keep my truck i would swap seats. I hate leather seats but that was the only way to get the 6.2. Funny when my lease is up i am going to look for a 2005-2007 silverado. Nice truck.
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