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  1. I didn't lose any mpg maybe 1 mpg by deactivating afm on my 2018 6.2 and by trans shifts perfect with afm off.
  2. I have a 2018 sierra 6.2 8 speed and my tranny is flawless.
  3. I had a 2016 ford escape and that range was terrible. My GMC seems great to me but i don't remote over a 100 ft.
  4. I had mt stock 18 inch rims powder coated black.
  5. I put one on my truck since i had from a past vehicle. It does collect some oil and water mix. My truck only has 18000 miles on it. And as someone else said the first check had the worse looking gunk. I was never big on catch cans coming from the LS stuff but since this is DI i figured it can only help. I also do the CRC DI spray once a year.
  6. I had a 2001 camaro ss with a 6 speed and that thing would 30 mpg on the highway. That was with me calculating the mpg. Still was hard to believe and it also ran a 13.2 stock at the track.
  7. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/chevrolet,2015,silverado+1500,5.3l+v8,3307665,cooling+system,radiator,2172
  8. Try Crutchfield they will have what you need and they are very helpful.
  9. My 18 6.2 with 3:23 gears will tow that easy. I just towed a trailer full of wood about 3500 lbs bed filled with wood all oak. I also had 4 people in my truck with a weight of 800 lbs. Truck pulled no problem with plenty of power. And this was going up some decent hills. I also had the a/c blasting since it was 90 and humid out. The torque of the 6.2 is awesome.
  10. Could be a bad battery.I don't see how the oil pump would throw that code.
  11. Just remember not to use it if you have a hitch connected. You will dent your tailgate. Seems like a nice feature for using you bed and getting in and out of your bed.
  12. I just added cruise to my 07 classic silverado. Mine didn't have the 4 pin plug. I went to a junk yard and picked up the 4 pin plug with wiring and pin connectors that plug into the block down towards the base of the steering column. Here is a video that shows you where to connect the four wires. Here is where you connect the pins in the connector. From multifunction switch which is your blinker and cruise control stalk. Blue - B1 Cruise accel Black- B10 Cruise set Pink- B18 Power A lot of places tell you to use A2 for power but there is already a large gauge wire connected there. Gray-B32 Cruise control on switch I also want let you know since i had bad multifunction switch how to test your cruise connector. Use a continuity tester and go from pink wire which is power to the wire you want to test. With B32 gray wire cruise control switch on test between pink and gray you will have continuity. Turn switch off it will be open. Pink to black B10 cruise set push button and you will have continuity and the same with pink to blue B1 push accel switch and you will have continuity. If any don't work you have a bad multifunction switch. Here is a link to the wiring and pinout of the connector by the base of the steering column where the 4 wire connector is wired in case your truck like mine didn't have the connector. https://www.justanswer.com/chevy/0yb6d-need-wiring-diagram-install-market-cruise.html
  13. 1995 with an ls 6.0 would be the bomb. Thing would last forever.
  14. 6 months ago Carvana offered me $10000 for my 16 escape. Last week they bought it for $14400. All used car prices are up,
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