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  1. GO back to the shop that replaced your lifters. They must have done something while taking your engine apart.
  2. After using the dorman for the first time at night i think the stock was better. I think i will return it and go back to stock. I wish you could just buy the camera (not the whole harness) for the stock one cause it is connected to the harness with 2 screws and just unplugs.
  3. The first time you use hptuners on the newer trucks you have to be connected to the internet so hptuners can unlock the pcm. After that you don't need to be connected to the internet. If you have the older hptuners box i don't think it will work on the new stuff.
  4. I just put the Dorman in and the picture looks good. Will see how it lasts. Stock only lasted 4 years which is pretty sad.
  5. Hard to say by a pic. I thought my stock one was great until the lens got fogged.
  6. I see the stock one is $128 before tax. I wonder how much better that camera is price is $184 with remote tailgate.
  7. Recently my backup camera has become blurry. I can still see everything just looks like there is a fog over it. I was looking at the lens and it looks like the lens is foggy. Can you just replace the lens or do you have to buy a new camera? If you can replace lens does anyone have a part #? If not what does the camera cost? My truck is a 18 GMC Sierra 1500 6.2 dbl cab SLT All Terrain Edition. Thanks
  8. If it is engaging is the low pressure line getting cold?
  9. The ecu is easy to unlock on the 18 but it is the tcu that you have to send in to have unlocked.
  10. When people delete the vacuum pump why do they bother to remove it? Can't you just remove the belt and cap the vacuum line on the pump?
  11. Maybe your IAT temp sensor is bad. If it is like the LS motors the IAT sensor will read -33 degrees or somewhere about that temp so when it gets real hot out it is trying to fuel for a cold temp.
  12. I tried that throttlebody. No difference at all from stock. Save your money for something else stock is fine.
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