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  1. Rear window leak

    That sucks but if you ask me this shouldn't be expected. A window leak should never happen on a new vehicle. Its not like this is the first trucks they ever built and they had this problem on the last models.
  2. It is funny how people have different luck. The 3 worst vehicles i have ever owned was a 88 toyota pickup 22r engine that had a bunch of problems and went through radiators like oil. A 1998 honda civic that had air bag light come on at 37000 miles, the tranny go at 50000 miles plus in the cold the temp would go to cold changed thermostat and radiator still no heat in the cold when idling and the 02 sensor would throw a code all the time even when replaced twice. And these are probably according to most some of the most reliable cars on the road. I also had a 2013 subaru impreza at 32000 miles was turning into a pos with loud engine noise and a horrible ride so i traded in that piece. I also take care of all my vehicles. And these are probably according to most some of the most reliable cars on the road. Every chevy i have owned has been great plus my 2016 ford escape is my favorite everyday vehicle i have ever owned. My friend had a 2009 silverado with AFM with 200000 miles that he just traded in and is still on the road racking up miles. SO it can be hit or miss on all vehicles.
  3. T1 6.2 letdown?

    My gmc 6.2 8 speed shifts like butter. I have a 16 escape 2.0 turbo and that thing will beat them all. I raced a 2015 dodge 5.7 from a light to 60 and spanked him. The one thing i now love about my GMC is driving around in tow/haul mode. Feels like a whole different truck.
  4. The difference is his truck was hitting the rev limiter with no load. Not a good thing to rev that high with no load for 10 seconds. Most likely it will be alright but i know i wouldn't want to find out a year or 2 down the road.
  5. tpms

    Same one i bought works on my 2018 sierra.
  6. Reg Cab 2019

    If you see a reg cab short bed on the lot it is usually gone pretty quick. Gm made sure there popularity went down by not making as many. Gm makes more money off the crew cab and double cabs compared to the regular cab. If they made more they would sell more.
  7. The 2wd is the highest rated tow package.
  8. 6.6L GAS for 2010HD?

    I get that but the 6.2 in my gmc is 420 hp 460 torque.
  9. I would of course unplug it if I have to go in for warranty but I thought the range wasn’t detected. I am sure the would ask what was plugged in. It just shows onstar is watching.
  10. I just got my onstar report email and it said it couldn’t give certain reports because something was plugged into the obd2 Port. So it looks like they can tell it’s plugged in. I wonder if they can use this to void my my warranty.
  11. 6.6L GAS for 2010HD?

    I just realized the 6.6 #s are pretty disappointing for the size of the motor.
  12. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    Those wheels look horrible.
  13. 6.6L GAS for 2010HD?

    I sure hope they don't put afm in this new motor like the article thinks.
  14. Fuel tank size?

    I am no ford guy but my 16 escape awd 2.0 turbo is the best vehicle i have owned. Great power and handling and a nice ride. I did lease a 2018 gmc sierra double cab all terrain 6.2 and i like it so far but not more than my escape. I do wish i had the bigger gas tank just for longer times between fill ups. I also had a 2017 ford navigator 3.5 for a rental and it drove nice and had decent power but the dash was horrible and cheap. I would say my GMC rides nicer than the Navigator.
  15. 2019 Start Stop Disable Module

    Until your stuck in traffic and go to move and your starter dies.

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