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  1. Thanks for the replies I figured it was the switch I just wanted to make sure. I bought a cheap one off eBay for cruise which also isn’t working so I will be sending it back. I have a pick and pull by me so I will try that first.
  2. My 2006 silverado 1500 turn signal will not reset on left hand turns. I have tried searching every where and I can’t tell if this is the multi switch or if this truck has a canceling switch in the steering wheel like on my 92. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Gagliano7

    Scumbag GM

    Ford wasn’t demanded they are doing it. GM said the would also but started playing games so now they’re being forced.
  4. Gagliano7

    Scumbag GM

    I hope not but if I do I hope I won’t have to wait for GM to make it.
  5. Gagliano7

    Scumbag GM

    GM has to be demanded to make ventilators for our country. The government bailed them out back in 2008 and this how they treat our country. I am disappointed to own a GM product. I will never buy a GM product again. Sad state.
  6. Sounds like you’re axle tube is leaking where the ubolts are connected. Sucks but I’m sure it can be welded. Loosen the ubolts and check.
  7. Make sure they are the same ratio since you 4x4 your had to match your front.
  8. Is the oil thick or watery? If it is thick it will be diff fluid watery brake fluid. Diff fluid also has a strong smell. It is one or the other. Just because you’re brakes were just done doesn’t mean the line didn’t start could to leak. These trucks are known for rotted brake lines.
  9. Just use 6.0 long block and all the 5.3 stuff will bolt right up. Doesn't matter if you are DBC or DBW
  10. There is data to backup catbacks adding power but you are right that you can't feel 5 to 10hp like some try to claim.
  11. Never heard of that tire looks good. How is the pricing on them?
  12. I just checked my 2018 6.2 tune with hptuners and mine is set to 135 from the factory.
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