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  1. What did it cost to swap to 3:73 gears and did you have to have it tuned right away or can you drive without a tune? THis is what i want to do soon just need to find a shop to install the gears. How was the difference in feel with the gear swap? Thanks Joe
  2. 6.2 swap

    I say swap in the 6.2 and if you decide to sell it or trade it in don't say anything. The motors look the same from the outside and how cool will it be if some buys off a dealer and they think the 5.3 is the baddest motor around. All the drivetrain from the 5.3 will work fine with the 6.2. The hardest part i would think would be the tuning. You could swap the motor out in a weekend.
  3. How many miles do you have? May need to have your valves cleaned.
  4. You can get the 3:73 gears on any model ford 150 for a whopping $150 price tag.
  5. Goodyear Duratracs worth it?

    I have duratracs and i don't get the noise complaint. The only time i really hear them is in the turns on a winding road.
  6. Tpms relearn

    I used the amazon $14 tpms el-50488 and did mine in 1 minute flat. Mine is a 2018 sierra. When i ordered my tires and rims they needed to know what year it was for the right sensors.
  7. I have a truxedo lo pro on my 92 chevy truck and put an access vanish on my 2018 sierra. I like them both but the access is a little nicer to me. The only thing bad with my spray in liner is the seal that came with the access against the back didn't stick good. I had to use some silicone to seal it correctly.
  8. Powertrain Warranty

    Might never find out the outcome since he just ordered a 2019 ford.
  9. Ford offers a 3:73 gear with the 10 speed even on there cheap models. Don't understand why chevy won't give you that option.
  10. engine stop start

    You have to turn it off everytime you drive the truck.
  11. DIY Carport / Garage

    I have a carolina carport garage 20x18 and 9 foot walls snow rated roof plus 10x10 garage door. The garage was $5400 installed on my $2500 concrete slab. There is no way i could have done a wood building for near that price. If you install it yourself you save $500 but to me wasn't worth doing myself . They put it up in a little more than a 1/2 a day. The total height of the roof is just over 12 ft. I would have went bigger if i had the room. Just so you know my 2018 gmc double cab fits with 4 inches to spare with the 20 ft length. Measurements are the outside of the building. Here is side pic of garage. Not the greatest pic but the pic was of my truck. I need to take some of garage.
  12. At least you had a good tech. He found the nicks and replaced the shaft. Most would have just put the seal on and then you would have had the same problem after warranty. Worked out great for you. The only thing i don't understand is if the leak damaged the parking brake pad how is that not covered?
  13. Looks like it sits level like that. Wish my truck looked like that without load instead jacked up 3in in the rear.
  14. E85 Power Increase

    I called and they said $1.99 gal

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