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  1. 1995 with an ls 6.0 would be the bomb. Thing would last forever.
  2. 6 months ago Carvana offered me $10000 for my 16 escape. Last week they bought it for $14400. All used car prices are up,
  3. Convert the 18 to E85 more power and the fuel is alot cheaper. Where i am in ny near nj gas in nj is $3.15 for premium $3.05 for diesel and E85 is $1.89. I average 16 mpg on E85 and 18 mph on premium.
  4. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/chevrolet,2018,silverado+1500,5.3l+v8,3437551,wiper+&+washer,wiper+blade,8852 Great prices here.
  5. To just tow 20 miles i would do it in a heartbeat. The junk we used to tow with in the late 80's early 90's couldn't hold a candle to my ford escape 2.0t.To go cross country yes you will need a 2500 but just to get it home you will be fine with your truck.
  6. I know on my 2016 escape when you replace the battery ford has to program for the new battery. When i turn my key off now about a minute the radio will shut off and message says low battery. Car still starts fine. When i first got the car you could turn the key and sit for about 5 minutes before radio would turn off.
  7. I doubt the spark plug loosened up unless some recently changed plugs and forgot to tighten one of them. I have never had to retighten a spark plug on anything i ever owned.
  8. https://smithchevywarranty.com/gmpp-gone-not-really-gmpp-now-gmepp/ https://www.knappmotors.com/protection-chevrolet.htm I heard these 2 have good pricing.
  9. You can find gm extended warranties way cheaper than that from other gm dealers. Do a search online.
  10. I wonder down the road when the batteries go bad and the cars corrode in the rust belt where will all the waste go? They will never be able to recycle it all. Batteries destroyed the hudson river many years ago. When they cleaned the batteries out of the Hudson River in the 90's the blue fish finally started coming up the hudson. We might go 0 emissions but China will still be burning coal and using gas and for people that don't understand we live in the same atmosphere as them.I am not against cleaning up the environment. It would be nice if we could stop all the littering and clean up all th
  11. I have a 6.2 and i average 18 mpg on 93 and 16 on E85. E85 where i am in ny E85 is almost $.80 cheaper than 87 and $1.20 cheaper than 93. Well worth it where i am. Plus more power.
  12. I would like to get the 5.3 ones so i can surprise people. I love that no one knows i have a 6.2 especially since i have the double cab.
  13. If you get lucky and it is still lined up. If it dropped i would assume you need to raise it up from inside. Might get lucky and look up from gas pedal area and use some kind of rod to push up if it indeed dropped.
  14. I put a 5.3 LS in my 1992 but it had a 383 stroker before that. Upgrading to a 6.0 LS in the spring.
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