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  1. Just asking - why not make the mechanic figure it out and fix it?
  2. https://www.automotivetouchup.com/ place is awesome. try it out. used to for touch up paint for my '02 firebird and it was perfect.
  3. ^^ I have the same question. cant seem to find any Bilsteins HD
  4. 2011 Silverado 1500 LT, 5.3L, crew cab current trailer we have is a 2016 Coachman Freedom Express Dry Weight: 4450 lbs Payload Capacity: 2550 lbs hitch weight 550 lbs hitch and everything was installed professionally and adjusted. would like to replace rear shocks just because I think it can be beneficial. whats a good brand? do you have a model number as well? not really sure what to look for. thanks
  5. check your oil level? when was last oil and filter change?
  6. Appreciate your input and comments. food for thought. thanks
  7. I have a 2011 Silverado LT with 74k on the dial. bought it 6 months ago. I do not experience oil consumption between changes. Been reading about the AFM delete. I have an extended warranty that covers all lubricated engine components for another 20k miles. with said warranty, should I worry about the AFM delete chip or leave well enough alone until warranty get close to expiring?
  8. awesome - thanks for all the help. the code hasn't come back, but if it does - i know what to do. thank you
  9. wife got home from work last night and informed me CEL was on. read the codes and I had P0454 evaporative emission control system pressure sensor intermittent. possible causes: Faulty fuel cap Improperly installed fuel cap. Faulty purge control solenoid. Clogged charcoal canister Broken charcoal canister Broken or cracked vacuum Broken or cracked fuel vapor hoses Faulty pressure or flow sensor. A bad powertrain control module is a possible cause, but it is very rare I removed fuel cap, cleaned off seal and tighten - that's about all i can do. she drove it today (30 miles) and no issues if it comes back, is my only option a dealership? is this a common code for silverados? 2011 Silverado - 70k on the dial after thought - it was -20 degrees here for a few days. yesterday was 45+ degrees - a 60 degree change over night. I wonder if a seal somewhere on the evap system shrunk due to the cold and just took time to get back into shape?
  10. is there a way to tell by looking at the outside of the engine if your truck has the updated valve cover? 2011 Silverado 5.3 L crew cab 76k miles
  11. I cant speak for everyone else.......but.......wow - punctuation is needed to make that easier to read
  12. its been over a week since oil change and so far so good. I suspect I can remedy this in the future by making sure i check oil level weekly, and keep current with oil changes. i was 500 miles over the sticker on the windshield, not that that matters.
  13. thanks for that additional information. the oil is changed and I reset the CEL. So far so good - have about 1.5 hours of drive time. Oil pressure per the gauge is close to 40 at 1200 rpms, and 30-ish at idle. I need to double check what filter they used. its AC-delco i'm sure. i'll look at the receipt later. i'll keep everyone posted. thanks again
  14. I'll have to invest in one. something I need to add to the tool box - lol thanks i'll keep you all posted.
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