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  1. I get this at times on my 2011 LT - my solution is i do not fully insert the gas pump nozzle. i pull it out maybe 1/4 of the way. seems to help
  2. ALL SET - spoke with a fella and this is what he recommended and verified proper fitment Silverado 1500 Classic Roll Bar with 5.30-Inch Black Round Flood LED Lights; Black (01-22 Silverado 1500) - Free Shipping (americantrucks.com) Rough Country Silverado 1500 Low Profile Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover S114126 (07-13 Silverado 1500 w/ 5.80-Foot Short Box) - Free Shipping (americantrucks.com)
  3. kids are talking me into a roll bar kit: Black Horse® - Roll Bar (carid.com) i like the idea - but I also would like to keep my tonneau cover. do they make a roll bar that won't interfere with the cover? or vice versa? the tonneau cover I have now fits over the top of the truck bed walls - if that makes sense. looking forward to some feedback thanks
  4. pretty sure its been solved or forgotten - 6-year-old thread
  5. 2011 Silverado LT 1500 5.3L - 115k i know of the low oil pressure warning issues with these trucks. I have owned mine since 60k miles and faithfully change my oil every 5k. i have AFM delete done. anyway - i had about 200 miles left before my next oil change, and we left for one last camping weekend. it's only a 2-hour trip at 65mph. I checked all fluids, all was great. had to pull over every 30 minutes or so because I'd get the low warning and id have to shut off the truck. i waited a few minutes and it fired right back up and oil pressure was at 40 PSI then steadily dropped over 30 minutes of driving until the lights came back on. this scenario happened 3x on way up. Saturday morning i went and had an oil change and now things are back to normal. ran at 38-42 PSI pulling my trailer (26' alpha wolf) with no issues. what exactly causes that? did my oil mysteriously lose all viscosity? should i have my sending unit and screen replaced? i heard of the oil tube o-ring issues as well. not sure how to verify if that's the issue or not. ahyway - i think from now on i'll be changing at every 4k
  6. yeah - i saw that - i will try that as well
  7. so, i have yet to investigate this. sorry for the delay. i just have been taking my chances with the windows rolling up or down. I am ready to explore this. I have a question first, might seem dumb, but if I cut the rubber conduit what happens if: I find the wires are fine? How do I reseal the conduit once cut?
  8. he could have at least said what he had to say in some form of intelligible language
  9. what's the proper tire rotation for a 2011 Silverado 1500 LT? fronts go straight back, backs crisscross to the front? searched google and got a million different answers
  10. Solved. #4 spark plug boot was slipped off. Whew. Easy fix. Purring like a kitten now thanks
  11. ahhhh - i see. thanks. i'll report back with my results. thanks again
  12. i hope its an easy fix. I have had a cylinder #7 misfire (3 years ago) and that plug was oil fouled. i replaced all the plugs and never had an issue since. i also at that point disabled the AFM. When i had the original misfire, i never had the stabilitrak message. what makes that message appear with a mis-fire?
  13. 2011 Silverado 1500 LT 4x4 - 114K miles 5.3L - AFM disabled took a 5 hour trip north pulling 26' travel trailer and all was fine. 2 week vacation with normal drive, all fine. Left for home yesterday and 1/2 way thru the trip home stopped to get gas, about an hour later stopped at rest area and when deceling the truck sounds like it was exhaust braking (BOP BOP BOP BOP). Stopped truck - used rest room, came back and truck fired right up but had a rough idle and a rough acceleration. once about 25mph or so, truck ran fine. no power loss and no change in gas mileage/performance. experienced this rough idle behavior the last hour trip home. after parking trailer, i checked for codes - and none, none stored and none pending. no lights either. truck still drove the same after dropping off trailer. this morning, fired right up - and 30 seconds later, flashing CEL and Service Stabilitrak. left truck at home and drove wifes car. i plan on checking for a loose spark plug wire when i get home. any other thoughts on what to look for? I didnt have time to check codes before work this morning so i will when i get home. with in the last year i have all new plugs, wires and coil paks. can you all give me some other ideas before I take it to my mechanic?
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