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  1. I have Bilstein 5100's on my 2009 Silverado. Very happy with the ride.
  2. I just finished this repair on my 2009 Silverado. it is a bit involved but it can be done. Take your time and follow the instruction. It should be fixed for good. A new replacement mirror from the dealer will eventually break. Good luck
  3. Thanks for the help. I ordered this unit today and will report back after I receive and install it.
  4. I'm considering installing this unit along with a rear camera in my 2009 1500 LT. According to the ADC website this unit should have an exterior antenna. I'm not crazy about having to mount an anttena somewhere on the outside of the truck. My question is: will this unit work the antenna mounted under the dash plate near the windsield? Thanks for any help or comments you have about this unit, Bob
  5. I can't understand why Chevy, Ford, and Toyota only offer their top of the line trucks with only a brown interior. Anyone have a clue about this?
  6. Just wondering what kind of mileage people are getting with their 2500HD Diesel?
  7. Bilstein 5100's, three years old, 29K miles. Right rear left a puddle of oil in my driveway. Anyone think I have a chance of getting replacements without sales slip? While I'm here. The front shock silver finish has for the most part turn to rust. Seems like their quality has gone down hill some. BTW, this is a 2WD and only driven on the road. Bob
  8. Today, the gauge cluster in my 09 Silverado with 49,000 miles on it started acting up. After I started the truck, the tach and speedo were not working. The brake light was staying on even when the parking brake was released, the seat belt warning was on with the seat belt connected. I parked the truck, ran in the store, came out, started it, all was fine. I don't know what to think about this. Any comments?
  9. Don't really have a question, just wanted to share an observation. Today, I was measuring the postion of the door mouldings on my 09 Silverado which I bought new. I'm going to remove them, have them repainted, and reinstall since the paint has gone away. To my surprise, the passenger side was one inch higher then the driver side. I would think they use some sort of template to position these. I guess it was built on a Monday or Friday.
  10. I hope to be buying a new Silverado in the next two years or sooner. When I use the price and build feature at the Chevy website, it changes the gear ratio to 3:08 when you order the 20" wheels. I'm sure this can be changed in the order. I'm wondering why they do this. I have 3:42's in my 09 Silverado and all seems well. Is it a mileage thing? Thanks, Bob
  11. I did check the fuse. But no, they didn't fail at the same time. One about six months before the other. Thanks for your reply.
  12. The power folding mirrors both stopped folding on my 09 1500 Silverado about two years ago. Of coarse out of warranty. Since then I've looked on line and found out that this is somewhat a common problem. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how you solved it. Is there any chance of repair? How about aftermarket quality. I have seen some on Ebay. Thanks for any comments you may have.
  13. Rough Country level kit never installed. Includes everything in the box from factory. Bought it but, never used. $55 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Paypal or postal money. Shipped to the lower 48 states. Item has been SOLD! Thanks
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