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  1. 7milesout

    Gas Prices

    And greed. Don't forget the greed.
  2. 7milesout

    Gas Prices

    I think that IS his official title. Thanks for the news flash.
  3. Zeezil - You had me until the unleveling kit. I suppose that's what the 1.75" deal is. I'm just kidding. I don't think the unleveling kit would effect you too much. But the tires and resulting gearing will. I don't have nearly the same truck (with either my GMC or my Dodge), but I just got through pulling probably 6,000 pounds with the GMC. It seemed to handle it ok. But, I didn't go a long distance, nor did I get on the interstate. And my GMC has 3.73's, and a 4.8L. I'm still teetering barely to the side of the fence that I think you'll be ok. Because you are within specs, and you seem to have a keen grasp on the whole situation. Including, going slow. The only excitement you're going to get from that tow is the excitement you don't want. Ha!
  4. 7milesout

    Gas Prices

    Wow. Does it really take that much? I ask, I have no experience with that kind of heating. If it were that much, at $4 a gallon, I'd have to marry an Eskimo woman.
  5. 7milesout

    Gas Prices

    Labor Day? Naaah. My guess is, there will be some magical way they stay lower than before (like they are now), until after mid-terms.
  6. 7milesout

    Gas Prices

    Yeah, I agree. However, if they made more money from people spending more in the store, that would be greedy. They should just take a loss on it all, instead of being greedy.
  7. 7milesout

    Gas Prices

    Since fuel prices are dropping, then that MUST mean that greed is dropping too.
  8. 7milesout

    Gas Prices

    Been kind of satisfied with the 4.8L here of late. I'm fighting an evap system issue of late, so I've been driving it more than usual to resolve that. As I have to do emissions in September. I knocked out a 17.8 mpg tank, 100% suburban driving, driving miss daisy style though. But thought that was pretty darn good. Then I filled it, took it to my son's college to move him in. Some steady driving on the interstate. Then came home and picked up a uhaul car transport and hauled his G35 to a local shop I trust. Must have been about 30 miles towing the car transport (but only maybe 10 miles with the G35 on it). Then I let my youngest drive it to school, and my G35 son drive it on a date with his gf (his car was in the shop). I refilled it and that tank hit 17.4 mpg. The long steady highway run must have been in the 20's to offset the slight bit of towing and sons driving. I drove it once before on a long highway trip for my Paw and got 21 something on the interstate (I think it was). So, pretty impressed with the 4.8L. I put a Borla muffler on it for my dad before he passed and it sounds nice too. Not too loud, just right. Sounded like it put on it's big-boy pants versus the stock muffler. Gas was ~$3.60 a gallon for those 2 tanks.
  9. 7milesout

    Gas Prices

    Have any of you E85 drivers ran E85? I know it yields less power / mpg. But wonder if you've ran the numbers, because at some amount less than 87 octane, E85 should break even or maybe be even a bit less expensive to use. I'm curious about E85, but a) I would only use it if it were mathematically less expensive and b) my truck is not an E85 flex fuel truck. I drive around like I'm driving Ms. Daisy, so a small power drop would not be an issue. Just curious how you guys feel about it, if you've used it.
  10. When we went to lift the bed, I had forgot to remove the attachment of the fuel filler neck. The ground strap got pulled apart, but the neck was OK, as we set it back down momentarily, I detached the neck and we lifted it again. Yesterday I soldered the ground strap back together and the put Permatex #3, Aviation on the nipple and slid the hose fitting back on the solenoid nipple. And called it a night as it was threatening to rain (never did). Giving that Permatex 24 hours to cure. If this works, I'm going to start slathering that Permatex on everything. I'll set the bed back down tonight, then drive the truck tomorrow and over this weekend. I've got a BT OBD-II reader so I'll be able to know quickly if that Permatex did the trick. It's just a shame to have to deal with such issues. The truck rides like a tank, it must be the Z85 (High Payload Firm Ride), but other than the tank ride, the truck is really nice. The 4.8L is a better than decent engine, smooth, good low rpm performance. And the truck is a completely clean cream puff, zero rust, drives straight, no vibration. Once I get this straight, wow, what a nice truck.
  11. Well ... this joint is not a high pressure joint. I don't understand the GM numb-nuts who would use some weird-ass fitting that takes some weird-ass method to remove it. A friggin hose clamp would have been a thousand times better. I generally will do every single repair I can do without taking my vehicles to a mechanic. And never take them back to the stealer once warranty is gone. I figure that a) this fitting holds itself in place already, and does not / will not just come off. And b) there's not much pressure in this joint. I guess intake vacuum is all the "pressure" it would see. Adding Permatex should complete the seal. I even thought about using coca-cola. Get the nipple wet with coke and shove the hose on. That stickiness of the dried up coke / sugar would actually create enough seal (I think). And later it should be easy enough to break that joint loose if necessary. This weird-ass fitting didn't seem to create pressure to form a seal, it just held the hose in place on the nipple (the best I can tell). I should also mention that I think part of the sealing problem was that I didn't realize it, but I let the hose slide away from the solenoid and then had to pull it real hard to put it back in place. My thinking at that time is that's the way it was. However, before tilting the bed again, I could shine a light between the bed and cab and see the hose, and I noticed, there were marks offset of some hose holders. Meaning, I had let the hose slide through those holders about 2 inches the wrong way and didn't know it, when I changed the solenoid. So, that lack of slack created a torque at that nipple, and it looked like I didn't push it all the way back on. That's the source of the "leak." So, the combo of fixing the hose slack to get a tensionless hose attachment, and some Permatex #3 should do the trick.
  12. 7milesout

    Gas Prices

    Since the price of gas / fuel is dropping, we should all vote for Democrats across the board, since they're the extraordinary geniuses that are causing it to drop.
  13. Following up. The truck bed is back up on TILT. The check engine light is back on. The code this time is an evap emission large leak. I know it is the hose ... I broke the fitting when taking it off. And when putting it on, it had no slack and was tight to put on, so I likely didn't push it on far enough. But, this time, I'm not taking any chances. I want to put some permatex on the nipple and push on the hose. QUESTION: What type of permatex would work best in this case. I want it to seal, but I'd like to be able to pull that hose off in the future if need be. So, maybe some soft seal permatex?
  14. 7milesout

    Gas Prices

    Let's hope. I'm with ya on that.
  15. 7milesout

    Gas Prices

    I should have also mentioned, that I drive my Dodge Ram conservatively because it is a big 7,130 pound battering Ram. And to a person in a different vehicle, it probably wouldn't feel very good to get crashed into, so they probably wouldn't like it. As such, I drive it accordingly, as if I somehow know that other drivers might not like the way it feels if I Ram into them. It does a little better than the Sierra on fuel, but kind of apples and oranges as far as powertrains. However, the Ram is like driving / parking a Sherman tank, and the Sierra is like driving / parking a Camry (but with plenty o' nagging problems). I've come to the realization that there must be others who drive like me (slowly, carefully, methodically, safely, conservative, etc). But I am not likely to see them much or ever because they and I are driving about the same speed. Yet the ones that are driving the opposite of me, blowing my doors off only to have me roll right up next to them at the traffic light, are the ones I'm exposed to. I'll be honest. High gas prices aren't killing me. Yet I absolutely despise paying for fuel. However, I'd rather pay for fuel than to need to go pick up my mother-in-law down in south GA (180 miles away) at the spur of the moment but can't do it as I have to wait on the friggin batteries to recharge. And sweat the fact she lives very rural so I can't make it home without a slow 110V overnight recharge. Gimme some gas and let me go... Last thing - Recharging might be less expensive than liquid fuel right now. But when a lot more people jump into EVs, our good ole trusty gobment is going to have to tax them out the wazoo somehow, in order to make up for all the lost gas tax revenues. It's coming. Just a matter of time. 7milesout
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