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  1. Just wanted to let you know people in the southern NY area and mid to northern NJ area Axle Exchange in Fairfield NJ balanced my driveshaft. They will also make you a driveshaft.
  2. Found the problem. It ended up being my wheels and tires out of balance plus my driveshaft out of balance.
  3. I ordered my truck. They gave me a $1000 off msrp and zero % financing. Truck has been good but with the a/c on it feels doggy. With the GMC i could barely tell. I am not going to do a tune don't want to have any problems with warranty. Also the f150 and GMC are getting the same MPG. I thought for sure the 5.0 would do better. I do like that ford lets you get the big gas tank.
  4. the truck is all stock so i doubt the driveline angles are incorrect but i will check. I did put a posi unit in and 4:10 gears. All new bearings and and pinion and gears set to spec. I never drove it on the highway with the stock gears so i don't know if it had that vibration before. I would think a gear or bearing problem would be all the time not at certain speeds. It could also be the axles or maybe my brake drums are out of balance. I have a brand new F150 and i like driving my very plain Jane reg cab long bed silverado more.
  5. Well I changed the driveshaft to a steel one. The vibration is way less but it still happens. The range is less but it is still there at certain speeds. Not sure where else to check. Anyone one have ideas? Thanks I also changed my transmission mount.
  6. So far my 10 speed has been flawless. I was surprised that the 5.0 10 speed 3:73 gears would be close to the same as my 18 gmc 6.2 8 speed. Maybe they are close to the same in the 1/4 mile but having driven them back to back the you can feel the torque difference with the gmc being superior and when you decide to pass someone the gmc has the edge. The f150 has been great so far but I must admit I miss my gmc.
  7. Replaced driveshaft with a steel one. Old one was aluminum. Vibration is gone up to 65 mph. Went on the highway today as i hit 70 a terrible vibration back below 70 smooth as silk. Old drive shaft vibrated in the 30 to 45 mph range god until 58 mph. From 58 mph until about 68 mph vibration but once i was above 68 mph no more vibration. The vibration on old driveshaft was annoying but not extreme. The new driveshaft above 70 mph is extreme feels like something is going to break. I am returning new driveshaft and they are going to send me a replacement but i am not feeling to confident now.
  8. When the pressure went to 0 did the motor get noisy? If not it is probably oil sensor or clogged screen. The o-ring if it was bad would do it all the time.
  9. Just so you know for next time tilt the bed from the the cab to back next time. You remove all the bolts except for the last 2 by the bumper just loosen them and tilt it up like a dump truck. I did my fuel pump this way very easy and plenty of room.
  10. Rotors are new no change from old rotors. Definitely not the front because i don't feel it in the steering wheel. The only reason i don't think it is an axle is because at some speeds it is smooth as silk and other speed it vibrates. It also does it at a different rpms. I am going to see if i can try a different driveshaft to see if that is the fix. My driveshaft is aluminum and looks good nothing i can tell that is wrong.
  11. I have a 2006 Silverado 1500 reg cab long bed 2WD. I have a vibration around 35-45 mph and 61-72 mph. At 55 mph zero vibration. I took the wheels off my gmc with no vibration and put them on the silverado same vibration. So I know it is not the wheels. I have it narrowed down to driveshaft or axles. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  12. I found out my spark plugs were the problem. I put e-spark plugs in to see if they really worked and I found out they suck. I still had the rumble strip feeling once and awhile. I decided to move on and bought a f150 5.0. The one thing that I didn’t realize until I got my new truck was that the GMC shocks and struts were shot at 28000 miles. I didn’t realize until I took my new truck for a ride and all the normal bumps I go over every day were smooth compared to my old truck. I always thought my GMC rode like a Cadillac when I bought it. I have to say there still is no displacement for torque with the 6.2 over the 5.0 even with 3:73 gears compared to the 3:23 gears with the 6.2. All I will say is I am sad to leave GM.
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