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  1. I took an 85 Bronco II to England in 1989. To get amber turn signals I bolted amber fog lights underneath the bumper.
  2. The same thing happened on my 2020 LTZ. When I plugged in my Samsung phone to use Google maps the XM stopped playing. When I unplugged the phone XM started playing again.
  3. Go to https://www.gmupfitter.com/technical-bulletins/?_sft_category=2020&_sfm_technical_bulletin_vehicle=Silverado%2FSierra&_sfm_technical_bulletin_type=1500 and read the section titled Power Cable installation/routing on page 4 and see figures 6 and 7. If I can run a cable into the cab you should be able to run one out. For PBrown1: you can a cable through the floor pan on the driver's side.
  4. According to the truck computer, I've averaged 16.5 mpg while towing a 21 foot Phoenix bass boat from Stuart/Martinsville VA area to Philpott lake and Smith Mountain lake. Boat, motor and trailer combo weigh approximately 4000 lbs. Truck is a 2020 Chevy LTZ with the 3.0 diesel.
  5. Does anyone know if GM trailer tire sensors 84338125 and 84152501 work the same? The 84338125 are half the price.
  6. I didn't continue my On-Star subscription because of the cost. The safety and security feature is just like other types of insurance - you're paying for something you might never need. I would subscribe if Chevrolet cut the price in half. Acura gave me three years of the same type of service for free on my 2021 TLX.
  7. Tcoll267: The Silverado stops my Phoenix just fine: I've never felt out of control at anytime. One thing I didn't know or think about before buying the diesel was the use of diesel exhaust fluid. The truck will use approximately 2.5 gallons every 1000 miles. The more you tow the more you'll use. DEF isn't expensive as long as you don't buy the GM brand.
  8. I went from a 2013 doublecab Tundra with the 5.7 to a 2020 crewmax Silverado LTZ with 3L diesel. The tundra was a great truck except for the gas mileage. In the tundra I saw slightly over 18 mpg on one trip but most trips were in the low 17s.. Last weekend in the silverado I got slightly over 32 mpg. Most of my trips have been between 27 (driving like a mad man) and 29. I have towed a 2017 Phoenix 920 ProXP with both trucks. The towing experience was almost equal but I think the silverado does better; since it have 59 more foot pounds of torque. The tundra averaged around 14 while towing while the silverado gets closer to 16. The technology is definitely better in the Silverado. It has cameras that help connect to the trailer and cameras that help with switching lanes. I can also check the trailer lights without going back and forth to the truck. I hookup the trailer and connect the lights. The truck recognizes the trailer and then I hit the button to conduct the light test. The truck cycles the trailer lights through reverse, brake, left and right turn signals continuously till I turn off the app.
  9. I paid $549 for front installation from a local Chevy dealer here in Maryland.
  10. Does anyone subscribe to SiriusXm traffic and if so does it show up on your infotainment screen? I have the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Premium System with Navigation and I don't see the traffic reflected in the Washington DC area.
  11. I recently completed two more trips from SW Virginia to Maryland and got 28 and 29 MPG. I'm satisfied with that.
  12. BlancoSilverado: I think my truck rides a little better with the Bilsteins. The 5100s react faster which keeps the tires in contact with the road surface, i.e., less bounce.
  13. I have made one trip in my 20 Silverado with the 3L diesel. From south of the Roanoke area in Virginia to the Baltimore area in Maryland on I-81, I-66, I-495 and I-95 I averaged 29 mpg (hand calculated) with a few speed runs to 95mph. The trip was 325 miles. ?
  14. I just put Bilstein 5100s on the rear of mine today. I haven't driven it yet. There is now a 5100 for the front but no one has it yet. Part # for the front will be Part Number: 24-293297. The rear is Part Number: 24-293471.
  15. When you open the door, your truck is grumbling that it has to go to work. At the end it's a sigh of relief that the day is over.
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