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  1. Does anyone subscribe to SiriusXm traffic and if so does it show up on your infotainment screen? I have the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Premium System with Navigation and I don't see the traffic reflected in the Washington DC area.
  2. I recently completed two more trips from SW Virginia to Maryland and got 28 and 29 MPG. I'm satisfied with that.
  3. BlancoSilverado: I think my truck rides a little better with the Bilsteins. The 5100s react faster which keeps the tires in contact with the road surface, i.e., less bounce.
  4. I have made one trip in my 20 Silverado with the 3L diesel. From south of the Roanoke area in Virginia to the Baltimore area in Maryland on I-81, I-66, I-495 and I-95 I averaged 29 mpg (hand calculated) with a few speed runs to 95mph. The trip was 325 miles. ?
  5. I just put Bilstein 5100s on the rear of mine today. I haven't driven it yet. There is now a 5100 for the front but no one has it yet. Part # for the front will be Part Number: 24-293297. The rear is Part Number: 24-293471.
  6. When you open the door, your truck is grumbling that it has to go to work. At the end it's a sigh of relief that the day is over.
  7. Reply for number 2. Your SD card is in the Read Only mode. Pull it out of the slot and move the tab to Write. You will only have to press "OK" one more time.
  8. I found this link, https://dmaxstore.com/products/?route=product/product&product_id=6490&search=max&ocpage=1, yesterday. Seven quarts of the recommended oil plus filter for $51.70 but they get you on the shipping, $26,27 to ship to central Maryland.
  9. There is an upfitter kit that would allow more switches. You can see the kit here, https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1314/UI Bulletin 153_wip.pdf. The think the individual parts are Knee Bolster 84487355 $44.86 Battery Cable 84524205 $39.01 Fuse Block 84669070 $38.05 Multi Switch 84688687 $20.66 Harness 84497098 $87.82. Looking at some pictures of the parts, the battery cable may be included with the harness.
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