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Found 108 results

  1. Hi! New here, first post... a question... I tow a small camping trailer with my 2017 Silverado 1500 LT 4x4. I've been under the assumption that the camper battery charges through the 7-blade connector while being towed. I'm just wondering if anyone can confirm this is happening or if I need to upgrade something to make sure. I've read a little about "low voltage / smart alternators" that may interfere with this process, just looking to understand for now. Thanks! Ernie in Southern Wisconsin
  2. I've already installed the load lifter 5000 air bags. My compressor came in today and will be installing it tomorrow morning. So far I can say I really like how the air bags mounted in the trail boss. I should have a short review tomorrow after the pump install as I'll be towing a 6000ib tractor for a quick job at my buddies house
  3. Hey guys hoping y’all could give me some insight on the custom trail boss 5.3 6 speed 3.42 gears with it’s towing if anyone has this model and tows with it let me know how it felt to y’all. I’m going to tow my buddies jeep Cherokee to His home state which is about 700 miles. Will probably go through some hills and mountains in TN. Does the the power train struggle with towing because of the 32 inch durratracs?
  4. We are upgrading to a 2020 GMC AT4 HD 3500 and should be delivered soon. Asking $47,000 Follow this link for additional photos Facebook Marketplace ad So...Look no further for your next tow vehicle! Tow in style, tow with confidence!! This 2015 GMC Denali HD 2500 in Black Onyx has all the bells and whistles and more! She has only 52500 miles on her! This truck has been upgraded with BlueOx Gooseneck Hitch, a Second 7 Way connector in bed to secure your Gooseneck or Fifth-Wheel camper trailer wiring harness to help you tow in comfort and with confidence. It has also been upgraded with a Pop-A-Lock remote lock actuator for tailgate (unlocks tailgate when you unlock your truck). To help with those horrible GM headlights, this Denali has been upgraded with GTR Lighting Gen 5 HID 5000K headlights and Morimoto XB LED foglights...I cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference this has made! For just that little bit of oomph or MPG, this GMC has also been upgraded with the Banks Ram Air intake and Banks exhaust with chrome tip. Upgraded Shocks to BILSTEIN 5100 series shocks at 43500 miles. A Banks AutoMind programmer, is available and negotiable with purchase of this 2015 GMC Denali HD.
  5. I'm new to this forum, and not a current owner of a GMC but looking to buy one; could use some input. My current truck is a '12 F150 Platinum with the ecoboost and max trailering package. I'd like to buy a '20 GMC SLT with 6.2 NHT and the trailering mirrors(I absolutely won't buy anything without good trailering mirrors). Unfortunately GMC still won't sell me one...had one on order during the strike then GM said parts are back ordered and cancelled the order. Now they trailering mirrors aren't an option anymore on the SLT. So, I've started to look at the AT4, because I can get the trailering mirrors and I do like the looks/lift of it better than the SLT anyhow. My concern is towing my 30' TT, with a dry weight of 6800 lbs, tongue weight of 880 lbs. The payload on the AT4 I drove the other day is only 1540 pounds(300 less than my F150). So I will be maxed out on payload with just the camper and people, and getting close to max GVWR with all the other gear if I can pack it to keep the weight on the rv axles. With my F150 I've had no trouble loading a half bed of firewood plus all the other gear(thus probably overloading it as well), but I'm not confident that the AT4 would do as well. The AT4 I test drove the other day felt a little less stable than my F150(could be because of the lift/tires). Anyone have experience towing with the AT4, maybe with sumosprings/timbrens added on? Airbags are something I would like to avoid. I do use a wd hitch, and I only tow around Michigan so no hills to speak of, but my wife ends up towing the camper by herself quite often so I don't want to purchase a truck that she isn't going to feel comfortable in.
  6. 2020 2500 Duramax. Is anyone else having problems with their trailer lights? I’m having problems with the lights on all but one of my three trailers. Left turn signal and brake is not working. Took it to the dealer and they gave me some bs about how the truck can’t run led lights or more than 10 amps and blew me off. So essentially my brand new truck I bought for towing can’t tow a trailer with more than two tail lights. One of the two it isn’t working on is led and one is not and it runs the led lights just fine, just not the left turn or brake on both.
  7. 06 Silverado 2500hd 6.0 My Silverado is getting really hot while towing up hill, to the point that the "Engine Coolant Hot" light is coming on. (Which I stop and let it cool down). This has gradually gotten worse. Truck does not get hot while towing on flat terrain. Any ideas?
  8. Got a 5th wheel camper to pull behind my 2500 HD Denali with Duramax Trailer according to the title is 11,800 lbs Did not tow well on the first outing after picking it up . the truck jerked like riding a horse and serious lack of power like the converter or rear axle gear not allowing the motor to work as it should , truck did not squat that bad so I'm not sure what the problem is . Camper is definitely heavy but was not expecting it to be that bad . Air bags help ?? HELP !! Jerry
  9. I'm confused about what trucks are good for towing. Is there a BASIC summary of whether a 1/2, 3/4 1 ton etc is good for towing as to what limit is the GVWR of each rated truck. I know there are other factors to consider. I'm looking for just a basic starting point if there is such a thing. I want to tow around either a TT or 5th wheel between 26 to 30 ft. Of course different weight ratings. Example what is the maximum tow for a 3/4 ton. Ideally, get more truck than needed. Should I start looking at a 3/4 ton and then a 1 ton? What is the max that a 1/2 ton should even be considered. I'm looking to actually live in my RV full time for a year and maybe much longer. Being semi retired, I want some time off from a land based stick and stone structure and explore this great country. I'd like to buy used. What years and models should I avoid for towing? I don't want this to be a bad mouth GM or Chevy trucks. I'm asking for a reliable truck or even a SUV . I'm taking my 3 small dogs with. Long story, she is divorcing to find herself or some bleep. And I will not abandoned these dogs we have had for the last 10 plus years as she will do. So.... I want time away, and just some time exploring. Any help of truck to choose would be fantastic.
  10. Hey guys, feeling a bit dumb because I searched (old man disease), How can I tell if my towing package includes the electric brake control? 2012 extended cab 1500 THANKS !! Joe
  11. I tow a 21 ft bay boat with 1500 sierra and need to add rear suspension kit / support to keep the rear end of the truck from squatting down. what is available that will not void any GMC warranties, etc?
  12. I know the 6112s are semi-new to the community. My question is what would be the lowest possible notch I can install these and still have enough clearance to fit 275X 65R 20 KO2s. I’d imagine the notch settings are similar to the 5100s accept there is 1 extra notch I believe. I have been searching online for the past week and cannot find anyone that confirms the lowest possible setting to fit these tires. I know I can install them at the highest setting and fit just fine, But I am trying to keep rake in the rear due to occasional towing and i do not want to add a leveling block to the rears. I was thinking the third notch (1.25” of lift) would work but I’m not sure if It will get rubbing. Does anyone have any idea on this? I currently have a 2.5 inch leveling spacer but do not want to install it when I switch to the Bilstein 6112s. Thanks!
  13. So I’ve been on the hunt for some quality tow mirrors for a while now and haven’t had any luck. Any of the ones I find on amazon either say they don’t fit my vehicle or the reviews are not so good and just nothing really promising that what I get will fit or work completely. I have a 2014 1500. If anyone else has upgraded to tow mirrors on their 1500 any links/recommendations/information would be appreciated. Couple pictures attached
  14. I've got a 3500 that I'll be using to tow a 5th wheel later this year. Right now I'm in the market for mudflaps. I'm looking at the x-long Duraflaps that will sit about 14" below the fender in the rear (leaving me 6" from flap to ground), which is fine and dandy. However, i'm concerned about when I hook up a 5th wheel, how much that 6" will be decreased. Those of you who drive a 2500 or 3500 that tow a gooseneck or 5th wheel - about how much have you noticed the rear lowering? I know it depends on the weight of the trailer, but i'm looking for some ballpark numbers. I'd hate to buy these x-long flaps that end up being 2" off the ground after hooking up the camper.
  15. I'm sure this topic has been overplayed, but I have looked through many of the topics and still haven't had my question answered, so here goes. I have a 2014 CC Silverado with a Procharged 5.3 that has an Air Lift bag system with an onboard compressor. Clearly I have some use for this truck outside of mere daily driving. In fact, I tow a small fifth wheel on Florida's relatively flat roads (fully loaded @ 9k and 1,300 pin weight) about 7-8 times per year for local camping trips (less than 200 mi.). I have no complaints with the truck's performance in any way, but it is time to look at changing the brakes, and I would like to upgrade to a reasonably priced high-quality brake system geared towards a towing application. I have tentatively settled on a PowerStop Z36 4 wheel system and wonder if anyone has any experience with them who tows a "heavy" load such as I do. I appreciate any feedback, David
  16. I have a 2017 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD High Country with 6.6 diesel equipped with tow package. It has dedicated trailer brake and trailer fuses within the primary fuse box under the hood. My passenger side trailer blinkers and brake lights are not working. I've traced the lack of 12v power all the way up to the 10a fuse dedicated to the right side trailer brake/signal light (fuse #17). I have replaced the fuse, re-tested, and still no power. The left side trailer brake/signal light (fuse #14) has 12v power going to it, tested on the top of the fuse when the flashers are on, but the right side has nothing. I've also swapped and then replaced the trailer parking lights relay switch (relay #63) and still nothing. Is this most likely an issue with fuse box or something else supplying power or ground to the fuse box? Thanks for the help... this is the craziest thing.
  17. I've towed my horse trailer with a 2003 Silverado, 2007 Silverado and 2011 Silverado with no issues. I purchased a 2015 GMC Sierra Denali and suddenly was receiving Check Trailer Wiring error messages, WITH dinging bells, over and over and over and over. Had trailer wiring checked, electrician said trailer was wired correctly the problem was 2015 wiring. Few months later, I acquired a 2015 Silverado. Same thing, Check Trailer Wiring, with dinging, over and over. Sometimes you go miles with nothing. Sometimes it starts when you pull out of the drive way. This does not happen when I use the smaller flat plug for my flat bed trailer. Only when using the larger round plug. Took to local mechanic and they could find nothing wrong with trailer or truck wiring. They thought it only happened when brakes were applied, but this is not true. They finally said they could not resolve the issue. The trailer then went to a trailer dealership, that sales the brand of trailer I have. Their initial checks on diagnostics showed no errors. I left, the dinging started, I went back. They rewired the trailer, replaced the brake box and have no idea what else to do. Picked up trailer today. Dinging took awhile, but eventually did start. They asked if I had the truck rewired by the dealership - no. Nothing. It's happening on two 2015 GM trucks. But has never happened in the 13 years I've owned the trailer. Help?
  18. Hey guys so I have a 2019 Silverado 1500LD with a 3.42 rear end with 11k on the clock. I've been noticing that my engine or coolant temp goes passed 210F but when it hits the next 1/8 gauge stick it goes back down passed the middle mark to 190°F. Is that normal for 7000 pounds uphill towing in 95°F weather. Talking about the 5N grapevine in Cali for those who know the climb.
  19. Hi guys, Over the winter i bought some 33"tires (275/60R20) to go along my 2016 Sierra Elevation.. this truck has a 5.3L and 3.42 gears ...during summer time i usually pull my TT that weights 6350lbs dry so knowing myself it is usually at 7500lbs full so lets make it 8000lbs for worst case scenarios ... I have a 6L-80 Trans 6 Speed ... So my question is; will it be that much of a power loss with the 33's on ... I mean this truck can pull 9200lbs as per the dealer specs .. but that is on the dealer tires i had last summer ...i didnt even think about the loss of power it may cause ... But i had so much of a deal on the BFG KO2 tires ... I couldnt pass on ... Now im uncertain of what i have done as the tires and installed on my rims and just waiting to bolted on ... Thanks for your help !
  20. My 2017 Denali rides rough when pulling my bumper pull camper and since it has Magna Ride shocks I can’t use most options. Torklift brand inserts between the leaf springs and the overload spring has been recommended as the solution but is expensive. Do any of you have experience with this method? It looks like a simple solution but I would hate to spend over $300 for something that won’t fix my problem.
  21. Does anyone on here have one of these dump trailers? I’m thinking of getting one for hauling mulch and gravel. I like that it has ramps and I could put my tractor on it. It’s around $3,600 which is about average for this size trailer. http://extremeroadandtrail.com/66108.php
  22. Hi guys, first time poster here. If I'm in the wrong section mods please let me know! About 2 weeks ago I bought a 2018 Silverado 1500 LTZ 4x4, used with 12k miles. It has the tow package. I absolutely love the truck, it's great, and other Chevy owners seem super nice so far! My Chevy has all the features of the tow package, including the chrome grille, trailer brake, pre-installed hitch, etc. but instead of the tow mirrors it has regular mirrors. Based on my research they are the "DL3" mirrors (heated, auto folding, etc.) but further research tells me that it should be pretty hard to install DL3 mirrors and make them fully functional if they didn't come on the truck since the wiring harness interacts with the memory functions of the seats etc... This makes me wonder where my tow mirrors went, and what's up with the OEM DL3 mirrors being there instead? Did the factory offer a towing package with regular mirrors at some point in order to "exhaust" their parts bin as they prepared for the 2019 Models, or did the previous owner really go to such extreme lengths to remove the tow mirrors? I've attached a picture to illustrate what I mean. Any input is appreciated. Thanks guys!
  23. hey im new to the forum and wanted to know if there are any other towing mirrors available for a 2017 GMC Canyon other than clearview. Thanks!
  24. 2016 Chevy Silverado 4.3L V6 3.23 Reading through the manual: Max Trailer Weight 5,600 lbs, any other weights/limitations I should focus on ? Looking into installing Class 3 Trailer hitch, is a class 3 pretty standard, sufficient ? Im interested in 17-21' fiberglass center console in the future, any issues towing this type of boat (not knowing weight of boat / trailer etc )
  25. The wife and I are looking at getting a camper and decided to rent one to learn if we’d really be okay with the work and the towing. The camper we rented isn’t the same as we’re looking at, but it’s pretty close. The one we’re looking at is a little lighter. The trip was about 90 miles each way. It was nearly all interstate with some tighter back roads and about ¼-mile of dirt road in front of the house. I’ve put together a little outline about how things were configured/changed and what seemed to change from my perspective. The more astute readers may notice that we stopped at Walgreens and returned home twice. The first time was because my wife forgot to bring the anniversary cake. The second time was because she didn’t shut the garage. Annoying as they were, the stops gave me an opportunity to change the setup a bit. Truck: '15 Double Cab 4wd z71, 5.3L, 3.42 gears 9200 lbs tow capacity UWS toolbox: ~130 lbs with stuff (maybe) E-rated KO2s @ 55psi 2.25" Leveling Kit Trailer: '17 Cruiser RV MPG 2650RL 32' overall length Dry Weight: 5,705 Water tank ~ 400 lbs Propane & Battery: ~200? Food, clothes, other stuff.... Who knows. Didn't take the time to weight it all. Towing Trips: 1. Dealer -> Home A. Dealer tech set up WD-hitch with 1 chain link; massive squat B. I insisted on at least 2 links, still a good bit of squat C. Tech used 1-finger method to tighten the anti-sway brake D. Fresh water tank, propane tanks full Experience: Truck-trailer were a little bouncy and could feel the trailer exerting its influence on the truck a good bit. Impression: I'm nervous at this point. 2. Home -> Walgreens -> Home (max speed 45-50mph, backroads) A. 60lbs of firewood in the back of the bed B. Camper loaded with a 30lb box and 3-12pks DDP in back Experience: VERY bouncy, twitchy and somewhat unstable Impression: I'm getting very nervous about the bounciness and hoping it will settle out at speed. 3. Home -> Walgreens -> Home A. Moved firewood forward in the bed B. Moved heavy box and DDP forward to bedroom space Experience: Less bouncy (reasonable), still twitchy especially over bumps. Still feels like the trailer is able to take control if it decided to do so. Impression: Feeling a little better about it since the bounciness is significantly reduced. 4. Home -> Campsite Experience: On and off the TBC most of the time. Didn't go over 65 for more than a couple minutes (just experimenting). I was white-knuckling it most of the time. Passing trucks and other traffic pulled-pushed the camper around and at some points the steering got a little lighter than I've expected. Impression: I hated every minute of this. When we got there, I was ready to arrange for the dealer to pick it up at the end of the trip. I settled down a bit over the course of the week and did more research on how to set it up. 5. Campsite-> Home A. Only 5-6lbs of firewood left (if that) B. Moved the 2 bicycles to truck bed (~40lbs) C. Fresh water tank still basically full. Obviously, less of most everything else. D. Put Trailer on hitch without WD-bars. Got about 3/4" front-end lift. I put the wd-hitch on 3 links and got it about 1/2" back down. It was quite difficult to get the chain on and there was clearly a lot of spring tension in play. E. Tightened the anti-sway bar using my full-hand to the point where it just stopped and then 3/4-turn more Experience: Truck drove well. I had a near constant low-amplitude oscillation, but nothing as intense as the bouncing before. Absolutely no sway that I could identify even when trucks passed. I did notice that on broad curves like some off-ramps, that the trailer didn’t follow the curve like it should, but was kinda dragging sideways. I assumed the sway-bar was too stiff. Impression: It was a comfortable, easy experience. I can live with this. 6. Home -> Dealer (rain) A. Left WD-hitch at 3 links B. Loosened the anti-sway bar to hand-stopping point and 1/4 turn (per some video my wife found online) C. Camper empty (fresh water still full) D. Truck basically empty Experience: Everything felt "off" again. The bouncing was back... It wasn't as bad, but it was there. The sway when passed was back too. The rain added a new variable and I used 4wd (auto) for a couple of miles to make sure I could pull out safely and it worked well. The trip over the bridge during the storm was a bit hair-raising. I'm not sure if it was because of wind or the fact that people still went 80, but I couldn't get comfortable with it over 50 going up and 65 going down. Impression: I think the sway bar was too loose and maybe I had too much weight-distribution... I have no idea. I’ve been looking into things I might buy/change… I think I’d always use at least 3 links on the WD-hitch I think I’d keep the sway bar tight and let the tires take the beating on gentle curves I was looking at sumo springs or the roadmaster kit to help with the ride/squat issues. To add a new wrinkle, I have a coworker who has a similar sized trailer and until a few months ago the same truck as me. He just got a real purty 2500 for retirement. Anyway, he said that he uses 4 links on his hitch and doesn’t really remember how tight he makes the anti-sway bar. He said it towed well, but he just decided that staying off the interstates was an easy solution to most of the towing issues. You go slower and have less “aggressive” traffic. At any rate, all this is new to me. So, I look forward to anything you more experienced folks can share.
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