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Found 18 results

  1. Anyone using the GM trailer TPMS optional sensors?
  2. Just for the benefit of others since I couldn't find the exact part number on the forum and one part number I did find here were sensors that didn't work. The correct TPMS Sensors for the refreshed 1500 is gm 31533166.
  3. I am looking to get a set of 2020 chevrolet 20" take-off rims to replace my factory 2006 Yukon Denali 17" wheels. My question is 2-fold. Do you guys think these should fit first of all? ...And secondly will my 06 GMC recognize the 2020 Chevrolet tpms sensor if I take it to have them reprogrammed?
  4. Looking to add the Tire Pressure Sensors to each of the 4 wheels of my RV. If anyone's truck came with these and you do not need them, please PM me
  5. TL;DR: I drove 2,941 miles from South Florida to Southern California in my brand new Sierra 1500 AT4 Duramax and pulled my 4,400lbs pound boat. I experienced no drivetrain issues other than running out of gas which was my own fault. I kep the rpms mostly at 1500-2100, averaged 12.6 mpg, consumed 11-12 gallons of DEF and had no cooling issues under the load and in the 118F heat of the Californian desert for the prolonged time I was driving. The trailering app and trailer tire TPMS system paid for itself and was a great tool for safety! DEF gauge may not be accurate to read when towing, rather go by the mileage warnings that display on the dash. Adaptive cruise control disengaged briefly but was able to re engage after turning the truck off and back on again. I am very satisfied with the performance I experienced and overall truck and have had no issues thus far with the drivetrain (6,054 miles on the clock). Hey y'all, I wanted to put some info out there about the trip I just made this week from Boca Raton, FL to San Diego, CA in my brand new 1500 AT4 Diesel to include performance numbers, issues I encountered, good, bad, and otherwise. I was a little on edge seeing as I did a decent amount of research on the new duramax before I bought it in July and there are definitely some issues out there that are yet to be addressed, however I had to move for my new job so here goes. Google Maps put the trip at 2,611 miles (4,202km) from my parents driveway to my new place but my trip clock read 2,941 miles (4,733km) due to stopping in to see some family along the way. I had 3,110 miles (4,989km) on the clock before I left. Note that my backseat was full of boxes and my bed was mostly empty except a weatherproof toolbox because I don't have a tonneau cover yet and did not want my items exposed to the elements or sticky fingers for the five days I was on the road. I was also towing my boat which is a 20 foot center console on a tandem axle trailer with dual axle hydraulic surge brakes. The boat and trailer combo weighs 4,400lbs (1995 kg) as indicated by the weigh scale I stopped at in California and my WeighSafe drop hitch with tongue scale. I spent the overwhelming majority of my time at ~1500 rpm while on cruise control at 67-mph but would jump to ~2100 when gradually accelerating. I left on Sunday afternoon and drove 225 miles (362km) to Daytona Beach, FL mostly uneventful despite my DEF warning popping up saying I had a 1000 mile range. On Monday, I drove 514 miles (827km) uneventfully seeing some family and friends in the Panhandle of Florida. The only eventful part of this leg of the journey was the DEF message popping up in the morning saying I had a 300 mile range approximately 150 miles after the 1000 mile warning and a speed limited soon message shortly after the 300 mile message. I figured I would use more DEF while towing but I hadn't put much thought into exactly how much I would use while planning my trip. I will talk more about DEF later. Tuesday I drove 537 miles (864km) from Milton, FL to Houston, TX uneventfully. Somewhere around San Antonio, TX I got a message that adaptive cruise control has disengaged. I was able to switch to regular cruise control but still don't know why that happened. I was able to re engage adaptive cruise control later in the day after I turned off the truck at a fuel station. Any thoughts would be appreciated here if you have experienced something similar. Wednesday is where the fun started. About halfway between Houston and Fort Stockton (508 miles, 817km) I got a low trailer tire pressure message on my dash. My truck came with 4 trailer tpms sensors I had installed into 4 new tires on the trailer about a week before I left because I figured why not. the tires are filled to 50psi as per the sticker on the trailer and the message showed front right had 35 psi. I figured all was fine and it was an error message as I had already driven over 1000 miles with no issues but I decided to stop and check at the next exit as I noticed the pressure was steadily declining. I pulled off at a Love's and went to check and could hear the air coming out but couldn't see a nail or feel the air. Regardless (after re parking in the shade at 102F outside), I took the tire off and lo and behold found a 3 inch nail in the tread near the edge of the tire. Within 15 minutes I had it plugged, refilled, reinstalled, and ready to go. That right there ladies and gentlemen justified the $85 I paid to install the sensors. Had I not known of the diminishing air pressure I surely would've had a blowout at the most inconvenient location and had to put a spare on in the heat. So that sold me on the trailer tire TPMS system, cost to install already paid for itself by saving me from having to buy a replacement tire. On Thursday, the plan was to go from Fort Stockton, TX to Tucson, AZ (558 miles, 898km). I was about 30 miles away from my next planned fuel stop when my fuel level low light came on but I didn't think anything of it as I would be stopping about 20 miles before I ran out of fuel. When I pulled off at the only fuel station in the area (Akela, NM) which GasBuddy showed had diesel, I discovered much to my dismay that the station did not have a diesel pump. I knew I was probably screwed but didn't really have a choice but to shoot for Deming, NM which was 24 miles down the road. My fuel level read low so I reduced speed to improve economy and hoped for the best. Worst case scenario I run out of fuel much closer to an actual city which would reduce the time it took for a fuel delivery service to reach me. 5 miles out of Akela, a car flags me down and says something blew off my boat so I pulled over and saw that my bimini top had blown off. I figured my best course of action was to drop the boat on the side of the road and turn back and try to find it. because there was no way I'd make it to Deming after turning around with the boat. Anyways, I had to go back about 3 miles to get the bimini from the middle of the road before going back. I decided to leave the boat, get fuel, and come back for it. The boat has a tracker so I could ensure it didn't get stolen plus i had 2 tongue locks on it. I made it about 12 miles before I heard a sound from the engine that sounded like i hit debris on the road, a message popping up that said speed limited, pulled over and kept the engine idling while I inspected the truck for damage and could see none. I turned off the truck to restart it and try to get back on the highway but it wouldn't crank. I called roadside assistance from the myGMC app and a guy called me to confirm that I needed diesel and was out to me from Deming in about 20 minutes. Fueled up, started, but had a check engine light so I brought it to the Chevy dealer in Deming to get checked out and ensure there was nothing seriously wrong other than running out of fuel. It was just some computer errors from running out of fuel, had them cleared, and left for no charge. Filled my tank at the nearest fuel station, turned around got my boat, and continued on my way after a 3 hour delay and made it to Tucson just in time for happy hour! Friday, I finished my trip to San Diego about 407 miles (655km) uneventfully despite temperatures reaching 118F outside. I was monitoring engine temp which was regulating well between 190 and 205 and tranny temp which kept between 185 and 203 depending on the grade. No issues at all with cooling or performance. Honestly the torque was really impressive on the 6% grade that stretched about 35 miles up and down. By the time it was all said and done, i averaged 12.6mpg for the entire trip although I was getting about 14-16 after I had the bimini top stowed in the bed on the truck reducing the drag of the boat. I had to put in about 11-12 gallons of DEF throughout the trip to top off my tank at the end. I found that the DEF gauge was not displaying accurate levels because when it displayed red Low and no bars it took 4 gallons before overflowing despite the tank being about 5 gallons. The range of the DEF was not linear. It showed 300 mile range at 5 bars but dropped to red and low almost immediately after reaching that point. I learned to go by mile range not necessary gauge level and just fill up at the 300 mile range message. I am satisfied with the fuel economy i saw and was very satisfied with the performance and power available when needed thanks to the diesel. Overall very satisfied with the performance of this truck as I have had no issues with the drivetrain (knock on wood). Feel free to ask me specific questions and I will answer them as soon as I see them!
  6. My new 2019 Silverado RST with 23 miles has a TPMS problem. I got the service TPMS message. I took it on a trip the day after I bought it and when the message came up, I checked the tires and two were low. I aired them up and the tire pressure light did NOT go away. It is still on after several data and after driving 500 miles. I figured out how to check the various stuff in information center. When I get to tire pressure part, it shows no reading on all four tires. It just has a dash for each one. Is this something I can reset? Am I supposed to set it? Still waiting to hear from service department.
  7. On two separate occasions I've had to drive with my low pressure light on when I know my tires aren't low. The first time was on a 4 hour road trip (not ideal) and currently, for the past 3 days. I use two gauges when I fill my tires. The gauge on the pump that reads a little high and a handheld that reads spot on. I've used them both extensively on different vehicles and I know how they read. I'll put 37 psi in all my tires when it's cold and the truck will not read it above 29. It only does this when the temp outside is close or below freezing. I could understand a few psi difference but it refuses to raise about 29 no matter how much air is in there. When it's warm it goes right back to normal. I know these aren't the most reliable sensors but maybe there's an easy fix out there.
  8. I have a 2007 new body style Silverado 2500 4WD "work truck" model. It has a crew cab and 6' bed. It has 62,000 miles and is in close to mint condition because I'm OCD so I plan to keep it. I used to haul heavy trailer loads. Now I am retired and the heaviest is a couple bags of deer feed. I live in south Texas so snow isn't a factor, but I travel to Wisconsin often and snow is a factor there. The original tires were 245/75R16 load range E. I upgraded to 265/75R16. The wheels are the original 16 x 7. I run off road tires because I live in dirt and mud country. Front tire pressure according to sticker should be 50psi, rear 80psi. Question 1: It's time for new tires. I'm staying with 265/75R16 load range E, but I don't think I need 80psi in the rear. By the same token I think 50 is too low in the front. I usually run 55-60 in the front and 70-75 in the rear. The TPMS lights up when the rear gets much below 70. I rotate the tires every 5000 miles give or take. They wear more in the middle. I think that is because I run too high a pressure in the rear for most of my driving. Does anyone have a recommendation for front and rear tire pressure? Question 2: When I shop for 16 x 8 wheels, I get a flag saying "not for this model" because it has a WT (work truck) designation. Is the 8 lug spacing different on the WT model?
  9. Recently bought a wheel and tire deal with TPMS included but not having any luck with my el-50448, have been to local gm dealer as wheel as a discount tire neither of which could pick up the TPMS with there scanners. The TPMS brand is PDQ. Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues and solution? and iv read through forums but cant find any thing similar to this. thanks all
  10. So I had this problem and it started while driving in a rain storm. It sounded like someone knocking on a door constantly for about a full minute. Perfect knock on wood sound. Then it stopped. Then about ten minutes later the tire pressure monitors quit working and tire signal flashed and tire pressures on all tires showed line instead of pressure. Everything went back to normal after five minutes. Twenty minutes later DIC screen says remote not detected. I left car with remote in pocket and doors locked. When I got back doors would not unlock with handle button. I left remote in car and walked away and car locked with remote inside. Had to get locksmith out for that one. Tire light went back on and was not sensing all tires. Changed battery in remote. Reprogrammed remote and would only start with remote in special pocket and kept saying no remote detected. One hundred miles down the road everything started working correctly. Please help if anyone can
  11. I have a 2004 Suburban LT 1500 that had custom 20" wheels on it when I bought it last year. This week I swapped the custom wheels and tires for a set of take-off OEM 2018 Z71 Silverado 18" wheels and tires. Now my "SERVICE TIRE MONITOR" is showing on the DIC. I don't have steering wheel controls and when I try the learning procedure outlined in the owners manual it doesn't work. No horn honking or any indication that the system is in the learn mode. Also, the low tire pressure light is NOT on. I haven't checked to see if the old custom wheels had the TPMS sensors installed or if the 2018 take-offs do either. Anyone else have a problem with the TPMS not entering the learn mode or using newer wheels on their rig? Thanks very much!
  12. good morning . I just changed over from my summer wheels. back to stock for winter. the reset tool that I used to reprogram 18 inch fuel rims for summer driving .will not wake up the 17 inch stock tires. any suggestions the reset tool is a ,ateq purchased off amazon . it states that it is compatible with a 2016 Chevy Silverado. I would hate to have to buy another re programmer . all 4 tires will not wake up . tried letting air out of one of the tires to get it to reset no luck . I doubt the batteries all went dead just sitting in the garage .
  13. Taken from a 2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate - - 22" GM CK164 Wheels and tires package for sale. 4 wheels, 22x9 aluminum + 4 tires + 4 TPMS sensors installed + 4 tires mounted + 4 center caps TPMS sensors and Lug Nuts INCLUDED OEM wheel part number 19301164 7-spoke silver with black inserts and they retail about $500 each. 285/45R22 Brigestone Dueler A/T RH-S tires have 30K on them but they definitely still have some life left in them - I don't have a tire tread gauge or I could tell you the exact depth. All parts listed here are OEM Factory parts unlike the cheap knock-off replicas you find on the internet. Located in Columbia, Missouri. $1800 OBO EDIT: I would consider shipping them if buyer pays for shipping, up front and payment clears. I did a quote through Greyhound Package Express and it is roughly $400 to ship them to the lower 48 states, give or take depending on your location. If you choose this option, you will have to be patient with me shipping them as I will have to drive 2 hours each way to get to a Greyhound shipping location.
  14. 2006 Avalanche. Does anyone know exactly how the Tire service monitor system communicates the ecm on the trucks? Where does the communication from the wheel sensors go exactly? Does it communication through radio waves directly to the ecm or is there a separate TPMS module in between the ECM which inevitably gives you your read out in the cluster? I have no reading on mine so I can't imagine all four went bad at once.
  15. Hi guys, new here! I have done a lot of research trying find a TPMS reset tool that will actually work with the thicker mud tires. I bought one from Amazon, the JDiag model, which works fine on a friends 15' Silverado, but I can't get it to work on my 14' Sierra. The only thing I think is keeping it from working is the fact I have the BFG AT KO2's which are a much beefier tire. Has anyone had any luck resetting their sensors with this type of tire, or any other heavy duty tires like on the 2500/3500's? If you did, which reset tool did you use. I see a lot of people saying they can't reset their sensors, but now I wonder if the thicker tires is what's keeping us from doing so?
  16. Having difficulty isolating problem on my 2008 Silverado LT Crew Cab (Duramax). Months ago while traveling, the TPMS light began blinking and "Service Tire Monitor System" was displayed on the DIC. This happened numerous times intermittently (over several days). When I would look at tire pressure on the DIC, it would indicate 1 lb for one or more of the tires...... never the same tire each time. Initially the problem would last for a couple of minutes and then clear by itself,. Over time, the problem persisted until finally the Service Tire Monitor System displayed constantly. The TPMS light blinks for a few minutes after starting vehicle, then stays lit constantly while vehicle is running. The DIC now shows "--" instead of any numbers for tire pressure for every tire. Based on the fact that all of the sensors are less than 2 years old and the problem initially showed 1 lb for different tires, I do not believe it is a tire sensor problem. (I could be mistaken). I replaced all 4 sensors -- two of them about 20 months ago and the other two 6 months ago. When the original sensor on one tire became weak, the DIC indicated low pressure on just that tire, not intermittently on all tires. The symptoms now are different than when the battery was dying on an individual tire. My understanding is that the Remote Control Door Lock Receiver (RCDLR) serves as the receiver for the door Remote and the TPMS sensors. So far, I have removed the DSM fuse (which powers the RCDLR) for about a minute and replaced it..... just on the outside chance removing power to the RCDLR would resolve the issue. It didn't. My gut feel would be that the RDLR is defective, but all comments related to the RCDLR being the issue also indicates the door Remotes quit working. My Remotes still lock/unlock the door just fine. Any suggestions on what to check or do next would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!
  17. I have a 2007 SIerra. The TPMS sign in on as well as the yellow tire light. I can't get it to go into the relearn mode weather by putting on the park brake, key on and holding down trip set stem, also turning on/off the light switch 4 times or the lock/unlock button on the key fob. The GM dealership verified my tire sensors are all active and working. They tried a new ECM as well with no change. Basically the GM mechanics couldn't figure out how to fix it and returned my truck to me unchanged. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what was your solution.
  18. I have a 2015 GMC Canyon with 53K miles and the Keyless Entry and TPMS (Tire Pressure Sensors) stopped working at the same time. I am guessing it is an issue with the RF Module. I would like to check the fuse first before going to the dealer but I could not find keyless entry or TPMS listed in the fuse box diagram. I think it is probably one of the 8 Body Control Modules. Can someone tell me which fuse this is on? Is there anything else on the same fuse? Thanks
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