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  1. Glad you found this. My 2021 AT4 has the exact problem that's been driving me nuts for the last week that I've owned it. Being on OnStar a couple of times and they have had no answer for me. It's not that big of a deal cuz I'm using Android Auto but Will keep my eye on this now that you've listed it.
  2. I have the Timbren's and notice no difference in normal everyday driving....EXCEPT when I hit a big bump like railroad tracks or something like a frost crack in the road. In those situations they come in contact with the bumps stops and it feels stiff. I will say that they are great when towing and wouldn't be without them on my current setup. I might try Sumo next time as they are a more progressive spring rate as NontypicalCPA mentioned.
  3. I currently have 22" wheels on my '18 that I would like to know if they fit the 19-21 models. I have read that some fit and others need spacers depending on the wheel model. I have the ck160 wheels. Has anyone tried these wheels to the T1s?
  4. My starter came in 2 weeks after my last post....dealer installed works perfect again!
  5. Same for my 2018 with 25000 miles. Truck sat all weekend and worked fine Monday morning. Went to the store for 10 minutes, came out and just a click. Turned the key about 15 times, wiggled wires, did a dance and started right up. Put it in the garage to inspect, wouldn't start. Battery was fully charged, but I still charged overnight to be sure...wouldn't start in the morning. After about 20 turns with the key, starts right up and I took it to the dealer. It is important to note that the dash, headlights, interior lights all seemed to work fine with no messages about the battery. So now it sits at the dealer with the starter on National Back order! He is hoping it will be in within a 1.5 weeks. In the meantime, my loaner is a new 2020 loaded Yukon.....I can live with it for now, but miss my truck.
  6. Here is a link to my original post regarding my 22" Continental Terrain Contact A/T tires. I have about 15000 miles on them now and they look perfect. Very happy with these tires:
  7. I can confirm that the link above is the exact match for the frame wax....and I agree that I would not want to respray an entire rusted frame with it, but it does a great job at touching up the places it has worn off or been rubbed off. I just resprayed the frame rails behind the rear wheels and the top of the shock towers and it looks new again. Thanks for the link!
  8. Love these tires on my 22s, All terrain, but have not tried in the winter as I have dedicated winter tires....
  9. You will like the Contact A/ts. Very happy installing them on my truck. Handled great towing my camper with excellent rain performance.....and look awesome. I have dedicated winter tires, but have been using these tires in the snow due to an early storm and they are great in the snow too. Good luck.
  10. Timbrens work in the same principle in that they raise the back of the truck to help level it out and take some of the sag off of the springs. The main difference is that they are non-adjustable and replace the axle bump stops with a progressive style rubber spring that is attached with a bolt in the same location as the original bounce stops. Unloaded they sit a couple of inches above the axle and do not make contact with the axle. When you lower the camper they make contact with the axle padse and take some of the pressure off the springs. ... increasing ride height. Some complain they notice a difference in ride quality unloaded but I haven't. What I meant in my previous post was you could easily remove them for the winter or when you're not using them if you wanted to.
  11. See my post below. Went from a 2015 LTZ (conventional shocks) to 2018 Denali (magnetic shocks) and noticed the same problem. I was totally surprised by the ride difference. I couldn't find an air bag solution to work with Denali, so the solution for me was to put on Timbren SES to raise the ride height when towing, putting the shocks back into their sweet spot. Towed all summer including a two week trip with no problems. Ride quality was virtually the same unloaded, except on very harsh large bumps as you could tell the Timbren's might of come in contact with the axle. They are very easy to remove for the rest of the season if you choose to when done camping. (one bolt per side). Good luck.
  12. Michigan and Northern Ontario. Wish I could help you there. I have a different wheel and tire combo for the winter. I have not found better traction in the winter than running dedicated winter tires. Mine are Hankook Winter iPike tires and would never go back to all season in the winter. It is not only about moving ahead, but stability, tracking, and stopping as well. This way I get to run the tires I want in the summer and not worry about winter traction. Yes I have an up front cost, but each set lasts longer because I only run them half a year at a time.
  13. Yeah that's CR for you. There are many reports of how well these tires work off-road elsewhere. Lets face it, other than winter many of these tires will see 90% asphalt during their lifetime. I just wanted a extra traction without sacrificing road manors. I think these Continental Tires do a great job of meeting those demands.
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