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  1. <Coming Monday Ridge Grappler 35x11.5 What tires are on it now? In the 2nd pic they already look like Ridge Grapppler's. Are the Ridge Grappler's going to be LT or the XL Load range? Looking to do the same on my stock 20s.
  2. Thanks for posting this....I have been seeing it on my screen in the morning for the last couple of days. (5.3 V8)
  3. Just called to cancel and asked about Costco/Onstar discount for Remote Access. She just kept reading multiple discounts available and I asked about a prepay for one year and she offered me $68.20 for a year subscription, which works out to about 5.68 month. I could of signed up for a 2 or 3 year for $8:13 month, but I took the 1 year....for now.
  4. I have the same CK160s wheels but did not fit my AT4 due to the calipers. Did you puts spacers? What size? Do you have any more pics showing the stance or how much the wheels stick out past the fenders.
  5. Yep, my 2018 with 31000 miles had a bad starter. was on national backorder at that time if that tells you anything ?
  6. Looks Awesome! I think the BFGs are D rated LTs. I am Curious how the LT tires compare to the Ps that came with your truck as I would like to do the same. Would you mind sharing your experience with them regarding weight, ride, and gas mileage?
  7. Could you please elaborate on these tires as I am thinking of going the same route. Mainly concerned about the ride of the D rated vs the P rated OEM tires. weight and fuel mileage. I really love the way the truck is now....except I tow a camper during the summer months and am unsure about the OEM tires!
  8. Where do you go that needs chains? Could you please elaborate on these tires as I am thinking of going the same route. How about the ride with the D rated vs the P rated OEM tires. Much harsher of a ride difference?
  9. How do you like the Grabbers compared to the P rated tires it came with? Have any pics with them on?
  10. Absolutely agree. My '18 Denali had the 5.3 w/ 8 speed and when upgrading to a '21 I had my heart set on the 3.0 or the 6.2, BUT once I test drove the 5.3 with the 10 speed I felt like it was a totally different engine. Very happy with the 5.3....now!
  11. Glad you found this. My 2021 AT4 has the exact problem that's been driving me nuts for the last week that I've owned it. Being on OnStar a couple of times and they have had no answer for me. It's not that big of a deal cuz I'm using Android Auto but Will keep my eye on this now that you've listed it.
  12. I have the Timbren's and notice no difference in normal everyday driving....EXCEPT when I hit a big bump like railroad tracks or something like a frost crack in the road. In those situations they come in contact with the bumps stops and it feels stiff. I will say that they are great when towing and wouldn't be without them on my current setup. I might try Sumo next time as they are a more progressive spring rate as NontypicalCPA mentioned.
  13. I currently have 22" wheels on my '18 that I would like to know if they fit the 19-21 models. I have read that some fit and others need spacers depending on the wheel model. I have the ck160 wheels. Has anyone tried these wheels to the T1s?
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