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  1. Please, please share this mod. I would love to keep mine in Sport mode as I keep forgetting to turn in on!
  2. Thx. Tires are louder than stock, but not super loud or annoying. I bough them because they are XL rated and not LT so they weigh about the same as the stock tires. I towed my camper all last summer and they performed great. I would buy them again. Seem to wear great too. Made the stickers myself on a vinyl machine.
  3. Put my AMP bed extender from my 2018 Denali onto my At\4 with Milti-pro gate (not carbon bed) and installed and works exactly as it should. No problems at all.
  4. Not the same: x31 and z71 come with twin tube ranchos......AT4 and Trail boss come with different monotube Ranchos (upgraded).
  5. I have a '21 AT4 with the 20" All Terrains and it has Sport mode. It's hard to believe that they would remove a feature just because someone choose the 18 Duratracs. Are you in 4x4 mode, maybe sport is only available when it is in 2wd High. Now I am going to have to check!
  6. Mine has the wireless charging too. Just set it down, charges and connects wirelessly to Android auto. On a side note, my Google Pixel has worked flawless with Android Auto, while my daughters iPhone music gets choppy every once and a while. After having it both ways, I would not go back to a cable.
  7. I too have had the Adaptive Cruise suddenly turn off exactly as the OP posted. Once I was driving with the Adaptive Cruise on with no vehicles ahead of me and the the seat vibrated, lights flashed, and disabled the cruise for no apparent reason. Second time I was on the freeway and the adaptive cruise was working fine for an hour or so, then as I was approaching a slower vehicle in my lane waiting for the adaptive cruise to adjust my speed to match the approaching vehicle the Adaptive Cruise suddenly shut off exactly the OP stated and I had to press the brake to slow down my vehicle. In BOTH situations, the Adaptive Cruise would not turn back on and I had to switch to regular cruise for the rest of the trip. After I restarted the truck after a stop the Adaptive Cruise starting working again. Definitely a malfunction of some sort.
  8. I too installed the CURT Tailgate Hitch Solution. Plugs into the existing harness, no splicing wires, clean look, and works great so far.
  9. I was in the same boat as you and the choices are very few options if you do not want a SL or LT E rated tire. If you want to something bigger than SL, but do not want an LT tire....than you want an XL tire. I have run XL rated on my last 4 trucks and find them the best compromise between SL and LT tires. Almost the same weight as an SL tire but extra strength in the sidewall for towing and stability. I was in the same situation as you and just got Nitto Ridge Grappler 276/60/20 XL tires (they also make them in LT in that size) and I love them so far. They look a bigger than the Trail Runner ATs and definitely more aggresse. Look like what the AT4 should of came with. If you want something less aggressive they also make their other AT tire, the Terra Grappler G2 in the XL rating. There are very few XL tires in that size, others being Cooper LTZ and I believe a highway tread tire in the General Grabber H series (I think). The only other option is Hankook AT, BFG KO2 and General Grabber ATx are all made in D instead of having to go to an E rated tire. I will try and get a pic for you and post it here.
  10. I actually have the tool from Amazon due to me changing from Winter to summer wheels on my truck. The GM sensors are much more expensive purchased from the dealer than when ordered with a truck. Only $50.00 option if ordered, Was hoping to find someone with he GM ones they didn't need and wanted to sell. I can purchase aftermarket for around $80-$90, but was hoping for real GM, not aftermarket. Thanks.
  11. Looking to add the Tire Pressure Sensors to each of the 4 wheels of my RV. If anyone's truck came with these and you do not need them, please PM me
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