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  1. Here they are on a 2020 AT4 with stock 20s
  2. I know this is old thread but it helped me. With sizing. I have some 275/65/r20 Firestone Destination XT on stock 20 wheels.
  3. How are you liking these and how are they holding up? I am looking at these for my 2020 1500AT4 on stock 20s in 285/60/R20.
  4. I know this is an older thread but figured I would share my option. I will say that a few of the tonneau cover companies in this thread either aren’t available or so far back ordered right now still because of covid. I went with the A.R.E. Fusion. I stumbled across it when making my searches and really liked the painted panels instead of the different black painted/textured/matte/gloss options. I installed it in less that 30 minutes with a helper. I ha rained everyday this week and it hasn’t leaked from either driving or being parked in rain. I didn’t see this posted so I wanted to share mine. If I run into issues down the road I will come back and update also.
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