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  1. This is happening on a lot of the trucks right now. My local dealer told me the same thing essentially. All trucks are being sold without certain features because the chips aren't available. They are selling them to just move the trucks to allow for fresh inventory
  2. Would love to hear additional sound bits of drive-bys and under load.
  3. I want to know more about those of you guys running the 35x11.50x20 Ridge Grapplers. Those tires are 23lbs heavier than stock each! How does the truck like that extra weight?
  4. This is a great question that I am looking for an answer too. I have a 2019 6.2 and have held off to see what others are experiencing. People don't understand the mesh screens aren't on the 6.2 but keep commenting on threads about 6.2s on how to fix them....
  5. Yep I just tested this on mine tonight and I had the same experience. Definitely not safe at all.
  6. You are right. It comes stock with 18s. Mine had OEM 20s on it at that tire size.
  7. I also read somewhere that someone said their truck magically no longer does the auto stop/start with this installed. Can anyone confirm that?
  8. I've never tried it in this way...I too thought it was hot all the time. I will need to try this out whenever I get a chance.
  9. Bumping this again. Anyone with pictures? Reminder this is stock AT4s only. No levels or modifications (except to cure rubbing)
  10. I wish I could make up my mind on what I want to do. I loved the sound of the 12909 on my 2018....but haven't figured out yet what I want to do for the 2019.
  11. I personally like that it does this for you. Not a bad safety feature.
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