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  1. I just put some on my 19 that I had on my 16 and 18.
  2. Again I am only looking for people that do not have any modifications to suspension or spacers or new wheels. Stock wheels, stock suspension...biggest tire size.
  3. That's awesome to know...that was the size I planned on going with. Thank you!
  4. I would like to keep this thread on topic...NO LEVEL! @Mash2k10 so you had no rubbing or issues prior to the level?
  5. Its a big bummer that they are locking these down so hard. I can see on the Duramax due to all of the emissions, but on these gassers it just sucks.
  6. Similar to the 18" post, I want to see a thread with a 100% stock setup and what size tires you put on for 20" stock wheels only. This thread is not for leveling kits or aftermarket wheels. Post up some pictures! Let us know what size your tires are and what kind. I'm really only interested in doing very minor trimming if needed. My last truck I just had to zip tie the liner a little further back. Thanks! My current stock AT4
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