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  1. Replacement mufflers anyone?

    Can you upload to youtube?
  2. How big did you go on lift to get those 37s on it?
  3. It is Satin Steel.
  4. Question on getting tune on 2019

    Its a big bummer that they are locking these down so hard. I can see on the Duramax due to all of the emissions, but on these gassers it just sucks.
  5. Similar to the 18" post, I want to see a thread with a 100% stock setup and what size tires you put on for 20" stock wheels only. This thread is not for leveling kits or aftermarket wheels. Post up some pictures! Let us know what size your tires are and what kind. I'm really only interested in doing very minor trimming if needed. My last truck I just had to zip tie the liner a little further back. Thanks! My current stock AT4
  6. Did you have to use a spacer? Any modifications?
  7. I think it sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing the packaging on FB...glad to see its a 50 series muffler.
  8. Available mods for 2019 Sierra

    That’s really cool. Can you take pictures anyways? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. This is my AT4 with about 4000 lbs between boat and trailer. I’ll check my bump stops next time I hook it up. I didn’t feel like it was bouncing on the stops when I drove it back home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Available mods for 2019 Sierra

    So completely stock, 35/12.50/20, and no rubbing or a little rubbing? Can you take more pictures?
  11. AT4 with Duratracs

    That's impressive. I'm still waiting for someone to see the biggest tire that fits with stock 20s on the AT4 without a level.
  12. Homelink when truck off

    Mine works while the truck is off. Its hot all the time.
  13. Unfortunately I don't. That truck is now totaled and in the vehicle graveyard

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