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  1. hotspot is crap, just remember to delete it from your phone when trail runs out or you wont be able to use anything on phone, it will pair even if your service has expired
  2. if that monitor is right my brakes will be gone at 9k, why even put crap like this when its not correct.... i hope not anyway. My 2000 z71 went 100k before needing a brake job
  3. Anybody else have rear door top edge that is slightly under flush with roof? mine and others ive seen in pictures has the rear top edge slightly under the roof edge, maybe 1/16'' doesnt hurt anything, door seals fine but annoying a truck this costly doesnt line up flush as i think it should'
  4. mine does it to, also seems to take a couple seconds to go from reverse to drive, after the first 40 feet its fine.
  5. Sucks they did away with sunglass holder I used it everyday in my other trucks, somebody needs to bitch slap the ass at gm who came up with leaving it off the new trucks. lol
  6. Wish someone would figure out how to add a device or disable somewhere besides the auto stop switch, its a pure nightmare to access it in a truck with a full console.
  7. The new 10 speed does not have sharp shifts in all gears, it will skip gears and usually does a slow shift going from 1 to 3 and then to 5. if in normal driving mode. at least that's how it works in the ford, same transmission.
  8. I read all 2019 Gm trucks will have this but none of the road test people mention it. I also read for the first time Gm is adding a disable button to turn it off. Also no mention of seat comfort as 2019 are supposed to have different seat manufacturers and its at a different angle than 2018 back along with steering wheel position moved to center can anyone elaborate on these subjects?
  9. or the fact 0-20 burns thru the engines like mine, uses a qt every 6k oil change
  10. Its not about a vender its about a different manufacturer who possibly builds a more comfortable seat
  11. Does anyone know if GM as stated in this topic went with Lear or other different seat manufacturer for the 2019 I have been holding off trading my uncomfortable high country because i want to stay with GM but if it ts going to have the same POS seats mine have im going to look at other brands
  12. Back in 2016 alot of people me included were unhappy with the hard uncomfortable front seats in the high end Hich country and denali and there was talk that GM was going to use a new seat manufacturer either in 2018 or 2019 but other than the 2019 having a different seat angle I have not heard if the seats are the same as 2017 or made by someone else.
  13. When i asked the same at my dealer it was 10K off the purchase price, not off the msrp. no good way to say it but bend over. I was told it was the same drop i would have if i drove it a year and went 15k.
  14. My 17 has a annoying "POP" sound every hour or so, i have a older tv in my house that does the same thing. Its a plastic sound just like the tv, it does it as the truck heats or cools in the interior. Comes from i think the radio cluster like something is in a bind and builds resistance then shifts making the noise anybody have this or have a fix?

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