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  1. mine does that if I go faster than my set speed reminder is set on, set on 80 and took a few times bumping passed that to figure what the beeping was about.
  2. arrow button on screen, if you have nav, all trucks show it but it only works if the truck is optioned with it, unless you pay to have it activated,
  3. In Ga, just being out of service for 30 days is a lemon law accepted reason, check your states lemon law.
  4. Good mileage with a 6.2, my 5.3 only gets 16.5 on a mixed city/hwy and 15 if just around town
  5. My 19 drops to first at a very slow speed and is almost not noticeable,
  6. Is there any time the DFM is turned off ? I know at times the AFM would be off in my 17, Id just like to see how it runs without it
  7. Went in for first service 5960 miles brake monitor read 14 front 22 rear, had the update done was at 100 drove less than a mile back to 14 and 22, went back and im sure they just reset it this time but so far its reading 98 f and 99 rear, I don't care if its wrong just don't want bells to go off if it drops to low.
  8. Ok the new DFM system has been out a year now on the 5.3-6.2 anyone have a disable? Is there a tuner yet? I want something that will adjust transmission shift points and firmness, sucks that you have to tweak a 60k truck to work as good as old one.
  9. I have the factory option on my truck, you could of course use your fob to unlock before getting close to truck but door buttons don't work unless you are right next to truck. I keep fob in my left front pocket and if reach for handle before im very close it wont work.
  10. I posted this same issue back in 2017 with my high country, search it and you can read how many hated the seats, now to 2019 nothing has changed, my 19 sierra slt has the same uncomfortable seat. nothing will fix it, on my 17 I had the cushion removed repaded, vibrators moved and other tweaks to the tune of 500 bucks and it was only slightly better. I read the 2018 up seats were being built by someone else but they must have built on the same platform as they even look the same. GM is aware and I was contacted on here by a rep. no help they really don't give a crap about a lot of things these trucks do. I have just learned to live with it on my new truck.
  11. Same issue with my 19 SLT, 5.3 8 speed, about 3-4 times weekly on first driving off...dealer kept over night and guess what... couldn't duplicate customers issue, operating normal, sucks, mine also does it after reversing and going to drive sometimes, after its been driven all day,GM has a fix, they will probably shitcan the8 speed and go to 10 speed in most all. the only fix I know is trade it for a ram or ford, or a 6.2, with 10 speed gm but they might have other issues.
  12. I bought a new KN filter for my 19, 5.3 . I installed and hoping to get better throttle response and a mile or two better mpg. I was surprised when my mpg dropped from 16 to the 12’s ! Didn’t notice any better performance either. Anyone else try this? I ran it for one tank then pulled it out, after another tank and original filter back in mpg went back to 16.
  13. hotspot is crap, just remember to delete it from your phone when trail runs out or you wont be able to use anything on phone, it will pair even if your service has expired
  14. if that monitor is right my brakes will be gone at 9k, why even put crap like this when its not correct.... i hope not anyway. My 2000 z71 went 100k before needing a brake job
  15. Anybody else have rear door top edge that is slightly under flush with roof? mine and others ive seen in pictures has the rear top edge slightly under the roof edge, maybe 1/16'' doesnt hurt anything, door seals fine but annoying a truck this costly doesnt line up flush as i think it should'
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