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  1. Update, Denali ultimate 2020, 1320 miles leaking rear window, water intrusion so bad all carpet front and rear totally saturated with rain water . After my truck being at dealer for a month i got it back, leak fixed, my leak was different it from the rear defrost wire being caught under the window frame driver side and it had a hole in sealer size of pencil according to the leak specialist my dealer used to fix it. Now the rest of the story, for you guys who think its a easy fix well the actual leak is but the problem Is if they have to replace carpet or drop the headliner like they did in mine they gut your truck, to drop headliner alone means every corner pillar front center and rear has to be removed along with the back seat. My truck doesn’t leak but the inside is scratched and scared and many parts broken like the fastener covers and line up pins on rear corner covers and on and on. My dealers tech must have missed how to properly remove and replace trim. Dealer ordered some replacement parts but I didn’t want the rest of the truck where they scratched side of dash and other places torn out so I guess I’ll live with them. I also have rattling and pops and cracks from where everything was taken out and put back in. So to me the fix is almost worse than the problem . I opened a case with GM to have it on record but as of now have not been offered anything as compensation for all the trouble or imo diminished value ot my truck. If you’re thinking About buying a GM truck I would hold off till this problem is addressed at the factory. I feel for all going thru this ordeal
  2. from what I have read, resonators handle the drone, cans on 6.2 and screens on 5.3 do the same job of cancelling it out on the stock exhaust, most cat backs don't have them and many say no drone so not sure how it works on them.
  3. better check the 2020 if they offer you one my 2020 denali is at day 22 waiting on backorder carpet,rear window leak repaired by what seems to be a competant expert but only water will tell
  4. 3 weeks at dealer, said issue was rear window where defrost cable went in, void in urethane the size of little finger, repaired and said no leak now, waiting on new carpet to arrive.
  5. 3 weeks at dealer, leak repaired im told, said it had a void in urethane where defrost cable connected the size of your little finger. my truck carpets were soaked front to back, not sure im buying it all came from rear window but they say they tested it , waiting on new carpets to come in.
  6. leaking 2020 denali, but my carpets in front were soaked rear was wet driver side and damp passenger, been at dealer 8 days so far they say they gutted interior and ordered new carpet and resealed back glass but my truck had most of the water in front and I could even here it slosh back in forth when stopping or starting off and sounded like from front rockers or under dash. has anyone had success with the rear being resealed?
  7. ok truck at dealer today is day 8, and the only thing they tell me is they resealed rear window last week and the water specialist will be back in a day or two, said they were not in hurry cause they had to order all new carpet and car interior is gutted (his words). I asked to speak to the tech doing the work so I will see if he calls me and update
  8. got my mf 12909 was going to have it installed but big rain soaked my front and rear carpets so its been at dealer since Monday,
  9. look at the dual purpose Kawasaki, think its a 650, son had one very capable on and off road
  10. check all the carpets and behind rear seat for signs of mosture before buying. my 2020 denali is leaking front and rear, big rain all carpets soaked front and rear, at dealer for a few days, rear window resealed no word yet on front leaks
  11. My truck 2020 denali 1300 miles had for 5 weeks is at dealer for soaked carpet front, driver and passenger and behind driver behind passenger is damp but not soaked, plus I could hear flowing water when stopping and starting off. dealer called said rear window was leaking and was resealed will test tomorrow to see if fixed, also leaking from front and they will try and find it next. has anyone who had a reseal had it be successful ??? Its looking like a lemon law case might be in my future
  12. I had a 2018 f150 which had issues, but it had the 3.5 twin turbo, very peppy motor penty of power, I was given a 2.7 just like mine as a loaner while mine was in for repair and I drove it aprox 1000 miles, it was good but not as powerful, I would not pick it if I hauled loads or trailers with weight. also it was a little sluggish on highway compared to mine
  13. Just a heads up, my 2020 denali built in usa is leaking from the front I think, had radio off the other day and heard water flowing as I stopped, and again once I started off, being my truck had all weather mats I never knew till I raised them up I had soaked front carpet both sides and even the rears were damp. At dealer now, a water intrusion specialist (their words) is coming tomorrow to check out and hopefully fix it. never washed yet a little over 1k miles and 6 weeks old. we have had severe rain several times. fyi.... I read gm does not water test every truck, they only do a random selection and test from the assembly line.
  14. Now that you bring it up. it could be coming from under dashboard but i have heard it moving as i come to a stop and then move again on taking off. Oh well I dropped it at dealership today and they said they bring in a water intrusion specialist for leak issues and he would be there Wednesday to check it out. So will update when I know something
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