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  1. These are back ordered everywhere. I’m hoping the intake tube on the new shipments are nice and smooth like in the photo above. All the installed photos I’ve seen so far have an uneven line stamped into the tube running lengthwise. Makes it look cheap. The Roto-Fab intake tube looks the best.
  2. I’m curious about this too because it seems like mostly the 6.2 guys having drone.
  3. Thanks for the info. How’s it holding up? Did you pass this info on to the service department? I wonder if there’s a TSB floating around now.
  4. I got the same issue with my 2020 Trail Boss. Here’s a thread I bookmarked for my next visit to the service department. Hope this helps.
  5. Ya they should at least inspect the axle and replace the boots, repacked with fresh grease of course. I tore a CV boot on my levelled Colorado ZR2 and used Shoe Goo to patch it. It works really well and is tough as nails but still has a little flex.
  6. You can disable the DFM with the Range device. https://www.rangetechnology.com/products/afm-dfm_disabler/
  7. You can disable the DFM with the Range device. https://www.rangetechnology.com/products/afm-dfm_disabler/
  8. I have the SU4 and I can hear the noise a little bit but it’s not enough to bother me. The 6.2 engine makes enough noises that it all blends nicely like an orchestra of testosterone and tornados.
  9. The unused plug had ignition power already running to it even though it wasn’t in play. I used this little wiring harness from Invisicord that just uses pins to slide into the plugs. Pay attention to the type of USB plug you need for your device (I chose mini USB) and the harness pin size (I chose micro pins). The little black box converts the 12v power down to 5v for the dash cam. http://invisicord.com/osc2/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=58&osCsid=6e06476ee0000188b61c3e0cc10878dd
  10. The plug that the guy taps into on his Denali is the exact same plug that was glued inside the headliner of my LT Trail Boss (remove the roof console and it’s right there - circled in the photo below). I followed his instructions and used the purple/white wire for power and the black/white wire for ground.
  11. Use this video to see a close up and description of exactly what wires to use for power and ground.
  12. I think the guys with one flapper on their T1 6.2s might’ve been fed a line of BS from their salesperson when purchasing haha! Go pop the hood and see if it’s really a 6.2 because it might actually be a 5.3 you got. Next we will have posts like “my 6.2 has a 5.3 in it” haha!
  13. Thanks a lot! I took the roof console out and found the plug glued to the headliner just like you said. They used way too much glue on mine, but it came out after a little bit of patience and a lot of prying. The plug and wires matched 100% with the ones in the YouTube video with the Denali from Dmitry’s Garage. Gen5 doesn’t seem to be aware of the unused plug glued into the headliner. For our application they’re running wires from the passenger side fuse box instead. Here are some pics of my install if it helps anyone else with the manual rear view mirror. I zip tied the pins too so they don’t move.
  14. That would be great... is it right by the onstar buttons?
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