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  1. This just happened to my 2020 6.2L Trail Boss. Truck threw all those codes while driving, so I pulled over parked and shut her down. Then I tried to restart the truck and it wouldn’t start. About 20min later it finally started.
  2. I bet your dealership sold you a problem truck that someone else dumped out of frustration. Then the sales staff slapped a “dealer certified” banner in the window and called it a day.
  3. Mine is still doing this too (in addition to periodically not starting and throwing a ton dash codes and alerts)… no fix from the dealership of course.
  4. Christmas will be here soon enough, so let’s all just sit back, enjoy some eggnog and let the jingling bring about the Christmas spirit haha!
  5. Just wait another 2 years and eventually you’ll get an answer on here
  6. I’ve heard it on my 2020 Trail Boss but only once. I’ve got the SU4 axle.
  7. So is that how it gets installed? Piece by piece with a bunch of lines everywhere? I like the idea of added protection but don’t want a sloppy install with lines everywhere. If it was in one piece like a proper wrap then I’d do it for sure.
  8. GM released a TSB for their customers to drive around with a blowup doll filled with sand in the passenger seat which offsets the weight difference and keeps everything kosher.
  9. I’m the same way… damn army issued OCD haha!
  10. Are you sure the bed isn’t misaligned?
  11. Mine is still creaking but I’m starting to think it might actually just be the extreme suppleness of these leather-wrapped steering wheels. My sales guy said they were hand stitched by Arabian kings. It’s either that or GM has some ****** steering columns.
  12. My local service department said to come back if the warning lights came back on. Super helpful haha.
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