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  1. What fender kit are you referring to? I don’t think they make one for the Silverados, but I’ve seen one for the Sierras.
  2. Update! Here’s my wife’s Suburban with the Trail Boss 18s and 275/65r18 Falken Wildpeak AT3Ws. Fits perfectly.
  3. I’ve searched this forum and couldn’t find anyone who’s tried this muffler delete kit on a 6.2 w/ DFM. There’s lots of talk about flappers and removing one, both or none to address the sounds made by DFM. Has anyone just followed the instructions below, and if so what was the result? Any good?
  4. From what I’ve been reading on this forum 6.2 guys are having success with changing the muffler and removing only the downstream flapper.
  5. I ran them on my Colorado ZR2... I chose them because they were hub-centric and the offset was what I was looking for.
  6. Is there an upgraded battery available for these trucks?
  7. I saw this photo rendering of a Tahoe with the stock 18-inch Silverado Trail Boss wheels on it and showed my wife who just got a 2020 Suburban. Does anyone know if these will actually fit, or if there’s any modification required?
  8. I pulled a bunch of Trail Boss build sheets in my area and all of them have the AAM SU4 front axle (meaning they also have the corresponding AAM SU7 rear axle). Some here have asked why they don’t just swap the whole front axle but I’m guessing (this is just a guess) it’s because of the different fluids used in the axles... dealerships often have a hard enough time putting the correct oil in already. Imagine having 2 different axles from 2 different manufacturers and requiring different fluids for service. Since AAM is “American Made” I’m guessing it’s good quality. If this problem is just a noise during certain speeds and not actually doing any damage to the truck, then maybe most can live with it - especially if they enjoy Christmas music haha!
  9. I see there’s a finishing cap for the GMC... hopefully someone will make a cap for the Chevy.
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