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  1. When I close my tailgate I can hear and feel rattling inside the tailgate. I was thinking of opening up the tailgate and see what’s making the noise. Then maybe adding some padding in the right places will fix it.
  2. I got the newest version of the XG10575 and it’s rated 99% at 20 microns, better than the OEM filter. They also increased the bypass pressure to meet our requirements. The new bypass pressure is 16-28psi (22psi is smack in the middle).
  3. Who’s using the Fram XG10575 Ultra Synthetic oil filter? And what do you think of it?
  4. Ya I guess that one IS the bigger one after all.
  5. Is there an aftermarket oil cooler line kit available?
  6. What’s the part number for the longer/higher capacity oil filter for these T1s?
  7. I have inside information from a reliable source that the difference is from the Chevy bow tie on the grille. The wind noise is huge.
  8. Boy am I glad I got the 6.2L haha! Hopefully this “bigger better” engine will be able to handle a few puddles.
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