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  1. I have inside information from a reliable source that the difference is from the Chevy bow tie on the grille. The wind noise is huge.
  2. Boy am I glad I got the 6.2L haha! Hopefully this “bigger better” engine will be able to handle a few puddles.
  3. Newdude, aren’t you a GM Tech or something? Tell me, does the torque management software help with wear and tear on parts and components too?
  4. Okay so hopefully this helps someone. I went ahead and installed BORA 1.5in spacers on my stock Trail Boss running 295/70/18 Falken Wildpeaks on factory wheels. Here’s how it looks. There’s no rubbing because I manscaped the wheel well (mud flap and bracket mod).
  5. I’ve had similar experiences too. It’s funny how many Americans talk trash about imported goods when workers here often can’t match the work ethic.
  6. Stock suspension Trail Boss with 295/70r18 Falken Wildpeak tires and 1.5in BORA wheel spacers. Just the right amount of stance and lift in my opinion. No rubbing at all since I trimmed the front mud flaps and removed the little brackets hidden behind them.
  7. I have the same issue on my 2020... so far there’s been no TSBs
  8. Can you link that thread so we can see what you’re talking about? Thanks.
  9. Looks like these will increase caster more than factory ones... that will reduce tire rub with bigger tires.
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