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  1. Good to see another one from the industry, Have you seen camshaft scaring on the Hemis from 2009 to 2014? TIPM was a big problem and still havent been changed out.
  2. Craziest thing I have heard on these forms yet, you've been waiting for 5 months this is where a lawyer gets involved and you get your money back
  3. Expected that stupid reply from you lol normal as changing oil.
  4. I dont know where your getting lifetime applications here in Winnipeg Rust check is Annually renewable warranties to all cars less than one model year and Id like to know what price your talking about, you see Rams or Fords here that look like this after 20000KM? they are actually powdercated.
  5. Dont put words into my mouth, Im not a tech and this is no friend please read. Its a customer and GM doenst repair it they cover it up with rubberized coating. Im gonna tell you this again as the original posts says I ASKED FOR PEOPLE TO CHECK THEIRS. GET that?
  6. No kidding, I still cant figure out why waste money on these people. Ya we can call the numbers we can figure that out
  7. Did you even look at the close up pic they are like new and yes thats how they look from factory almost bald when looking at them from a distance.
  8. You dont need to tell me anything, Ive known this since the 2014 I work for a dealership, I simply said for people to check theirs.
  9. Hes an older guy his house is about 1000 feet of driving on a dirt road it doesnt get worked at all , dirt road to highway into the city.
  10. Shut up with your crapota bullshit already and dont come on here saying no maker has this figured out dont speak on behalf of other makers you know nothing. Toyota has the best diesel around the world period.
  11. This is a 2020 with 16000 miles on it, guy came in with this complaint. Anyone here actually look at their frames, if you live on gravel roads this is way more common his entire underside looks like its a 10 year old truck
  12. That woman is going to kill this company, what she did with the Blazer was a travesty and now the bread and butter truck is just a mess that wont stop having issues left and right. I would like to know on how many they bought back at this point.
  13. It's one guys opinion. The 6.2l and the 6 speed is the best bang for the buck buying used.
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