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  1. Well you say IF, then it doesnt you either accept it or you dont, thats what kills the whole front end.
  2. Ok since we are in the 2020 section, I'll clear it up for you. Our FIRST one on the 2020s
  3. What makes you think its special? Afm lifters fail more often then non afm lifters.
  4. hey can you delete my post Just something we are doing at the shop...

  5. Are you for real? IT DOES NOT PREVENT THE PROBLEM FROM HAPPENING. post pics?, I just mentioned that we are doing a failed lifter at my dealership. They arent different stop making things up and speaking of making things up where did you come up with "they are failing so often "? and nobody is attacking anyone. Please just go away
  6. Ok man here compare https://www.iihs.org/ratings/class-summary/large-pickups to extended cab to GM and dont guess on MPG, my 6.2 MAX gets 14, its getting ridiculous when you start saying towing numbers are more important for a SUPER DUTY lol, Im gonna stop now because you dont know what you are talking about alot of us TOW, its not about what you do.
  7. Did you look at the crash test results? different versions of trucks perform differently overall the Tundra did well . Design applies differently to ones taste, I think the silverado HD look outdated and are ugly etc. AS for MPG its inline with all others when towing, HWY unloaded others are much better.
  8. you obviously dont get it. IT DOESNT fix the problem there is a design flaw with the AFM DFM lifter themselves. And it doesn't matter what motor trim level it is, I work at a GM dealership
  9. People buy it to fix their AFM problems, but it does its job that correct
  10. Just so you know that it does not solve the failed lifter design, We see those Range disablers and failed lifters alot.
  11. Outdated in terms of what? I mean the biggest most comfortable seats, the right size touch screens with big noobs, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise etc, first company to use the biggest 4 piston calipers on the 1500s. No problems with electronics engine or transmission. I can go on. But, Ive worked for Toyota, Ram Ford and now GM, drive a Gm, I went from a 2014 due to problems to a 2008 and the next one will be a 71 built from the ground up. But, for everyday driving the everyday man the Toyota is by far the best.
  12. Garbage dealership and garbage lazy mechanic, go back and get new carpet
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