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  1. Lol gm engines have had lifter and bent rods since they first came out, after afm came out things got worse, but always been garbage.
  2. Take that with you to a gm dealerMC-10163890-9999.pdf
  3. Gm has an updated one, so does the aftermarket world. But before doing that there is a new mobil 1 tranny fluid that gm came out with its a tsb. Do that first
  4. If you sold these things and you actually worked at a dealership then you should know The drive shaft does not solve the problem .It's the torque converter that's the problem and if that doesn't fix it then you're gonna be throwing everything at it
  5. "never had a low oil issue" but you did add oil all GM LS engines burn oil more then any other engine from any maker.
  6. Normal GM operation, I always drove with a liter of oil in the back lol. Just GM junk always been that way.
  7. LOL, there you go remove TC and ABS and its fixed, gotta love people buying these engineering fails and trying to reengineer a failure.
  8. And have similar problems. Try a titan or a tundra.
  9. Exactly, staring with this thread would be a bright idea.
  10. Gm does have a grace period. If one dealership doesn't help you go to another one.
  11. Nothings been fixed just more problems found during the 3 years, just look at the topics here with endless page counts. Why would you get into the same when you know of all the problems. Move onto another brand.
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