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  1. Ram has tried to address this with counter balance weights on the frame and its worked, GM hasnt and its been a problem since the NNBS, whenever AFM/DFM is on.
  2. Some of the stupidest things Ive heard, I just heard from you. Actually, I bought a 41K Tundra and have a perfect truck with absolutely zero issues. That tranny shifting like crap being normal and rear end clunking being normal, I cant stop laughing. keep going
  3. Thats funny coming from a guy that has the ugliest designed truck in history, from the back to the front.
  4. Ya because it has everything your Chevy has and actually drives.
  5. Stop with your guessing there is other products that meet the criteria we had several different spray cans at the dealership that we used on peeling frames, its tough for you I get it.
  6. read i know its hard, or just go guess some lottery numbers
  7. Did you read what i wrote? i know how they are dipped. So you dont know if thats the actual product thats used on the entire frame you guessed, that is whats used at dealerships to repair peeling frames. Gm has never mentioned who the supplier is and i worked for them
  8. Thats what they use at dealerships to repair frames, did GM tell you they have used it on the frames from factory?
  9. I ve had that on my 2007 2008 and 2009 NNBS, well known they just have unusual glitches those rear sensors. I still have spare brand new ones
  10. I guess we can give the title Driver Returns On Foot AKA FORD backwards to GM now.
  11. Yup, always have some noise from the exhaust. Thats the best way t go.
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