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  1. On a much slower pace. And it doesn't matter what gm calls it it doesn't heal itself I worked for gm and never seen it
  2. yes, It took me about 40 hours to clean my frame and then prime paint it myself.
  3. Bad gasket if thats where its coming from. Just good ol GM... more problems to come.
  4. LOL love the self healing part. Umm no it doesnt thats where the rust starts. Nothings better then a fully primed sealed and painted frame like RAM and Ford and Toyota use.
  5. That bag design is the best thing ever, I buy those for all my vehicles and you can get it in everywhere no pumps wicked.
  6. Several dealerships are refusing to take them in on trade here, one toyota dealership is out of tundras here and lot full of gms. Dump it whichever way you can.
  7. we all hear your stupid on a daily basis
  8. you wont, just a clueless fool spewing garbage
  9. Dont respond to the moron, he knows nothing I mean NOTHING and he'll point you to Tundra.com
  10. Do you hear the stupid that comes out your mouth, just STFU.
  11. This is a grounding issue, this is why dealers cant pinpoint it and throw new units at it. Its been happening since last generation.
  12. ya I miss read that. there is a 2LT 2019 my bad. but ya I had the same problem its unbearable.
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