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  1. Ya this is what I'm looking at with the baby dmax. Thanks to everyone that has responded to this poll
  2. Then stop posting in it, its for my own opinion, dont like it just dont post here go on with your life, this isnt a scientific poll its not gonna have variables.
  3. and yet you have the time to write all that out, dont like it move along, I dont need to hear you blapper on, this is a simple poll.
  4. Ya never really know why they just dropped it, I thought it had some potential. I guess its either really small diesels or the big boys that fits the best.
  5. How many of you had issues with your transmissions and what was wrong, and what got fixed. For the T1 trucks 2019 to current
  6. Ya Ive looked at the same thing, but Tundras I had I got 19 to 20 on highway, the other thing is does one have the space, tools and lift for those repairs and do you want to play around with engine teardowns, Im personally looking at the 3L diesels
  7. That limp mode had to do with their BCMs, tranny was culprit too, Def thing ya thats typical cummins
  8. Id like to hear from everyone with a 3L about all the issues and things you like and dislike about your truck
  9. And they should never change that power train because its the best around, that company gets it.
  10. Ya its ok, its too bad they spent years co developing the awesome 5L Cummins and then completely ****ed up the design of the truck they put it into, and sold almost nothing. They have just as many issues as the current GMs from what Ive seen and Ive worked for most of the manufacturers. Trannys were horrendous. Cummins need to take that motor and sell it to another manufacturer it cant just be discontinued its great.
  11. Those carbon pros are beautiful, but ya this gen is the faultiest I have seen yet.
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