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  1. And have similar problems. Try a titan or a tundra.
  2. Exactly, staring with this thread would be a bright idea.
  3. Gm does have a grace period. If one dealership doesn't help you go to another one.
  4. Nothings been fixed just more problems found during the 3 years, just look at the topics here with endless page counts. Why would you get into the same when you know of all the problems. Move onto another brand.
  5. Worst trucks on the road currently. And I've had every brand.
  6. Ya, they dropped the ball on this gen, was looking forward to it
  7. Its seamless when it does switch there are some issuses when MDS is active. Point is atleast RAM is trying unlike GM.
  8. Ram has tried to address this with counter balance weights on the frame and its worked, GM hasnt and its been a problem since the NNBS, whenever AFM/DFM is on.
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