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  1. Hi Phil, I have a 2016 Denali 1500 that I am installing a sport bar on. I would like to install a pair of lights as well. There's a small 2 wire harness for inside the truck and a new light switch available from GM parts with red ring. Will this new switch work with my truck and do you have the 2 wire harness I can buy from you? Thanks for all your help

  2. Hi Phil,  nice new truck. While back you did some great stuff with tow mirrors on the 2016 and newer sierra 1500. I have a 16 Denali 1500. Is there any factory equipped truck that has the tow mirrors I need for my truck? Trying to avoid spending the big bucks at the dealer. If theres a used 2500 or 3500 with the exact mirrors I need maybe you can tell me what to look for so i can buy your harness kit etc and save a bit of money? Any help would be great

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    2. Razr20


      Can you look at the plugs and tell me if they are correct for the DQS option I need? These have every option my current mirrors have. They are after market and not sure about using them but I stumbled across these so figured I would ask as a good option. Thanks Phil

    3. Razr20


      It has 2 plugs on each mirror



    4. pgamboa


      Thise are certainly not factory GM mirrors.  Likely will not support power fold and memory. 

  3. I may have to just paint it. People were doing the swap before I bought the truck and now that I have one..... Nothing. Figures LOL!
  4. Certainly. I'm looking at $400 if you'll consider it. Not that I want to insult you but let me know and I'll buy yours before I sell mine if your cool with it
  5. I am very interested but want to sell my Denali grill first before i make you an offer. Unless you know someone that wants a new one?
  6. Thank you for the heads up and not taking offense. I'm only looking for an OEM replacement. If you decide to change your mind about your grill and no one bites on it let me know.
  7. That is a beautiful grill and pretty much what I want however I don't really want to spend much more than $325 shipped. I mean no insult and clearly understand what it takes to do what you did. I have seen a couple AT grills for around the price I would pay besides swapping across and dont expect you to sell yours for that cheap. Thank you for the offer tho..... Very nice grill and certainly what I'm after.
  8. Good info..... Thanks. Hoping to keep the cost down and not be hasty and spend more than I need to.
  9. I appreciate it but I was told 2015 and older won't interchange with 2016 and up.
  10. Nice truck camcamaro1991...... It does look good the way you did it. I may do that until an All Terrain grill pops up.
  11. Hey guys and gals. New to the forums with my first post. I have a 2016 Sierra 1500 Denali with the all chrome grill and looking to swap with the All Terrain black grill if anyone is interested.
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