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  1. Tick

    Sewing machine sound are the injectors. Do a search. Plenty of people complain about the sewing machine sound. It's normal with DI engine.
  2. Tick

    If it sounds like your blinker is on, it's the vacuum pump. My truck only has 600 miles on it and it's been like this from day one. I finally go in on Saturday for them to officially diagnose the sound. Here is a video of mine. It's the metallic/intermittent sound that sounds like the blinker is on.
  3. 2017 5.3L Engine noise

    [mention=126037]Haider320[/mention] I was just going to send you a message to make sure you saw the video in the first post. It certainly sounds like what you were describing by a blinker type noise. The post above yours says they replaced the high pressure fuel pump and it fixed the issue for another member who was experiencing the same noise. Yes, thanks. I just read that. On the YouTube link, there are several guys saying they have the same sound. Either GM has some faulty fuel pumps, or some of them just sound like that. My best friend has an 18 and he says his makes the same sound like mine. Kinda like the vibration issue. Some have it, some don't.
  4. 2017 5.3L Engine noise

    I know this is an old thread, but has anybody determined what this sound is? My 18 makes the same sound.
  5. Well, of course the truck was warm by the time I got to the dealer so they couldn't hear it. I had a recording of the tick and the tech said it sounded like the high pressure fuel pump but said they all do it. It's bs but what can I do? Screw it, it's under warranty. If something breaks, I'll get it fixed.
  6. Yup, mine goes away too when warm. I'm at the dealer now. Lets wait and see what they say.
  7. So you're having the same noise as me, or is yours different?
  8. So this morning I started it. The sound started about 10 seconds into idle. It sounds like it increases with rpms but the engine drowns out the noise at 1200 rpms. I'm thinking it's got to be something related to the exhaust.
  9. I tried to listen to it while pressing on the accelerator. The engine ended up drowning out the sound, so i couldn't tell if it increased with rpms. What i dont understand, is the sound goes away once the truck is up to normal temperature. The sound seems to be coming from the drivers side, down by the exhaust.
  10. I did. It's the YouTube link 7-8 posts above.
  11. No, mine sounds exactly like a turn signal blinker. It goes away when the truck is warmed up.
  12. I'm wondering if it's the heat shields around the exhaust expanding? It's a consistent sound, like a blinker.
  13. After listening more, I don't think it's the injectors. Listen to this clip and you can hear the blinker sound. Goes away once the truck is warm. Here is a link from YouTube. It sounds like a blinker. Watch "2018 Chevy knock" on YouTube https://youtu.be/dqqfRdke9Yk

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