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  1. I have a 2020 Chevy Silverado RST. with 6.2 engine. It has the auto stop when you pull up to a stop sign. I see now you can't get that option on the 2022's. But it is still available on the 5.3 engine. I just wonder if anyone knows why they did away with it on the 6.2. I leave mine off most of the time anyway. But wondering if there was a problem with that feature on the 6.2's?
  2. Just got a 2020 RST 6.2. It is way quieter then my previous 5.3. Would like it to at least sound like a truck. I see is has to resonators right before the exits of the dual exhaust. It still would have a muffler. So wouldn't be like straight pipes. Wondering if anyone had done away with them and if so how did is sound. I would like to replace them with stainless steel pipes and use the same exit's . Anyone done this. Or is there a better way without breaking the bank? Ideas please.
  3. I talked to a guy that makes a lift kit for the drivers and passengers front seats on the 2019 and 2020 Silverados . I hate the way the passenger seat sits. Has anyone installed one. He even has a video on YouTube showing the install. Looks pretty simple. This is his phone number. Nice guy. 770 401 9307
  4. I just had a hell of an experience. I ordered a new Silverado back in October of 19 because they are doing a buy back on my 2019 RST. I have had it in 9 times because the A/C keeps leaking out and they can't find it. GM went on strike right at the time we ordered new truck. Not to worry didn't want it in the middle of winter anyway so when it gets here it gets here. Strike over and thought my truck will be coming. Wait and wait. To make a long story short a week ago Feb 10 dealer called and they had destroyed the box when unloading at rail yard. Didn't bother to tell dealer for 3 weeks. Now small dealer can't seem to get any dealers around to release one like it , so reordered again. Really taken the fun out of buying a new truck. My question is what is a normal time for truck to arrive after you order one?
  5. Thanks I just read that doing a search on Google. I wish you didn't have to hook up Android Auto with a cord. But other then that I like it. However wish they had also left the messaging app alone. Thanks again
  6. I have a 2017 Chevy Malibu Premier. When I'm blue toothed in to the entertainment system ( Chevrolet My Link) and someone sends a text, it will let me know on the screen and read it out loud if I want it to. I have 2019 RST with the 8" screen and it has never been able to do the same thing. Do the trucks do this? Or is this not being offered anymore? Or is it a problem with my truck. Haven't had it update in awhile. Maybe they have fixed this. Always thought it was handy on my car. Anyone with any info on this?
  7. If you looked a Boost Autoparts they show installing power toe mirrors on trucks that don't have them. Wiring is already there on those trucks. So I would assume it would be there on the 1/2 tons as well. So both mirrors and the panel switch like a LTZ has should do it. I know it's expensive. Just want to make sure it works before I lay out the bucks. Thanks
  8. I have a 2020 RST 1500 with nonpower folding mirrors. I have a narrow garage door and have to fold them in all the time. Would like to put the power folding ones on it like a LTZ has. Would need the mirrors and switch for the door. Is that possible. If so where to get the parts
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