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  1. Badges

    Agreed with others, you will have no fading issue. Just removed mine off of my 2016, zero issue or fading.
  2. Honestly I run Vortex on multiple platforms of mine and have nothing but positive things to say. I use their scopes and red dots. I have been impressed by every product of theirs I have purchased and the warranty/customer service is second to none. I have the Diamondback and love it. I would say its up to personal preference and budet which product to go with but no matter what you chose Vortex will not disappoint. Happy shootin'!
  3. FS: 2014-2018 Silverado/Sierra Underseat Storage

    Is that $80 shipped or pick up only?
  4. Oil pressure is normal. I am running full synthetic, and air filter is new within 3,000 miles. The truck is currently at 26,000 miles total. Havent inspected the belts closely but didn’t see anything glaring last time I did a general inspection of the engine bay. I know the tranny flush flush is used for the Chevy shake which don’t have but not sure if related to my issue.
  5. Thanks for the replies, so far. I would think even if it was the cam shaft, that is still a lot of vibration and would do some amount of damage internally over time, maybe I am wrong, it wouldn't be the first time (My wife would be quick to agree ha!). They definitely idle rougher then I though they would, while it isn't a huge problem, my mind just goes to things like is it the motor mounts ect ect ect? If this seems to be a common pulsing that others are feeling I guess I can write it off as a factory installed massager but I feel like I already paid the extra to GM for the happy ending
  6. I have started to notice while sitting at a stop light or in a drive thru that it is very easy to feel a pulsing vibration or shudder coming from the truck. My RMPs are not jumping while at idle so that isn't the problem. The truck isn't making any type of engine noise out of the ordinary either. I have tested the infamous "Chevy Shake" at highway speed and have not experienced it at any point, just when I am at a stop in gear do I feel the pulsating vibration or shake in the truck that is more then just your "normal" idle. Vehicle has had regular maintenance and only has 26,xxx miles. Has anyone else experienced this or have any idea of the possible issue? Of course I can take to dealer as it is under warranty but dreading the "that's normal" response, I want to maybe be able to give them a little more detail because I know it simply isn't "well its a truck not a luxury vehicle". Truck is 2016 V6 4x4 Z71. Thoughts?
  7. Pm'd thanks! Congrats on the Mercedes, cant go wrong with some luxury.
  8. HC pearl

    Congrats, the interior is purdy
  9. Interested in the Z71 larger black emblems. Could you PM me what you would take for them shipped to IL? Thanks, GLWS! What did you trade the Silverado in for??
  10. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Just had to snap a pic coming out of work. These trucks are just so good looking, I still get compliments almost weekly from strangers.
  11. Nice! Sometimes people knock plasti dip but its a great product depending on your needs. Did you use any glossifier? I can't tell from the picture.
  12. So the wife is gone for a week, time to mess around with the truck haha! Has as anyone ever painted the skid plate(little chrome piece) on the bummer? I searched with no luck. I have a white truck so I thought Plasti dipping it white may look good and give some contrast. Thoughts?
  13. Got rearended :(

    That's true with all insurance companies. If they used only OEM parts for every loss they repaired we would all be paying waaaaaay more then we already pay(which is more than enough already!). With the age of the OP truck there will more than likely be a mix of OEM and aftermarket parts. Check your estimate it will tell you what is OEM vs aftermarket.
  14. Got rearended :(

    Glad everyone is OK, have to love driving a truck, I always tell my wife at least if we get in an accident the truck should "win", it definitely did here. As far as working with State Farm you can have your car fixed anywhere you want, they send an adjuster, give you the estimate and they can send you a check at that point. Take the estimate to your chosen shop and they "should" honor the SF estimate(although they would usually charge you more if you didn't have the estimate, but this is common practice and they are very used to working off of insurance company estimates). State Farm gives you the estimate on fair value of parts and labor in your area so shops will fix it for what they pay you. State Farm also has preferred shops they use and there are usually quite a few available given your location. If you chose one of those shops they will pay them directly, also there is the benefit that the preferred shop has to guarantee the work(body/paint/frame/ect) for as long as you own the vehicle(it's in their contract with SF), so if there ever is a problem with the repair you can take it back to the shop to be fixed free of charge. So I guess there's some piece of mind in that, for what its worth. GL with the repairs. At least the smiley face seems to still be going strong!
  15. Does anyone have experience using the leathercraft seatskinz or something similar? I know the katzins are popular but I like the idea of not removing the cloth underneath and the leathercraft seem to look like a very nice fit. I have heated seats so also wondering how they would affect the performance of the heat transfer. Open to suggestions but for under $500 I’m tempted. Sorry in advance if this is discussed in detail somewhere else I could not find it.

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