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  1. Yeap, really lame. 1 month for free and you are done. I only got two weeks out of it myself as my truck was in the shop for a transmission leak for two weeks of my first month of ownership. Definitely not competitive with Ford on this aspect.
  2. Ended up with $100 credit for GM service after having the new truck in the shop for 15 days. That's LAF. The credit expires in a year. Not sure what I would use it for as i will still be under warranty and I do my own oil changes.
  3. Finally got the truck back. Haven't really had much chance to drive it, or crawl under it to see if it has stopped leaking. One other issue that I mentioned about a week ago to the service adviser was not fixed when I picked it up today. Now the GM service center doesn't seen to want to talk to me. Go figure!
  4. Today is two full weeks since I took my truck in. Apparently they have started to repair but got the wrong part for the seal. Monday is the new estimate, but that seem to slip every day. Service manager said in the past, GM would just ship them a new transmission, but that is not the case any more. I think I would have preferred a new trans. I got the GM service center involved by they have been of little help. They call by service guy at the dealership every two or three days and so far during the whole two weeks, have been unable to reach him. Go figure! I bet they screen the calls at the dealership. Still, you would think the GM service center would have at least one phone number of somebody at the dealership who would pick up the phone. The saga continues...... can't wait to see if the whole think is put back together correctly. Problems might now show up for a long time....
  5. Just got a call from the dealership. I won't be getting the truck back until tomorrow or Wednesday. They have had it since first thing in the morning on 2/21. I have already put 1200 miles on the loaner. That's more than twice the miles I put on my truck.
  6. I don't have that bank at all. Did you add that in?
  7. I wonder if you can buy an oem looking switch that would fit one of the un-used positions on the big row of center console switch bank.
  8. Thank you both and the rental is free. Good thing as I will be down a week and a half for this by the time they are done. It seems that all the OEMs are having quality issues on rushed roll out and I happened to get hit by some of this. Hopefully this is my payment to the truck Gods so I don't get the rear window leak
  9. Well mine is the rear output shaft seal. Has been in the shop since Friday morning and will be there at least until Monday.
  10. Well my truck has been at the dealership since Friday morning. They finally called me this morning and told me it is the rear output shaft seal. Won't be ready till next Monday. Do you think my transmission will ever be the same?
  11. What about lemon law to achieve the same thing?
  12. Thanks for sharing. Any pictures of the "beetle tape" or the clips? Don't the non-sliding fixed position windows use the same clips?
  13. Would have been sweet if there was a button on the FOB for this.
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