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  1. $30 for holder and $12.50 to ship $42.50 if you want it
  2. It appears this is available if you want it. It was $12 to the other location. Send me your zip for a more accurate price for shipping
  3. Sale Pending if he wants it. I'll let you know if he doesn't
  4. Shane T Fedex ground is $12 so $42 shipped if you want it
  5. Yes, That's fine. Do you want to send me your Zip code so I can check shipping for you . It is a little heavy for its' small size. Doug Y
  6. GM part #23443874 new in box This is a universal fit iPad/tablet holder. It is placed on the headrest posts and mounts the iPad/tablet for rear seat children/passengers. I bought this for my 16 Silverado and never installed it. It fits a lot of GM vehicles from this era $30 plus actual shipping
  7. The rear cupholder piece isn't designed to be removed but yes it can be taken apart. It has clips that hold it in place. The first time it is a little tough to get off but comes off easier each time. Unless you are doing custom work there is no real reason to take this off. You can add the 14-15 extra cupholder in front of this but this has to stay in place.
  8. Black bow ties sold front page has updated list of available items
  9. They are the newer version for the 2016-2018... Rears are the same but they changed the front for 2016 on
  10. All items from the weekend were sent out Saturday or Monday morning. Check PMs for tracking info
  11. Cupholder is now sold. The first post has been and will be updated
  12. Looks like they go for $42 new . Would you want them for $20 shipped. I went back to an SUV and got a GL550. I always have a Mercedes in the fleet and this one is nice
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