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  1. Black bow ties sold front page has updated list of available items
  2. They are the newer version for the 2016-2018... Rears are the same but they changed the front for 2016 on
  3. All items from the weekend were sent out Saturday or Monday morning. Check PMs for tracking info
  4. Cupholder is now sold. The first post has been and will be updated
  5. Looks like they go for $42 new . Would you want them for $20 shipped. I went back to an SUV and got a GL550. I always have a Mercedes in the fleet and this one is nice
  6. Sale pending on bed lights and rear floor liners
  7. Brad, Don't forget to send your address in the PM
  8. I think they are both a little different. Bedlights have different plug and front bowtie is different some how

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