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  1. What plug is this?

    Also, the module for the parking sensors is right there too.
  2. 2018 LTZ Factory LED Tailights

    Just talked to my guy on Facebook. Heres the text..
  3. 2018 LTZ Factory LED Tailights

    Nope. I mean the led lights. If I find some more, Ill post them here asap for ya. There are a ton of 2019 lights already for sale though.
  4. Look online at some other gm forums. I belong to another Facebook group based out of texas and alot of sets get sold through there. Prices usually about $1600.
  5. 2018 LTZ Factory LED Tailights

    There are several on ebay and I know that an average pair go for about $450 ish now. I belong to another forum that is based out of texas and they always have some for sale. When I bought mine about 2 years ago, I paid $650 for the pair.
  6. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    Posted before but, if someone has a red orl switch and wants a blue one, im up for a swap and some cash to you. I did the denali cluster and android auto upgrade and got WAMS to change the radio display the Intellilink so it matches the cluster. I swapped everything else to red but cant get a red orl switch. Well, not for $125 anyway.....
  7. This should be a sticky at the top of the forum.
  8. Wow. I did that to from like 91-95 in South Philly with my 91 mustang. Still have it today. Just alot faster than before. 347, C4 trans brake, Novi2000, Currie 9inch. Boy do I miss it. But family and Class A CDL put a damper on street racing.
  9. Omg.... I am so sorry... just remember to fight. My grandfather had cancer and was told 2 months to live. He fought for 13 years after that. Dont give up... remember there are many that care for you and wont let you give up. I wish you all the best...
  10. Yeah, who knows. I used it alot. If I wanted to repeat a song or missed something that happened on a game.... just rewind it a little and move on.
  11. I dont think it will allow it to hurt itself. But it does make for some high rpm downshifts. I have the Borla ATAK on my truck so I understand wanting to hear the exhaust. But sometimes it'll downshift and hit upwards of the 5k rpm range.
  12. I just checked on my ebay account. On feb 19, 2019, I paid 24.95 brand new.
  13. Just search the part number. Find the best price. Buy it. Pics courtesy of FDNYFISH.

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