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  1. You can also get other features when its programmed. Full unlock with nav in motion is the most common. Talk to Chris via email through his site. He will get you hooked up.
  2. Before you do the cluster or anything else, contact WAMS. I would hate to have you do the radio and then certain features not work through the cluster. He will tell you the correct cluster to get. He made sure everything was perfect when I did my entire 2.5 with all the good add-ons and cluster swap.
  3. Whew, atleast I'm not the only one. Lol
  4. Hmm. Hes usually really fast at replying... Would it be fair to ask what your issue is? Maybe someone could help.
  5. The Bose comes into play because you will need a radio module that has Bose since you have it in your truck . Kinda simple. I did the upgrade as well on my 14 LTZ. I also retained factory NAV. If i did it all over again, i would ditch the factory NAV since i only use Waze and Maps. I even paid the extra to have the newest map update. The hmi is also cheaper if you dont want factory nav. I also changed my cluster to the Denali cluster. Which then made me change all of my controls to the GMC red. I then told WAMS while he was programming my hmi, to program it to GMC INTELLILINK. So now the entire dash is the red theme. Check out WAMS also. Great guy. Look at some of the other features that WAMS can unlock for you too while hes doing the programming.
  6. Cool. im thinking of seeing if I can put them next to the mids inside the dash. Just not sure if there is any more room in there. Do you have yours running passive or active? I have my fronts active and rears passive. Uses all 8 channels on my jl vxi 800/8.
  7. Yay!! Focals are awesome. I have 2 sets of the 3way yellows.. I really wanna find a better mounting for the tweeter though.
  8. You dont want led bulbs in them. The 14-15 ltz projectors have dimpled lenses which sort of diffuses the light. So hid is the best option. I also have the 50w Morimoto Elite 6500k bulbs. It's fantastic. Have I had failures, yes, as almost anything could. But I wouldnt trade them for anything. I also upgraded my fogs to Diode Dynamics SL1 led lights. But I've since upgraded my fogs to Rigid SAE cube fogs and Rigid hyper spot cubes. Both in factory location.
  9. I did 2 sets of the 3 way focals in the truck. You do have to make a plate to mount them. Sorry I dont have a pic. I went lazy and just installed the tweeter in the pod they came with on top of the grill against the windshield. The rears I made a plate for the woofer and mid in the stock location. And then again, the tweeter in the focal pod and mounted that in the door panel pocket. I paired them up with a jl audio vxi 800/8. The fronts are running active, using 6 channels, and the rears are running passive so I'm using the crossover using the 2 remaining channels. The sub is the jl shallow mount 12tw3 under the rear seat powered by a jl vxi 600/1. It's getting the signal from a NAV-TV module and uses a single optical cable to the back of the truck to the jl vxi hub. Then optical cables to each amp.
  10. I bought the 4 ch. And didnt need it. But here it is
  11. Looks good! I just wish there was a way to get the icon to work on my 14 ltz with the Denali cluster. The switch does light up though. And to find someone with a red backlight that wants to trade for my blue backlight switch.
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