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  1. You need to contact WAMS. He is a one stop shop. Do yourself a favor, do it once, do it right.. I did. And couldnt be happier..
  2. Dont hesitate doing the 2.5 upgrade. Everything you need, he can get. And its absolutely perfect. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/
  3. The end result is... Even though our trucks have the plug in the dash for the factory trailer brakes, the answer is that you CANNOT add factory trailer brake switch to a truck that did not come with it. There is a module under the truck by the spare tire that isnt there along with the harness for it. Many have asked this question. I mean it can be done if you had a donor truck and got the chassis harness and other stuff. But that's just crazy.
  4. The other thing is onstar/gps/compass. I just lined up 1 screw to install the GPS antenna. Oh, by the way, perfect writeup... It will help alot of people out.
  5. This is for the people who have the black textured antennas who want to replace them with the painted antennas. I think in 14, there were no painted antennas...
  6. My only regret was jumping to fast and getting my Denali cluster installed before I did the 2.5 module upgrade. I also swapped everything over to the red gmc controls and buttons. Which I like better than the blue.
  7. And that doesnt make sense, it cant perform remote unlock if the vehicle has been off for 10 days. But after 5 days, they can send roadside assistance to gain entry.... WTF??
  8. Hmm. Well, it was definitely on the 4th day when I came back from my cruise. I know that for sure.
  9. Was it more than 3 days? It has to be more than 72 hours. I had it confirmed with onstar. I did it another time and it did the same thing again. But that time, it was on purpose... I dont know what to say about your truck.
  10. Here is exactly my order for my 14 LTZ. Mine have factory projectors so I'm not sure what the LT trucks have for bulb type. RETROFITSOURCE.COM
  11. Just remember if your car sits for 3 days without being touched, your onstar shuts down. I had this one time when we went on vacation. I figured I'd lock the keys in my truck, then just use the My Chevy app to unlock it when I got back off the ship. This way I didnt have to worry about my keys. Well, onstar could not unlock my truck. They couldnt even force a wake up to it. I had to have roadside assistance come and pop the truck open. NOT FUN WHEN WITH THE WIFE AT THE CRUISESHIP TERMINAL WAITING WITH THE TRUCK LOCKED UP. This is one thing most people dont know. They said they couldnt even locate the truck to give the location to the tow truck. WAY TO GO ONSTAR!!!!!
  12. Bad part is 15k left and 19 months... I'd blast right past that...
  13. Stabilitrac and those issues are 99% solved by exactly what you posted. Takes like 3 mins to check it out. Never heard about theft deterrent issues associated with the g218 issue though.
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