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  1. A/C Condenser

    I know. But it might have been the jb weld that has kryptonite in it.
  2. A/C Condenser

    Lol. My guess is the freon too.
  3. A/C Condenser

    Yeah. I know its working for ya, but thats definately not a job i would do. Atleast ya could have made it look a little nicer. Lol.
  4. Only reason I went with 5100's was because I like the look of them better than the yellow/blue. And because I got a killer deal on them too. I already installed the rears, so.... Like I said before, If someone can convince me that having the lift spacer UNDER the FACTORY strut, gives me a harsher ride, Ill probably stay with the same setup I have now with the spacer on the bottom and keep the new struts at 0" of lift. Im not sure when Im gonna get a chance to do the job so when I do, Ill repost.
  5. Ok. Thanks. Maybe it has something to do with the aluminum uppers that are on mine, Z71. I have a 2" leveling kit on my truck. Thats a 1" thick spacer on the bottom. And I tried like hell to get it in without popping the upper ball joint. It wasnt happening. I do have the new set of 5100's ready to go. But im still undecided if I should stay stock on the new struts and keep my spacer. Or I should go to the top setting of the new struts and ditch the spacer? It does sit a tiny bit higher in the front now. So it should be exactly level if I just use the strut and no lift spacer. I have a hard time understanding why some say when you put the bottom spacer in, the ride is so harsh. How does it change the ride if its still a stock strut assembly?
  6. Hmmm. Is your a z71? Not that it makes a difference. I dont know why, but I couldnt even get mine to move enough to put my leveling spacer on the bottom without popping the upper ball joint. Which only took 2 hours for the entire job, but would be alot faster as you said if I didnt have to do that.
  7. Do you guys realize that almost every video showing how easy it is to remove the struts is a 2WD truck. The struts on a 4WD truck don't come out anywhere as easy as a 2WD truck. I had to pop the upper ball joint to be able to get mine out and the spacer in on the bottom. I also got got a quote of $300 to swap my Rancho struts out for the 5100 Bilsteins. Did the rears myself in 18 minutes from walking outside and back inside after I was done.
  8. Off topic.... Chris. Just wanted to let you know, with Cue turned off, the truck has been working perfect. Also, for android auto, all you have to do is say "ok google", and android auto works perfect with voice control. There is no need to push any buttons on the screen or the steering wheel. So for anyone who who does the 2.5 upgrade with ALL the extras from WAMS, AND has an aftermarket stereo using the NavTV module, TURN CUE OFF!!! Or you will have issues with not having audio output to your speakers.
  9. Ok. Because they are 2 separate parts. The touchscreen and the radio module. Its not a whole unit. But I know what you mean.
  10. When you guys say radio, are you referring to the actual radio module behind the touchscreen? You can buy them used for like $75. You can also buy a nav equipped hmi for $350, which is about average. The radio module and hmi both need to be reprogrammed with your vin.
  11. The perfect truck?

    Throw a blower on it and be done. You said you would be towing twice a year, and about 55 miles each way? You also said you got ripped off by the dealer. How were you promised more features? Did you have your eyes closed when you bought it? So, you are thinking about getting a new truck because you tow 220 miles A YEAR? If you are that worried about it, go rent a truck from enterprise for the 220 miles a year. If you got ripped off when you bought it, whats gonna happen when you go to trade it? Sorry if I sound like an ass, Its just my opinion on this. And we know what opinions are like.. I am not trying to be derogatory in any way. Im thinking logically if it were me.
  12. Thats the standard wheel on an ltz? Wow. ☹
  13. Denali cluster in SLT

    From the other thread, sell it as a whole kit. Radio, screen, hmi, cluster.... it will sell faster to a guy with a work truck or something.
  14. Do you have the radio module with it too? You should sell as a whole kit. RADIO, HMI, and CLUSTER from the other thread. That might be a nice upgrade for someone with a new WT model.
  15. Theft locked

    Yeah. The radio has to be sent back and theft lock removed. No other way. My hmi theft locked 3 times. I still have audio issues but ONLY when the 2.5 hmi is installed. Getting the body control module updated tomorrow by the dealer because I just think the truck doesnt like the new 2.5 stuff.

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