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  1. Took my truck in today for an oil change and tire rotation. They did the brake update in about 10 mins.
  2. Well lowest Settings is 0 lift. Which means stock. Like I said, no lift, no alignment.
  3. If you arent changing the ride height at all, then no for the alignment. But as soon as you add a lift block, a spacer, or change the snap ring placement on the 5100 struts, yes it does change steering angles. So then yes, you need an alignment.
  4. I think the first thing is he should see just how many amps are being drawn with everything on and pulling the max amperage.
  5. Honestly, it's with most things in life. I really wanna do headers on my truck since I already have an S&B CAI, tune, and Borla ATAK exhaust. I have "ASKED" a few people and everyone that I've spoke with on these trucks said about not getting the cheapo headers. Others on here have said that there are no troubles at all with them. Which I kind of hope so because for me, $2000 for a set of headers installed, IS NOT IN MY BUDGET. When I am ready to pull the trigger, thats when Ill really look at material, thickness, welds, and fit. Until then, YES, its just what I have heard on these trucks. Im not saying that we all have to go out and buy the most expensive ones out there only because they cost the most. But USUALLY, thats the case.
  6. Then how did he take the pic and post it? Some earlier replied.. great first post.... i agree.. and then to not reply back. This thread should be deleted..
  7. ....in the perfect world with the absolute perfect driver.... which there are none. Has anyone sneezed while they are driving. Well, for that 1 second, you cant look at the road. Has anyone not gone 1 mph over the speed limit.. ever??? Laws are there for reasons. Does everyone not break a law or traffic infringement almost every day.....Do you 100% stop at every stop sign? Bull...if everyone says that they do. Ooooo, not being a safe driver, acting wreckless.... There are different ways to tell this story. No matter what, people will do what ever they want. People drink and drive, do they know they might kill somebody? But they still do it. Nobody thinks about the consequences of doing anything until it happens. This topic has come up so many times. People who complain shouldnt reply. Simple... sorry for the rant..
  8. You need an hdmi, radio module, usb, and programming.. You already have the 8" screen right? The Denali cluster is another nice upgrade but not needed. Its basically a totally separate upgrade. The hmi without nav are easy and cheap to find.
  9. Distracted driving csn be caused by anything. Thinking about something going on, eating, kids yelling in the back seat, a phone call, a bee in the truck, anything. I get tour point though. About buying a big safe truck?? Yeah. A big safe truck.. like this poor guy in his silverado?
  10. Or, you can just not be out on the roads... ever. Stay locked up in your house where its safe..
  11. Any way to do this for android? But besides to jailbreak a phone, nothing supports it. But the video module works no matter what. Then dont you have to connect your phone via hotspot for the iphone se? I know its not hard, but it takes a minute to setup. The module is alot of money, but I plug my phone in, push the menu button on the dash and select hdmi. Done. It also can be wireless, but that takes a minute select as well. I just like simple and easy. Even if it costs more.
  12. Its $609 for that system. I also have my old nav in motion module that is plug and play. Its $299 on their site. I want mine gone.
  13. Get the audio/video module from MVI. gm-navigation.com and then you hook the cable from your phone and it mirrors your phone.. I love it.
  14. Im at work to and my phone is blowing up.. I mean, volume notifications turned up...... lol
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