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  1. 10:43 am, unlocked truck after sitting locked for 45 mins. Started engine. Boots up and works as normal. I cycled through some of the sources, it works fine now except for ok google.. My bet is its gonna happen again. Lol.
  2. I shut the truck down, opened door, closed door. Waited a few mins, opened the door. Then started the truck. Icons and menu stay on until I touch the screen, then go away after 15 seconds of touching the screen.. This is consistant.
  3. Yes the ok google seemed to be after the phone updated. The icons are on and stay on perfectly UNTIL I touch the screen. Pushing the hard buttons to select sources and stations does not make the icons disappear. I have not tried my wifes phone to check on the ok google issue..
  4. Ok, here again with another new issue. So, about 2 weeks ago, out of the blue, the voice command, "ok google" stopped working. Tried everything but haven't been able to get it to work. The microphone icon still works though. Yesterday, while driving, all the top icons and bottom menu buttons disappeared. If I touch the screen, they come back on. It is consist that they go off 15 seconds after I touch the screen. And it doesn't matter if it's the radio, cd, or bluetooth, that I'm listening to. I'm thinking it's an issue with the hmi..... @GTPprix, any ideas???
  5. I started with my 14 silverado dash cluster and upgraded to 2.5 Android Auto and a 14-15 Denali cluster. At that time, we pretty much had to get the matching year to make it work. Which meant the steering wheel controls for Android Auto would NOT work. Which wasnt a big deal. So, when I hooked everything up, I was stoked when all I had to do was say OK GOOGLE so my phone could hear it, and it worked perfectly. But since my phone updated, it doesnt respond if I have my cable hooked up. My phone also used to have android auto on it. That is now gone also. I shot a message to WAMS, and the only way to do it from now, is to sell my cluster and find a 16 Denali "RED", not blue, cluster and have it programmed for my truck.
  6. Anyone with a 14-15 who did this upgrade using Android Auto and a Samsung phone have any issues with voice activation to ok google via the phone picking up my voice? My phone did an update and now it doesnt work. But does work with bluetooth and if I push the mic button on the bottom right of the screen. I was thinking of getting the 16 Red denali cluster so that feature would work on my steering wheel. Then I'd have to sell my 15 Red Denali cluster. It is such an inconvenience to have to reach ALL THE WAY OVER to push it. Lol.
  7. Anyone else now having issues with hands free voice controls? "Ok google" worked flawlessly on my truck and note 9 since I did the 2.5 upgrade. Last week, my phone did an update and now I cant get it to acknowledge voice controls unless I hit the mic button on the right bottom of the screen. And yes, I checked in the AA settings and I cant even get it to turn on.
  8. I totally wish mine could have that icon. But not a big deal, but I still want it........
  9. G218 ground problem. Its next to the top left dash speaker. Common issue. Others have had the same issue and said it was the negative battery cable.
  10. When you do the latching relay, it will only light the switch. I wish it did light the dash, but as brights as the lights are, I definately know they are on.
  11. Gonna have to go back a bunch of pages and read. Might have to do the latching relay like I did. Some just dont work for some reason or another.
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