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  1. This is the bulletin they gave me. It doesn't really describe my problem. The problem I have is with the electrical solenoid lock that the brake pedal actuates. I think replacing the column will likely fix the problem. Since I can get the shifter to unlock by pushing the telescoping wheel in, it seems the problem is in the column and not the pedal switch.
  2. If I'm cruising at 60mph DIC says 19mpg, 17mpg average city/highway after a couple weeks of driving. I've never calculated it. I'm happy with the mileage.
  3. My 19 Trailboss developed a problem with the shift lever getting stuck in park. I'd step on the brake and it wouldn't unlock the shifter. This was really frustrating, stuck somewhere because of a dumb shift lock safety feature. I figured out that when I moved the telescoping wheel in/out then it would unlock and allow it to be shifted into gear. Brought it to the dealer today, they said there's a bulletin on it and the whole column needs to be replaced. They ordered a column. I'll try to get a copy of the bulletin. Starting to get concerned about owning this truck past the warranty period. I should've kept my '15 2500, had no problems with that truck.
  4. Hypertech tuner

    Did you notice if the truck shifted any better after re calibrating for the bigger tires? I put 35's on mine and I feel that maybe it would shift better with a re cal, seems to want to shift too soon now.
  5. Fogs on with park/head lights

    Thanks for sharing pics! So this makes the fog lights come on with the running lights? Then they stay on with high beans on?
  6. Why was the messaging app discontinued?
  7. I think youtube would probably be easiest. I'd really like to hear that muffler. The only clip I could find was this one below. That truck has LT headers, no cats and no resonators. So it is pretty loud and crackles. Does yours sound like this? I really don't want much snapping or crackling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhMoRBDHBO4&t=2s
  8. If you get bored and want to post a vid with a sound clip I'd sure appreciate it! Do you get much snapping or crackling on acceleration? Any drone in the cab while cruising? Thanks!
  9. I wonder if it was the Borla ATAK CrateMuffler Part# 400844. Does it look like this, with embossing and the mounting end plate?
  10. Did they say why the exhaust manifold would click? Seems odd
  11. Thanks for sharing! I was wondering about those mesh resonators. Which Magnaflow did you put in? Did you remove the flapper? So there was no drone in cab with the resonators uncovered? I was kind of thinking if I get a loud Borla race muffler and leave the resonators in place it wouldn't be obnoxiously loud
  12. Which Borla atak did you put on? Was it the full cat back kit or just a muffler? Do you have a part number? Thanks!
  13. I'm considering the Borla XR1 oval 40943 or the Borla XR1 round 40085. Or the Borla Atak crate muffler 400844, but I'm not sure if that one will be too raspy. I was also considering the 40359 but I thought it might be too quiet..? Hard to tell with YouTube sound clips. I believe the pipe on the truck is 2.75"? Then I'll order a section of stainless 3" pipe to put in place of the flapper and adapt the 2.75" pipe to the 3" muffler inlet/outlet.
  14. GM Financing - Early refinance

    You're right, maybe I'll just refinance it and see if they come knocking at my door for the money. I dug through the paperwork I received when I purchased the truck, apparently they didn't give me a copy of that document. I'm going to contact them tomorrow about it. Could it be a dealer scare tactic for them to prevent people from refinancing so they get their bonus from gm financial?

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