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  1. Fogs on with park/head lights

    Thanks for sharing pics! So this makes the fog lights come on with the running lights? Then they stay on with high beans on?
  2. Why was the messaging app discontinued?
  3. I think youtube would probably be easiest. I'd really like to hear that muffler. The only clip I could find was this one below. That truck has LT headers, no cats and no resonators. So it is pretty loud and crackles. Does yours sound like this? I really don't want much snapping or crackling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhMoRBDHBO4&t=2s
  4. If you get bored and want to post a vid with a sound clip I'd sure appreciate it! Do you get much snapping or crackling on acceleration? Any drone in the cab while cruising? Thanks!
  5. I wonder if it was the Borla ATAK CrateMuffler Part# 400844. Does it look like this, with embossing and the mounting end plate?
  6. Did they say why the exhaust manifold would click? Seems odd
  7. Thanks for sharing! I was wondering about those mesh resonators. Which Magnaflow did you put in? Did you remove the flapper? So there was no drone in cab with the resonators uncovered? I was kind of thinking if I get a loud Borla race muffler and leave the resonators in place it wouldn't be obnoxiously loud
  8. Which Borla atak did you put on? Was it the full cat back kit or just a muffler? Do you have a part number? Thanks!
  9. I'm considering the Borla XR1 oval 40943 or the Borla XR1 round 40085. Or the Borla Atak crate muffler 400844, but I'm not sure if that one will be too raspy. I was also considering the 40359 but I thought it might be too quiet..? Hard to tell with YouTube sound clips. I believe the pipe on the truck is 2.75"? Then I'll order a section of stainless 3" pipe to put in place of the flapper and adapt the 2.75" pipe to the 3" muffler inlet/outlet.
  10. GM Financing - Early refinance

    You're right, maybe I'll just refinance it and see if they come knocking at my door for the money. I dug through the paperwork I received when I purchased the truck, apparently they didn't give me a copy of that document. I'm going to contact them tomorrow about it. Could it be a dealer scare tactic for them to prevent people from refinancing so they get their bonus from gm financial?
  11. I was looking at the gm performance exhaust for my 2019 TB with the 5.3. But I just can't spend that much when just replacing the muffler would be sufficient. Think I'm going to order a section of stainless pipe and a muffler to replace the flapper and oem muffler. Does anyone know what the diameter of the pipe is on the 5.3l? Anyone have muffler suggestions? I want something with no drone on the highway. I had the Magnaflow 12909 on my 2015 2500hd and it has so much drone that I had to take it off.
  12. Build quality by plant?

    My truck was built in Mexico, haven't noticed anything off with the build yet. Rear axle pinion seal started leaking at 400 miles, but I'm not sure where the axles are assembled. At least the motor and trans are built in USA. I did like seeing the "Proudly built in FT Wayne Indiana" sticker on my 2015 2500hd. I'm the type that will buy something at a higher price if it's made in USA. I wish my 2019 had been assembled in Ft Wayne, like a GM truck should be.
  13. I had v507, with the bubble camera issue. I went in and told them to update it a week ago (well after v803 was released) and they updated it to v509 via USB and did 2 other recalls. Today my truck got the OTA update to v803. Now for some reason I can't open the apps menu to download new apps. Get a connection error even though the truck is connected to wifi.
  14. GM Financing - Early refinance

    My dealership made me sign a document that stated I wouldn't refinance until I've made 4 payments. It says if I do refinance I'll forfeit the 1500$ down payment assistance. Not sure if that means they'd come after me in Civil Court to get their 1500$.. 🙄 I did get a good price on the truck. 3rd one I've bought from this dealer so I'll probably just wait to refinance.
  15. By your description, I have the same clicking sound on my 5.3l trailboss. I was just at the dealer asking if it was normal, the tech "guessed" it was normal. I'll be finding a new dealer to ask and maybe start a couple trucks on the lot to hear what they sound like. 6.2 man, mine sounds like a click every second at idle, kinda sounds like a bad serpentine belt would, need to be standing close to the front of the truck to hear it. is that what yours sounds like?

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