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  1. Pretty sure the warning has been posted but I didn't see it and learned the hard way. Don't pop the tailgate with your remote if you have a hitch receptacle and ball installed, it dents the friggin tail gate when it lowers!!
  2. AT4 Factory 18" wheels, tires, TPMS sensors Taken off @ 133 miles and in like new condition $2100 obo
  3. Take off Fuel Wheels & Continental Terrain Contact tires (2300 miles) w. TPMS sensors for sale Paid $3124 Sale $1750 obo
  4. Very accurate response and exactly what I am experiencing and yes I have owned many trucks over the past 40 years
  5. Let us know what you think when you get them installed please
  6. I don’t think it’s the tires causing the light steering and “floating”, I replaced my 18” duratracs with new 20” wheels and Continental street tires and I think it is much quieter but the ride is still horrible!
  7. I called Bilstein and Fox and neither one had anything available yet. King is the only brand I found with direct replacements.
  8. That's cool but I think they are very subpar in ride quality and bump absorption, I don't get using a $40 shock on a 64k truck
  9. Sorry, "boatiness" Rides like a boat going over small waves on the highway and crazy if you hit bumps in freeway at 70+ mph
  10. Oh it’s not the pressures, already tried that and even swapped the tires. The shocks are not acceptable for a $64,000 truck
  11. Yes and I have almost 1 hr commute everyday to work
  12. Anyone swapped out these horrible Rancho shocks yet, I called Fox and they said it would be quite awhile. Anyone know of anything better? I hate the "boatiness" at highway speeds Thanks in advance!
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