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  1. Sorry for bringing it to your attention 😆. Thanks for sharing all the info. I think adding the aluminum has improved the overall ride quality, I noticed a huge difference from my 16’. I’ll take ride quality over stress marks any day. I’ve never thought this may be the last time I may be able to get a 6.2 but makes sense. Enjoy your truck!
  2. I have a 19’ LTZ and also thought the lights were aimed high. I have attached a picture that shows a void line in the line of sight with the high beams on. The void line is still visible on low beams without the fog lights on. Everything on the truck is factory. I had the dealer look at my headlight adjustment and they said they were adjusted perfectly. I told the service manger I was not happy with the dark void in my headlights, so he submitted a case with Chevy. He got back with me to tell me Chevy is aware of the problem and they have no fix as of yet. He seemed to think the dark void line that I’m seeing is from how the headlights are designed. My initial thought was the lights may be aimed to high and adjusting the lights lower may get rid of the dark void line I’m seeing. Has as anyone else noticed a dark void line in the headlight output?
  3. I scheduled a appointment next week with my dealer to have them look at the truck to see if they have a solution to level the bed of the truck with the cab. Without looking at it the service manger seemed to think it’s within Chevy’s spec. He said it’s not that uncommon to see trucks off 3/4” - 1” in the front or rear. Is there any chance that the frame may be bent? I’m hopeful this wouldn’t be the case on a new truck. But find it odd that one side of the bed is higher than the other. I’m going to get more accurate measurements to see how much it’s off. I’ve seen that some guys have had Chevy install shims to fix the problem. Has anybody had this done? Would this disintegrate the strength of the truck at all? Thanks for all the help. I will update after I hear back from the dealer. Dan
  4. Thank you. Where did you measure from?
  5. The truck is brand new. I noticed the 1/4” difference when I was aligning my tonneau cover. From looking from the rear of the tailgate towards the cab you can tell the driver side is higher than the passenger side. Thanks.
  6. Is it common for one side of the truck bed to sit up higher than the other? After installing my tonneau cover on my 19’ I noticed the driver side of the bed near the cab sits up about 1/4” higher than the passenger side. You also can notice that it’s higher from looking at the side moldings of the truck where the cab and bed meet. I measured on a level surface with all tires set to 35psi with a full tank of gas. Haven’t towed or hauled any serious weight in the bed yet. Anybody know if this is within Chevy spec or if I should have the dealer look at it? Thanks, Dan
  7. Update: I dropped my truck into the dealer this morning to have him look at the void line in the headlights. I followed up with the dealership and the service manger told me the headlights were adjusted perfectly. He also said that he test drove a couple other 19 Chevys in the dark this morning and they all had the same void line as mine. The dealer is waiting to hear back from Chevy. I'm sure they will say it's normal just like the stress marks on my door panels that look like dents. Thanks for all your help
  8. I would like to get others thoughts on the startup noise of my 19' 6.2 to see if it sounds normal. The noise I'm concerned about is the noise towards the end after the truck has started. It sounds like a rattling / grinding noise ( hard to describe ). I've got close to 2,500 miles on my truck and just started noticing this noise. It only has happened 3-4 times. It doesn't do it every time but sometimes it's louder and longer then others. When I first noticed the sound I had been driving for about 10 minutes, came to a complete stop the auto start / stop turned the truck off and when it turned the truck back on I heard the sound. It was quite loud and noticeable the first time it happened. I've also had it happen when I've remote started the truck. Thoughts? IMG_5347.mp4 Thanks Dan
  9. Ceramic Coating

    Has anyone had any experiences with using Ceramic Pro? I'm thinking about opting for their gold package. I've seen others have had luck with Cquartz Pro but I have no installers in my area. Thanks.
  10. Thanks everybody for the help and feedback. I approached Chevy and the dealership to see if they were willing to replace the two doors. After a couple weeks they finally got back with me to tell me they wouldn’t be replacing the doors. They’re reason was what I originally thought was warping is actually “ stress marks “ from my the stamping process and they consider this normal. The regional manager from Chevy said majority of the trucks have some type of stress marks on them. The service manager at the dealership told me he has seen 3-4 19’s on their lot that have the stress marks on the door panels. I'm disappointed they weren’t willing to make it right with me. The stress mark on the rear passenger door looks like a dent and you can see it from any angle especially since my truck is black. At least the Chevys don’t have the ripple effect like the Fords. A couple stress marks looks much better in my opinion. I think I can live with it. After all it’s a great truck!!! 😀
  11. Everything on the truck is factory. The black line is still present when I have the low beams on with the fog lights off. The black line remains there when I turn the fog and high beams on. Which makes me think that an adjustment for the low beam lights may correct the black line. I have attached a picture with a circle around what appears to be the headlamp adjustment screw. Can anyone clarify if this is the correct adjustment screw? Also does adjusting this screw only adjust the low beam headlamps? Thanks, Dan
  12. I’ve got a 19 LTZ and have noticed a few people have flashed their lights at me while driving at night while I have the normal beams on. Overall the lights are very bright. I’m wondering if the normal beam leds may be adjusted to high from the factory. I have attached a picture of the led headlights at night. I have an arrow pointing to what appears to be a dark line in the light output. Is this normal? My thoughts were if the lights were adjusted down a bit the dark line may go away. Thoughts? Thanks, Dan
  13. New 10 Speed and 8 Speed

    My last truck was a 6 speed and the 10 speed is night and day different. So much smoother. I really started to hate my 6 speed on how jerky it was in between gears. I like a nice smooth ride. I think I can live with a few clunky downshifts here and there. I think this is going to be a great truck overall. Not being biased but I think the new Silverado is one of the smoothest riding vehicles out there for the $$$ . It drives just as smooth as our Volvo XC90. My buddy just bought a new Escalade and he thought my truck drove better. He was envious of the smooth ride and the power of the 6.2. haha
  14. I took your advice and loosened the clamps on both sides, and it did seem to help it. Only 1 slam latch kept coming unlatched. More than likely it was probably just defective from the get go. I've had 3 tonneau covers in my day and have never had any come unlatched while driving. I had the slam latches adjusted as far as they could go, and it almost appeared to me the cables between the slam latches were not long enough because there was still about 1/8 gap between the driver, and passenger rail to the edge of the slam latch. The biggest problem I had was loosening the hold down latches to the recommended torque rating. In my opinion they should be designed to be torqued down more because they're the two main clamps that secure the tonneau cover to the bed. I would be concerned of them loosening up overtime due to vibration. If that would happen your then relying on 4 slam latches to secure the tonneau cover to the bed. Maybe I'm just being over cautious and paranoid but I looked at this tonneau cover as a liability that could give me problems overtime. I really liked the look of this cover and really wish I could have made it work. Wish you all the best with it and your new truck Thanks for your help. Dan

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