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  1. It will fix itself, the dealer told me it was learning its shift points. They were correct, I’m at about 6K miles and haven’t had the issue since about 1500 miles.
  2. Turning off Radio

    Thats because it’s not a “radio”. It’s an infotainment center. I believe you can set the volume to automatically be at zero when you start the truck. Other wise I’d say muting would be basically the same as turning off the radio portion.

    Color match them then have the whole front end wrapped with Xpel PPF.
  4. Any issues with the Nitto’s? I’ve read some bad reviews on them balancing and having poor performance on wet pavement and grass.
  5. Trailboss oversize tires

    The only ones I could find in a standard load are Nitto’s. Anyone find anything different? I don’t really want to run a 10 ply tire.
  6. Trailboss oversize tires

    There was a guy on the Facebook page running this size. He says there is no rub, no modification.
  7. Black Trailboss wheels

    I was looking at these for mine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/20-SILVERADO-1500-TRUCK-BLACK-WHEELS-RIMS-TIRES-FACTORY-OEM-2019-GM-SET-96053/113398840618?epid=7026031023&hash=item1a6718fd2a:g:~HYAAOSwqiJb-jtW
  8. Silverado Rough Ride

    I have a Trail Boss, coming from a 2015 2500HD High Country and a 2014 1500 LTZ. The Trail Boss has a better ride than either of the two.
  9. Lease upgrade?

    I’ve leased a few vehicles, and historically I get a call 6 months before the end of the lease to come in and trade up. I’d imagine if your current lease is under your miles and in good shape, someone will work with you.
  10. I had the same thing in my Silverado. Went to the dealer said it’s an update. It happened to Equinox’s as well.
  11. It’s an update that came out for Silverados and Equinox’s too.
  12. Clear bra

    I wasn’t originally going to do the mirrors, but when I dropped it off I noticed that they caught a lot of bugs. I figured if bugs would hit so could rocks. The peace of mind was worth the few extra dollars.
  13. There is a guy on the Facebook page that has a Trail Boss with 295/70R18’s on stock wheels with no rub. I don’t want to take all of his pics he posted but here is one of them.
  14. Clear bra

    I used Xpel as well. I did the bikini kit (partial hood, partial fenders and mirrors) and the bumper kit. Mine was around $800 but I know the guy. Rule of thumb if you go to the Xpel website, you take the listed price and add $20 for each difficulty star. I will I’ll most likely get the grill kit done now too. It wasn’t available when I had mine done originally.
  15. Level kit install

    What kit was installed on the Trail Boss?

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