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  1. I don’t have the truck anymore but, it was a just a Rough Country leveling kit.
  2. 285/65 R20, slightly larger than stock.
  3. Thanks all, I ended up ordering a set. Hopefully I have good luck with them and get my money worth.
  4. Looking for some input on BFG K02’s on 3/4 ton trucks. Some people say that they are great, some say that they are junk. I like the aggressive look. 80% of my driving is on paved roads. Some light off-road for hunting. I live in PA, so I see mild snow in the winter. I tow a 7k travel trailer, about 2500 miles a year. Looking for some real life mileage results.
  5. 2020 2500 HD LTZ Z71, LTZ Premium Package. I have them on the front and rear doors, both drivers and passenger side.
  6. I took mine in to have the brakes replaced. They are covered, but the dealer said the pads are on backorder.
  7. Mine is a LTZ, and it makes all kinds of noises. Sort of a whine, but also sounds like it’s sucking fluid. No physical issues driving, just the sound.
  8. Not with my HD, but I had a 2019 Trail Boss that had paint defects in the hood. The dealer took care of it. I also work with a guy that had some clear coat issues on his 2017 Denali. He ended up getting 10k over trade value towards a new truck.
  9. Thanks all for the useful comments. The others driving junk must not appreciate nice things. Anyway, the dealer is taking care of having the defects wheels polished out. They originally said that the wheels were clear coated and couldn’t be polished without refinishing the wheel. However I guess that’s not the case. It goes this week to get fixed.
  10. Not sure if your being sarcastic or not when you buy something new, you expect it to be free of any damage. If I scratch it that’s fine, but it shouldn’t come that way.
  11. The claim through GM has been denied a second time. States it’s not a manufacturer defect. The dealer is supposed to reach out to their local rep, to get approval.
  12. Definitely not curb rash. Looks precise, like a tire machine. Which would have been done at the factory.
  13. Sorry for the delay in replying. Here are the pics, you can see it’s not curbed.
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