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  1. I have it on my Trail Boss and on my Street Glide, money well spent on both. 10 year guarantee from a company that backs their product.
  2. Xpel is guaranteed to not turn colors. If it does they pay to have it replaced.
  3. The guy I go to has his own machine to cut the patterns so he charges what is on the xpel website. Some people charge the website price plus $25 for each star of difficulty. In all I paid about $750.
  4. I initially was going to do just the bumper and ended up doing a mini kit on the hood, front bumper and the air vent things on the side. I’m extremely glad I did the hood. About a week after I had it done I took a really hit of a rock that made a tiny dent, but didn’t break through the Xpel. Had I not did the hood, I’d have a nice size rock chip. Since i I first had it done, the came out with a grill kit. I have had it applied as well.
  5. I have a LT Trail Boss, with 7800 miles. No issues as of yet. If anything I think the seats are going to be mor durable than previous years.
  6. I’m at 7800 miles, with a good bit of stop n go driving an I have 79% in the front and 88% in the rear. I too have not checked this by any other method. Id say 20% in 1300 miles is a bit off.
  7. I’ve seen plenty of 2019’s in the Pittsburgh area. I’m in a number of different vehicles do to traveling for work. I’d never buy another RAM. I had an 04’ I liked it but I couldn’t stop it from rusting out. I honestly am pleased with my truck, and I’m coming from a 15’ High Country HD. I get nothing but compliments everywhere I go.
  8. Technically the only way an aftermarket part voids a warranty, is if it can be proven that the aftermarket part being added, physically was responsible for causing damage. That doesn't mean a dealer wouldn’t give you grief over it. If it were me and they were bolt on, I’d just take them off if something were to need to be warranted. This info came straight from the dealer I go to.
  9. Mine did this once as-well. I reset all of them and it never did it again. Never figured out what caused it.
  10. The GM soft fold? That’s what I have, and it does have minor leak by. I never really thought much about it.
  11. I have a Trail Boss and they do not come with them. I average about 16.5 mpg, mix around town and highway…mostly around town.
  12. I ended up getting the GM soft fold, works great with the auto down feature. The part I like about it best is it ha a slam latch to close it, and just twist the release to open. Much better than having to lock down or release both sides.
  13. Have you noticed a change in fuel mileage with the larger/heavier tire?
  14. I’m at almost 10k miles, I haven’t noticed any abnormal.
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