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  1. Spray In Bedliner

    I had a LineX in my 14’ and factory liners in my 15’ and 19’. To be honest the quality and durability seems to be the same to me. Having the Bowtie logo in the back of the bed is a bonus. A couple things to note on the 2019. The tailgate is not sprayed. It has a textured tailgate liner, similar to the WeatherTech Tech Liner. Also I had an issue with overspray of the liner on my bedside and back of the cab. It came off fairly easy since it was a painted surface.
  2. Finally!

    Congratulations, nice truck!
  3. Ceramic Coating

    The way it was explained to me was the top three brands are CQuartz, Ceramic Pro and Gtechniq and that they are all just as good as the other. I have cquartz on mine. As as for the package, I too wanted to go with the gold, but the installer actually talked me out of it. He said That GM black paint is very soft and scratches easily. The ceramic adds scratch resistant but isn’t bulletproof. With that being said, buying the lifetime package is a waste because being black, it’s going to need have the scratches polished out in 5 years time. For that reason he suggested going with the silver 5 year package. He suggested that I take the money saved from the gold package and purchase the right products to wash and take care of the paint. So so in addition to the silver package I bought the array of chemicals from American Detailer Garage. It’s a rinseless wash, wipe out as the wash and valor as the sealer and drying assist. I’ve never used this type of wash before but after seeing it in action, I was sold. .
  4. Yep, unfortunately Dan is correct. I just tried it. No power up.
  5. No shit, I didn’t know it automatically closed too! I wonder if that is only on the High Country model. I have a Trail Boss, I’ll have to try i it when I get home.
  6. GM dropped the ball

    I’m in the Pittsburgh area, my Chevy dealer has 10 or 12 on the lot. Decent spread too, I believe they have a High Country, a couple LTZ’s , RST’s and LT’s. Only one TraiBoss, that was mine.
  7. Nice looking truck. I sure would like to have one of those Black DARE plates. The new ones are too plain.
  8. Harsh Downshift

    When I first got mine, it did the same thing. Especially when rolling to a stop. I took it to the dealer with 250 miles, .there was no TSB, the said it may just be the transmission learning and may go away. Sure enough, I’m a little over 1900 miles and it’s gone. It hasn’t done it for the last 1200 miles or so.
  9. wireless charging

    Do you have any pics of the process or finished product?
  10. Very true, I suppose that if it is something that is not fixable, once you get into the routine of not throwing it into reverse as fast as normal it will definitely be something that is manageable. I have a good friend that is a mechanic at the dodge dealership near me. He said that there are so many issues with the Rams that they have him working exclusively on them and nothing else.
  11. 2019 Start Stop Disable Module

    Within a five years all vehicles are going to have it, if not sooner. The vehicles that have it now use a starter and other components designed for the start stop feature. It’s not the same as turning it off and on in a traditional ignition system.
  12. Ceramic Coating

    In addition to the ceramic coating, I started using a rinse less wash. I use Wipeout as the wash and Valor as a sealent/drying aid. Both made by American Detailer Garage. I was hesitant at first but the end result is truly amazing.
  13. Adding front camera?

    There is nothing in the radio that I see, that would allow an additional camera.
  14. I did the same thing as DougFL. If you want to remove them to clean them you would have to remove the storage bin. However I’ve cleaned mine just fine without removing them.
  15. 2019 Start Stop Disable Module

    That’s doubtful, but I’ll take my chances.

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