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  1. Around town I’m getting 14 and 18 on the highway, that’s with the larger, heavier tires and leveling kit. I was seeing 16/20 stock. I took a three hour trip to Harrisburg and peaked at 28.2.
  2. Absolutely, the only time I’m off road is during hunting season. I’m on the highway 75% of the time. I’m in Pittsburgh so we don’t see 2 feet of snow, but never had an issue in 6 inches or so.
  3. I love them. Minimal to no road noise, great in wet/snow/mud, even wear and great mileage. I rotate every 5-6k miles. For a load range E tire they aren’t as heavy as others either. I’ve ran Coopers on my last three trucks. The last set had over 25k on them and 12/32, before I traded the truck in. I think I could have easily got another 20-25k out of them.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. All I did for the suspension was add a 1.5” motofab leveling kit to the existing Trail Boss lift. I have approximately 3500 miles on this set up, no issues with the ball joints.
  5. It’s a power draw thing. If the heater is on high, or the A/C compressor is engaged the auto stop feature is disabled. I would suppose it would hold true for the rear defroster, depending on its power draw.
  6. My ‘14 Silverado leaked at the rear window and fin antenna. The dealer I go to also used a subcontractor for the repair. I have no problem with this, because this company was a leak specialist and better suited to find and fix it then the dealership. Now, the rest of your post, I’d find a new dealer. Nobody likes to hear from internet mechanics, but the dealer should respect the fact that there is an issue and you want it fixed.
  7. Stock wheels with 295/70 R18 Cooper Discover AT3/XLT.
  8. I went from 15-16 mpg around town and 18-20 mpg highway, to 12-14 mpg and 16-18 mpg respectively. I haven’t been on a long trip since the new tires yet but I’d say it would be around 22 mpg, down from 28 mpg.
  9. Added the 1.5” motofab leveling kit, and a set of 295/70 R18 Cooper AT3 XLT’s
  10. I hate to have to replace tires with 13/32 of tread left, but seriously considering it. I have an appointment with the dealer on Friday, we’ll see what they say first.
  11. Yep it’s perfect. It seems like the more the tires become feathered, the louder and worse it gets.
  12. These tires are absolute junk. I’m having the same problem. Even as such where the vibrates causing other things to work loose.
  13. Let me start by saying I’ve had lifted trucks all my life with big off-road all terrain tires. These duratrak tires are absolutely the worst tires I’ve ever had. I’m at about 15k miles, the noise and vibration between 30 and 60 mph is ridiculous. It’s actually starting to vibrate the truck apart from the constant humm. The hood latch/cable has worked its way loose and now has its own noise. It’s sad that a $56k truck has tires with over half tread left, and only 15k miles are going to need to be replaced before the truck rattles itself apart. Anyone else having this problem? Any luck getting support from GM?
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