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  1. Clear bra

    I wasn’t originally going to do the mirrors, but when I dropped it off I noticed that they caught a lot of bugs. I figured if bugs would hit so could rocks. The peace of mind was worth the few extra dollars.
  2. There is a guy on the Facebook page that has a Trail Boss with 295/70R18’s on stock wheels with no rub. I don’t want to take all of his pics he posted but here is one of them.
  3. Clear bra

    I used Xpel as well. I did the bikini kit (partial hood, partial fenders and mirrors) and the bumper kit. Mine was around $800 but I know the guy. Rule of thumb if you go to the Xpel website, you take the listed price and add $20 for each difficulty star. I will I’ll most likely get the grill kit done now too. It wasn’t available when I had mine done originally.
  4. Level kit install

    What kit was installed on the Trail Boss?
  5. Ventshades

    Do the EGR’s have the clip for the rear visors like the weathertight does? Or do they stick on like AVS? Any issues installing them? I’ve never had weathertech ones but heard that was the biggest complaint.
  6. If they wouldn’t have had my Trail Boss on the lot, with a sunroof, I would probably have went with a GMC this time. Or at least entertained the idea.
  7. Interior

    2900 miles and no creeks or rattles yet. Fingers cross, my 14 was horrible. The
  8. Rear parking issue

    I don’t have sensors, but my backup camera acts up if I put it in reverse too fast. So far I was to,d the fis is to not shift into reverse as quick, because the CPU needs to boot. It could be associated with the sensors as well.
  9. 2019

    I had this problem with my 15’. I think there was an issue with where the drive shaft connected to the transfer case. I believe they replaced some spacer. I don’t remember exactly. Try coasting down a hill in neutral. If it doesn’t make the noise it could rule out any steering/front end components. That’s how they did troubleshoot on mine. Front wheels engaged or in neutral it was fine.
  10. Ugh, First Accident!

    I hear ya. It made me sick to come out and see it. Mine was a minimal dent too but I keep my trucks spotless so it was definitely a big deal to me.
  11. Ugh, First Accident!

    Wonder what the weight of that thing is. With the lift tires and extra weight it would probably drop the fuel efficiency to 10 mpg lol.
  12. Ugh, First Accident!

    Total repair estimate is $3475. That includes the PPF and ceramic coating being redone, but I’ll have to wait 30 days after paint and hope I don’t get a rock chip in the mean time. I’m going to see if the body shop will spray it a little heavy in hopes it adds some durability. List for the bumper unpainted was $600, without any brackets or plastic pieces.
  13. Good luck getting parts if you happen to need them. I was involved in a hit and run a few weeks ago (got him on camera). Dented my front bumper. Got a call today that parts are about 3 weeks out. I guess it’s to to be expected....
  14. Ventshades

    I too ordered the AVS and got the back ordered call. They didn’t give me an estimated ship date though. I had EGR’s on my 15’ 2500 HD, and loved them, they fit perfectly. Definitely let us know how you like them!
  15. Good thread, I’d be curious of this myself!

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