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  1. Has anyone gotten a fix, if it's the converter, why dont they replace it, it's under warranty, it's not normal, I sighed up for the service help on the social media , but I'm still waiting, a 61k truck ,,its not normal, any TSBs, of late. Converter replacement, ? or just nothing? ,thanks all , Bratbowtie
  2. I have a 2020 6.2 and 3ooo miles with the same noise, almost a belt squeak, tensioner noise, or what ever ,loud enough when it starts people next to you look,,brand new truck 3 times I have been told your belt is making a noise, took it to Mark Porter GMC, they had it for 4 days ,didnt hear a thing, they threw grass all over the rear mowing or weed eating (yes I have pics) but made the noise when i picked it up ,and every time i have started it before and since. I will also be filling out your form for help please
  3. Love both your mods, thanks for great info, 1 question? Does the auto dim still work , it wont with fog lights on, I kinda like that function but I like fog lights to remain on, thanks
  4. Just looking for different thought, oil cap says 0w20, I'm not a fan of 0w oil, old school I guess , thinking about going to 5w30 Mobil 1,at a thousand miles,, change it every 5k ,,its 6.2 max tow , I pull my boat , 19ft lund pro v , thoughts please
  5. I agree with all the positive comments, I was very surprised by the ride, I drove 2 hours to drive a max tow that was in stock, really impressed best ride of all the options I feel, enough to buy one,
  6. Grill and tailgate bowties. Hydro dipped with barbed wire image, they are summit white, with black barbed wire, grill emblem clips are perfect, rear tailgate emblem has new 3M tape on it, emblems are GM originally on my truck, removed them when I sold truck, $75
  7. Tembren rear suspension enhancements, SES kit fits 07 thru 2018 2wd and 4wd full size GM trucks and Suburbans if your hauling with a half ton you will really like these easy to install, you dont even have to take wheels off. Used only about a year. excellent condition. $125
  8. Same as new Dl8 power heated mirrors and harnesses. they have the built in spotter mirror on drivers mirror, summit white caps, they were removed from a new 2016 Silverado brand new and tow mirrors were installed. tjey been setting in garage since they are in new condition, $150 and I will split shipping cost
  9. I went with auto , also you should look into a extra long hitch pin, the way they want you to insert it from the right my pin with an angled end makes it kinda awkward and hard to hook safety chains up
  10. Just installed the switch on my new GMC 1500. Easy to install seems to work as intended. Truck hasn't been out of garage since installation , I'll keep you updated
  11. Just bought Sierra 6.2 what happens if you block both flappers open or 1 at a time, my buddy has a 2010 6.2 it sounds great on start up and low speed but dosen't blow you out at highway speeds either. I know it's a different beast but the tone is very mellow and deep. that's for me
  12. I installed a lo pro on my 2020 sierra 1500 last night, assist handle hits rail in up position, I took 4 washers and spaced out handle ,it was fine than I made some aluminum spacers , and on the lower bolt that comes thru bed pocket I made it 3 washers thick to give it a little slant moving it away from rail a little more, works great
  13. Hey gentlemen I need some input. Just we to dealer to maybe buy a new truck, I couple issues I need some help with and options, looking at 2020 GMC sierra SLT, with SLT premium package or premium plus package with Max tow, 6.2 motor. I want power fold tow mirrors.and I have to get, a technology package over 3 grand to get them, and the standard power folds ,now dont even have the rear facing blinker in the mirrors, and another one is if you forget to take you receiver out and lower the center tailgate section you get a trip to the body shop, thanks in advance guys
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