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  1. Borla / GM exhaust part# 19303337

    Tried to get a quote on shipping without actually lugging this thing around, to Dallas Texas, with insurance a little over $100. Sorry I can't do that
  2. Gm /BORLA EXHAUST, GM#19303337 Stainless exhaust and GM # 19303347 POLISHED tips used less than 1000 miles ,no drone, or chopper effect, sounds good not to loud, hardly noticeable at highway speeds, dealership wanted stock exhaust on trade in , S.E.OHIO , pick up and cash only please, very easy to install, very nice quality. $800
  3. I got it,,the blue collar package, 1/2 ton crew cab ,6.2 and ten speed, tow mirrors, brake controller, nice wheels, with or without body colored bumpers and grill ,heated cloth seats under seat storage, and what ever seat you perfer, make all the other stuff GM wants you to have an option, and keep it under 45 grand, RP0 code 4Me
  4. I agree ,, the package is OK , I'm like you I want a 6.2 with my trim ,.not all the crap you have to have for GMs option packages, let me choose,
  5. WTB 2016-2018 Silverado front bumper trim BLACK

    I have the one piece all black Lt version, if that helps I would like chrome to match my bumpers, I’m in ohio
  6. ISO: 2016 Silverado 1500 Front Bumper Skid Plate

    I have all black lower valance on Lt truck, in ohio , I’ll trade of the whole chrome and black valance , I’ll switch both and pay a little boot,thanks
  7. Using A/C delco semisynthetic and A/C delco PF63E filters, but went to 5W20 instead of 0W20 ,changing it at 3000 miles, cheap insurance,if it’s good enough for the General, it’s good enough for me, the manufacturers aren’t going to risk there products ,on junk products,it’s more important to do your service on time than what your preferences are, everyone has there favorite
  8. Just put on Borla/GM 19303337 just what I wanted not too loud, nice tone, no chopper or drone, nice quality fit outstanding ,,,happy with everything but price,
  9. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    I have been mulling over all this exhaust stuff looking for a not too loud , no drone, no chopper, I pull my boat most of the time at least 2 hours one way to my favorite lake, the more I read about all the different mods drone and chopped seem to show up, .I didn't want to delete 4V mode, just got done putting on the Borla/GM 19303337 it is perfect for what I wanted, and you can take stock exhaust off with out cutting it by yourself, it fits great, nice quality and fit ,only regret is price I guess ,it takes the wind out of you a little, but it is a nice piece
  10. That's what I can't get thru my head. If stock muffler doesn't do it there has got to be a muffler out there that will give you a nice deeper tone and not the chopper, what magic is in stock muffler the rest don't have, I just can't get it thru my head, I really don't want to turn V4 off,, maybe get in a warranty issue, I found a stock cat back system to experiment with and not have to cut my stock system up, I even thought about cutting the muffler open just to see, thanks
  11. Well gentleman I have been reading exhaust posts for about a week, the more read the more I'm confused, , I want a quiet no drone no chopper sound, in cab and a low deep pitch just a nice smooth deep tone,.the more I read the more I'm confused. I thought I could get buy with a simple muffler swap not a $1200 cat back system, but there seems to be no set answer, anyone have any updates, just the flapper in flapper out debate goes un solved???,
  12. 2500 Summit White wheel well molding

    Sorry I freaked out ,,it is GMC, mine is 1500 Silverado, I lost my head sorry, I just been looking for awhile
  13. 2500 Summit White wheel well molding

    May be a dump question but do they work on 2016 1500 shortbed, thanks

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