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  1. Is there a way (with in reason) to add tow mirrors I have power fold, now and would like to keep all the function of my mirrors, but have the trailer tow mirrors, i see accessorie mirrors but they dont have tje features I really dont care about the extra camera, just power fold , and my safety features, to be able to see my boat backing down the ramp and power them in at crowed parking lots. Thanks
  2. Been in the garage for 3rd time. Over 2 weeks again, sent email to service manager buy back or lemon law. its been in the garage for 3 tries to repair same problem ,been in garage over 38 days and counting, truck has around 4 thousand miles, less than a year old (2020) i think it is in the lemon law perimeters, or give me my money back, I bet i can find one that dosent sound like a chirping POS,
  3. I building a little info to take to GM, with the new 2021 full size with 6.2 , does it have the annoying chirp on start up and under light throttle, truck owners are getting " they all do it so its OK" just curious if you Suv owners are getting the same run around, I appreciate your comments, thanks
  4. 2020 gmc 6.2 back in garage for 3rd time on the bird under the hood issue. Already had belt and alternator replaced, than i got all 6.2s make that noise, now the noise is all the time, easy to duplicate, i think it is 2 difference issues. service manager even started a new 6.2 for me and said GMC, said thats normal, that's a crock we all know that, i believe GM knows what it is but sales are good now and they dont care, my response was let's start 100 other trucks and see how many of them squeal, Dodges dont ,Fords dont, Toyotas dont. it is very disappointing to be blown off ,I've been loya
  5. Has anyone bought a 2021 with 6.2, do they squeal like 2019 and 2020s,
  6. Heres another update, took my squealing 6.2 on a weekend trip, now its starting to squeak and squeal while driving and put under a load, really noticeable like between buildings, accelerating down a ramp. And even when setting idling and give it a little gas, this is embarrassing and its not normal, has anyone had any help at all from GM,
  7. I have been in on a couple of these sites, and my truck in 2 garages for total of 25 days ,they all do that, is all i got, has anyone have a real cause and cure, i would like to know, i cant find it anywhere on the brochure that says annoying start u noise is normal when i bought my truck, GM and the deal must have forgot to put that in,
  8. My 2020 GMC 6.2 chirp on start up, just came home 1 day short of 3 weeks , dealership replaced belt , alternator. , it was compared to another 6.2,they all do it, was what i was told they didnt tell me where the noise was coming from, dealer worked i guess with GM , but what they done changed nothing. On another area about the issue was on here it was chimed in by a GM social media group to help , it really done nothing to help ,after over 2 weeks i asked for someone at GM come help dealer. Nothing was even addressed about it ,im disgusted...I have been very loyal to GM over the years , they
  9. Has anyone gotten a fix, if it's the converter, why dont they replace it, it's under warranty, it's not normal, I sighed up for the service help on the social media , but I'm still waiting, a 61k truck ,,its not normal, any TSBs, of late. Converter replacement, ? or just nothing? ,thanks all , Bratbowtie
  10. I have a 2020 6.2 and 3ooo miles with the same noise, almost a belt squeak, tensioner noise, or what ever ,loud enough when it starts people next to you look,,brand new truck 3 times I have been told your belt is making a noise, took it to Mark Porter GMC, they had it for 4 days ,didnt hear a thing, they threw grass all over the rear mowing or weed eating (yes I have pics) but made the noise when i picked it up ,and every time i have started it before and since. I will also be filling out your form for help please
  11. Love both your mods, thanks for great info, 1 question? Does the auto dim still work , it wont with fog lights on, I kinda like that function but I like fog lights to remain on, thanks
  12. Just looking for different thought, oil cap says 0w20, I'm not a fan of 0w oil, old school I guess , thinking about going to 5w30 Mobil 1,at a thousand miles,, change it every 5k ,,its 6.2 max tow , I pull my boat , 19ft lund pro v , thoughts please
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