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  1. 2019 LT 5.3 Supreme Suspensions- 3.5 front 3.0 rear, minor trimming in the wheel well. Mostly just rearranged bolts. Kumho Road Venture m/t. 35x12.5x17. 2” spacer but you could get away with 1.5. Standard Pacer LT aluminum wheels. 17x9 -12 offset, 4.53 backspacing. When I buy new tires I will probably go with an aggressive hybrid, lots of road noise from these particular m/t’s
  2. This diode installation allows all of the lights to remain on simultaneously when the high beams are activated on GM vehicles. The diode is super easy to install, you need $2 and 10 minutes. 9 of those minutes will be spent congratulating yourself.After diode placement your lights will function as follows: In auto mode- whenever your lights come on automatically the fogs will be on also. Low Beams & Fogs- Only Low Beams & Fogs will be on High Beams- Low Beams, Fog Lights, & High Beams will all be on (normally by default) The vehicle turns off the fogs when in h
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